Cooking With Eco-Friendly Cookware

We can hardly believe it’s almost 2009. It seems like just yesterday that we were enjoying the 90 degree summer days. But Christmas has already come and gone, so we thought we’d give you a peek into the present situation. Here’s what we got:

My mom and dad generously gifted us an entire 10 piece set of Greenware, the amazing new eco-friendly nonstick cookware from Cuisinart. Sherry actually snagged me an oversized skillet for my birthday back in November, and we loved everything about the recycled stainless steel handles and exclusive Ceramica nonstick technology that’s clean and healthy (read: free of petroleum, PTFE and PFOA). All the perks of nonstick cooking without the noxious canary-killing Teflon fumes. Of course we were pumped to learn that we were now the proud owners of the entire set to sauté, simmer, and steam things to our heart’s content.


And we actually had a cooking theme when it came to many of our gifts. Our family picks a funny little slogan each year to guide gift giving and this year’s “Hey Good Lookin’ Watcha Got Cookin’?” sent everyone into a food-related gift frenzy. Even Sherry got in on the kitchen theme by picking me up a tiered spice rack thingie. Lately I’ve been doing a lot more cooking (yes, I’m the Rachael Ray in training of the family). And with each new spice that I pick up for my expanding culinary repertoire (Coriander, Thyme, Rosemary…) I’ve amassed quite a collection. Now I have way more room for my expanding slew of seasonings and I can see them all and grab what I need in a second- and us guys are all about shortcuts, right?


Sherry also picked me up a round capiz Anthropologie frame and slipped in a picture of our cupcake-feeding-one-year-wedding-anniversary-celebration. It works perfectly with the other capiz frames in our bedroom (from Target) and of course the sweet sentiment was much appreciated.


And in return I snagged a clean white cylinder vase for the lady-wife (from West Elm) and printed a makeshift garland of twelve flowers to represent the promise of a bouquet each month for the entire year. We love bringing the outdoors in and Sherry swoons over fresh flowers so it’ll be nice to commit to having a little more color and life around for the next 12 months. And of course we won’t have to break the bank thanks to Trader Joe’s and Sam’s club where a bunch of tulips, irises or daffodils will only run me $3-$6 a pop.


And it’s pretty funny that Sherry got me a white capiz frame to add to our collection while I picked up a ceramic squirrel to add to her all white managerie (she already hasa ceramic dog, a porcelain pony, and a metal bull). This little squirrel was just seven beans at West Elm but adopting another animal (that we don’t have to walk, bathe or feed) is pretty priceless in Sherry’s eyes. I must admit between the vase, the flowers and the squirrel she was all smiles.


Oh and speaking of smiles we got some pretty funny kitchen related stuff from a cousin (who also followed the “Hey Good Lookin’ Watcha Got Cookin’?” theme). Some novelty party cups with animal snouts/beaks along with a “Frozen Smiles” ice tray for teeth chatteringly cold beverages…


… and this quirky glass measuring cup (which I actually saw in Wired magazine a few days ago) that not only measures in cups and ounces but also dispenses some compellingly weird statistics (like the volume of body cells that die on a good day and the amount of honey made by a bee). My mental volume of useless trivia just got beefier.


We also got some pretty hysterical Burger paraphernalia in the form of a customized mug, deck of playing cards and even a white snowflake ornament from my brother in law (who’s actually a cat person, but understands animal obsessions in general like no one else).


We even got some Christmas swag from my God Mother who sent us this festive lime green reindeer pillow and throw from Coldwater Creek (which actually look right at home with the lime green headboard in our guest bedroom).


In summary, Santa was good to us this year. What about you guys? Any favorite gifts? Tell us all about ’em.

Pssst- The top link to the skillet that we own and love is an Amazon Affiliate link.


  1. says

    Love the greenware – I’m very jealous! Going along with the kitchen theme, this year my hubby and I got a popcorn popper and a pizza stone.

  2. says

    I really like your brown bedspread in your guestroom. I would love to find one like that for my bedroom. I am sure you bought it awhile ago, but do you have any ideas where I could find one like it? Thanks.

  3. says

    My list had a bunch of housestuff on it as well. I was a little worried my poor younger brother (who drew my name) would be a little lost…. but he did so well.

