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I go geeky for statistics, so one of my favorite things about blogging is being able to watch the behind-the-scenes action of who’s visiting our site, where they’re coming from and why they dropped by.  Part of this fun includes WordPress Stat’s ability to show us the terms that people are plugging into their search engines which lead them right to our site.

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Most of it’s pretty obvious stuff – “young house love blog,” “modern kitchen pictures,” and “house layout” – but occasionally we spot a search term that cracks us up.  I’m talking about the amazingly off-topic search terms that, usually thanks to our punny post titles, have led some poor soul to our doorstep by mistake.  So without further ado, we present to you our five favorites:

1.  “ELEPHANTITIS” – Our apologies to anyone with a real case of elephantitis who inadvertently found our post about Richmond’s White Elephant Sale. We hope that any actual cases of inflamed tissue clear up soon.

2.  “YOUNG SUPERMODELS” – We blame our two posts about the local Parade of Homes, where we take a look inside new model homes in the area, for leading these people astray. We’re looking forward to a slew of new America’s Next Top Model searches next month when we take our third trip through the Parade.

3.  “N-SINK VIDEO” – It seems in the years since *N Sync faded from the top of the charts, many people have forgotten how to spell their name.  So instead of drooling over to boy band videos, over thirty people got to drool over the kitchen sink we scored on eBay instead.

4.  “OPEN RELATIONSHIP” – For this one I picture some pitiful guy searching for advice about how to ask his girlfriend about taking on a mistress. Instead, he found us asking for opinions about open living spaces vs. private separated rooms. Sorry for killing your game, buddy, but it probably wasn’t going to happen anyway.

5.  “YOUNG PRETTY BOOTY” – As smarmy as this one is (which also reminds us that the Internet is not all houseblogs and rainbows) it still cracks us up at that some sicko landed at Young House Love thanks to a post called Birthday Booty. And I’m sure by mentioning it a second time, he’s going to find himself back here all over again.  Hate to disappoint, but maybe it’ll teach him a lesson.

And with that, a quick thank you to everyone who ended up here by using normal search terms.  We hope you found what you were looking for and we’re especially glad that you decided to keep coming back for more.


  1. says

    Did I mention that that’s exactly how I found your blog? Yeah, I talked Eric into an open relationship. We started looking for candidates to join us in it and since we didn’t succeed finding N-Sink members, we looked for some young supermodels with young pretty booties to help us ease the pain of our elephantitis.

  2. says

    So funny!I just recently put google analytics on my site- but have no bloody idea how to mine the info.
    Just because I have a blog, doesn’t mean I’m still not a ludite!
    I found you by typing in “smarter than me” Wink.

    • Kierstin says

      Kierstin – I couldn’t believe it when I saw your name, because I am also Kierstin, spelled exactly the same way, which never happens. In addition, you signed off as “KB” and I am also a KB. What a coincidence!
      -Kierstin Buchner

  3. Ange says

    HA! Just catching up on some archives, this is really interesting. I’m lucky that my best friend does all the hard work for me when it comes to searching and all I had to do was follow the link she sent me in an email!

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