Two Tips For Keeping Your Bed Skirt & Your Duvet In Place

When D over at G&D wrote about a few bedroom essentials she just can’t live without, well, let’s just say that we were more than intrigued. We’re no strangers to a soggy looking bed skirt that puddles on the floor instead of elegantly resting one sixteenth of an inch above it. And we’re also constantly wrestling with our duvet thanks to a shifty little comforter that refuses to stay in place. So you can imagine our surprise when D pointed out two super inexpensive products that swooped in and saved the day.

Miracle product #1: Bed skirt pins. Available everywhere from Linens N’ Things to Bed Bath & Beyond, we’d never even heard about these tiny swirly pins that can be twisted right into your box spring to hold your bed skirt perfectly in place about a centimeter off of the floor.

They take about two minutes to stick in place, and they actually make a huge difference in the overall look of your bed (read: more crisp & clean, less lame & loose). And at just $2.39 for a box of about 10, they’re really a no-brainer.

Miracle product #2: Duvet clips. Now these we’d heard of, but for some strange reason we never even considered bothering with them (even though our constantly shifting comforter annoyed us to no end). But somehow seeing them endorsed by D was just the kick in the arse that we needed to take ’em for a test drive. $4.79 later they were ours.

Turning the duvet inside out and clipping each corner to the corner of the comforter allows you to flip the duvet rightside-out again with the comforter nice and secure inside the duvet. Spending about 5 minutes clipping the comforter in place has saved us about thirty minutes per week that we formerly spent shaking, yanking and chastising the comforter for moving around and ruining our lives. Gotta love a quick fix that actually works!

Now we’d like to use some of the time that these miracle products have saved us to send a big wet kiss to G&D for sharing such fabulous bedroom essentials with the masses. I don’t know about you guys, but sleep ranks up there with eating and rearranging furniture (in that it’s pretty darn important to us) so we’re eternally grateful to have discovered such fab finds that make our bedrooms even cozier (and lower maintenance to boot). And all for under eight smackaroos!


  1. says

    I love D (G is her adorable hubs – but I’m not sure he’s a Duvet and Bedskirt expert quite yet ) and her blog and ran out to try the duvet clips after she posted. It works like a charm and her tutorial was hysterical. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lauren says

    Those duvet clips last about three weeks on my duvet. I have a husband that rolls ten times before finding his spot for the night. So, my side of the duvet never comes undone, but I have to check his side’s clips every weekend.

  3. says

    I’ll pay 1,000$ for duvet clips. You have no idea how many times I’ve gotten out of bed after 5 minutes in just to straighten everything. It’s one of the most annoying things in the world (we,, at least it is for me, since Eric just sighs at my poor attempts of shaking the huge thing and then he stands up all 6’2″ and does it for me with a look that says “unless you say I’m a saint I’ll wrinkle it up again”)

  4. Shannon says

    Duvet clips are so important! Lauren – we have the same problem. We’ve found that four clips are just fine for our guest room comforter, but we need eight for our current comforter (very fluffy) and duvet cover (which seems a bit big, despite being queen size).

  5. Rowan says

    i don’t understand the need for duvet clips. is this for if you have layers on the bed?

    after spending time in Europe, on my bed i have only a duvet. for the duvet i currently have a wonderful, thick, flannel duvet cover. the duvet fits inside said cover which has buttons on one end. nothing slips or slides.

    the bed skirt pins are also known as upholstery tacks. they have many uses where fabric and stuffing are in play. if i had a bed which was made for a bed skirt, you bet i would have those babies holding it in place.

    as it is i have a sleigh bed with a nine inch thick mattress and nine inch thick box spring. having only a duvet over the mattress which is covered with a fitted sheet left the bright, white box spring exposed. solution? another fitted sheet in a coordinating colour to match my drapes. i rotate the upper sheet and duvet cover in other complimentary colours. voila! no curling of upper lip in disdain when i walk into my bedroom.

  6. says

    Hi Rowan. I live in Europe (Spain) and I don’t have layers (although if I was a little less lazy I would) and my duvet manages to go all up inside the buttoned up cover, or all down and then I’m covering my upper body with just the cover while I have a huge messy ball of cover+duvet on my legs. I don’t know if we move a lot (ahem… while sleeping!) or what, but it happens. The thing I like most about just having duvet+cover is that, since I need more than one cover, my bedroom gets a new look every week.

  7. says

    I am overjoyed to learn about the bed skirt pins. Never heard of ’em before, but I have a feeling they will change my bed-making life. Thanks!

  8. says

    We discovered the necessity of those duvet clips last summer when we purchased a duvet cover from Restoration Hardware. In our humble opinion, four duvet clips is not nearly enough. We bought several packages, and we have that sucker clipper in the corners, across the top and along the sides. It doesn’t budge!

  9. jbhat says

    I cannot believe I have lived this long without even KNOWING about these miracle products. Thank you thank you thank you. I will spread the good word amongst my friends and family, and encourage them to tell everyone they know too.

  10. says

    I’m surprised you hadn’t heard of those before! We actually used a similar item to keep our old couch’s slipcover in place, too. I bet the person that invented those is making millions… it definitely gets me thinking!

  11. says

    I have a solution/suggestion if your duvet clips are coming unclipped… Just hand stich in about 8+ inches of string (something substantial like shoe laces) into the corners of your duvet when it is inside out. Stich the string in the middle so there are about 4+ inches on each side. Then you can TIE around corners of the duvet (i like doing bows b/c they are easy to untie) – this works like a charm and unlike the clips, it does not slide off.

    And i just have to plug our fav home helper – Hercules Hooks for hanging pictures, mirrors, shelves, etc. They are SO easy to use and hold so much more weight than your typical nail in the wall. Pick some up at your local LNT at their clearance/store closing event…

  12. Erin J says

    We use the bed skirt pins at home…While they were great for about a month, they then kept popping out. Sadly this was discovered by my poor feet upon stepping on said miracle pins…Even after I put them back in, they never worked the same again. I suppose if you’re willing to keep replacing them they will work. Best of luck!

  13. says

    Mmm…I love big wet kisses! And I’ll soon be sending one back your way, as over the weekend I purchased the World Market sea grass rug (first seen by moi on YHL!) and I love it! Gotta love the mutual inspiration, lol! And I’m so happy to hear those little must-haves are working out for you!!

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