    Beautiful Saphire blue table linens, 7 white serving platters in different sizes and shapes, some gorgeous woven baskets with liners and a lovely hammered stainless steel salad bowl.

  4. says

    Looks like you guys made out for Christmas! I had a kitchen/cooking theme too. I got the glorious Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel Toaster, Stainless Steel kitchen utensils, and stainless steel crock pot. I need to get one of those stainless tiered spice shelf thingys that you got!

  5. Jenn says

    I know you got it as a present, but do you know WHERE your mom picked up the Greenware??? I have been looking everywhere for it! I loveeeee you blog!
    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey everyone,

      Sounds like you guys made out like bandits this year too! We love to hear all about what Santa brought ya so keep those gift details coming. As for where we got the brown and white blanket in the guest bedroom, it’s from Bed Bath & Beyond a while ago (snagged on clearance) so you might want to keep an eye out for something similar in their bedding dept. And as for where John’s mom got the Greenware, we linked to the same 10 piece set that she snagged on Amazon in the post so just click through and grab one of your own (on sale no less). Happy shopping!


  6. Amy A. says

    You got some sweet gifts…thanks for sharing!

    Our gifts were a little less interesting…but notheless useful and generous! From my parents, we got $350 towards our future new dishwasher! Woo hoo. The gift that keeps on giving.

  7. says

    Congrats on your greenware…would love to get me some. :-)

    We bought our gifts from mom and pop shops (no superstores), and etsy or other artsy/craftsy vendors/fairs. It was a fun way to shop…and I scored some rad gifts!

  8. Christy says

    Love it! Especially the teeth-cubes, the meausring cup & the beak/snout cups! That cookware is awesome. Those are all right up my whimsical alley!

    I got some green (as in money), plastics (gift cards) & a few gadgets too. A Nintendo DS (for me, not the kiddo) & 50’s retro popcorn maker. Although I think the most enjoyable goft in my house, besides new games for the Wii was HULK SMASH HANDS! Fun, fun, fun!

  9. says

    What a great idea to have a gift theme!

    The highlight of my Christmas presents was receiving a 5-in-one Pop-up Lighting Assistant to go with the DSLR camera!

  10. Little House in the Berkshires says

    I love that a majority of the gifts you received are for your home! My husband and I were straight up spoiled this year with our favorite gifts being a Weber grill from my parents and a Keurig coffee maker from his.

  11. Blayne says

    Man that greenware sounds amazing! Too bad our cookware is new so it will probably be a while before I can justify that. My favorite gift was the built in china cabinet my husband surprised me with! A close second is my bedroom makeover/ present to myself thanks to you guys!

  12. Allison says

    Really neat gifts yall! I must have been really good this year because Santa brought me something I really wanted–a bicycle! I can’t wait to go on long leisurely rides on the trails around the lake near my house. But my favorite home gifts recently have been those handed down from my mother and grandmother! This year I recieved an old beat up pewter serving tray from mom that I use in my front entry hall to catch the mail. P.S. Stopped into a Michael’s and picked up an inexpensive white ceramic vase from an assortment of white ceramic vases and pitchers.

  13. says

    I love the greenware! That’s probably on our “to buy” list for next year, since all of our pots and pans are mismatched “gifts” from at least 4 different previous owners and we’d really like to have some good quality ones. But…

    Stooooooop it! Here in Spain Santa only comes as an imported tradition, but here we originally celebrate the Epiphany, when the 3 magi (the 3 magic kings, as we call them) visit every home in one night (5th Jan) and then the next day, on the 6th, we open our presents. All children (and adults, you know) write them a letter, and if they’ve been good, they get what they asked for, if not, they get coal. Ok, a sugar-made coal. But still, black and ugly. (You can read more about this tradition here:

    Buuuut! I’ve heard from a certain magi-assistant that I’m getting a bycicle, which I reaaally want, and 3 other little surprises. And Eric is getting some… well, I stop now, he’s been known to peek around here more than once.

  14. says

    My husband and I had a great Christmas this year as well! No new set of cookware or anything – but lots of new things to keep us entertained in 2009! One of my favorite things is the new casserole dish my husband got me from Crate and Barrel!

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