Reader Redesign: Craving Chocolate

After posting about our recent floor-painting adventure in the sunroom, we were thrilled to pieces when it prompted Stacie to send us her recent bedroom transformation. She painted her hardwood floor, people! And it looks faaaaantastic. Here’s her letter:

Hi! Love the blog and find constant inspiration from your projects. Thank you for sharing. My recent summer vacation was dedicated to updating our bedroom. We’ve been in our house for two years and had done nothing in the bedroom since we moved in. It was the only room in our home with carpet (the hardwoods are lovely throughout the rest of the house) but after pulling up the carpet we found salvageable hardwood on only part of the floor- while discovering that about one third of the floor was actually plywood!

Having already spent our modest budget on some much needed bedroom furniture, there was no way we could afford to patch with new hardwoods and refinish them (or install new flooring over the top). So despite my love for hardwoods, I painted the floor. And it was absolutely the best choice!

For $25 I used an Ace Hardware brand porch and floor enamel (oil based) in Espresso. Like your recent floor color, it looks like melted chocolate and has a beautiful shine. We used the high gloss finish and it makes the whole room pop.

Having such an affordable solution to our floor issues enabled us to spend our money on the other larger items we needed to complete the room. Lesson learned: don’t be afraid of floor paint! – Stacie

Who can argue with that $25 solution?! Thanks so much for sharing, Stacie. Your bedroom looks sleek, sophisticated and sleep inducing. And for all of you other readers who are secretly swankifying your home like Stacie, don’t forget to send us the pictures. You know we love a good before and after.


  1. Jaimee says

    We have the same problem with 1/3 of the floor being plywood too. What a great solution and the room looks GREAT! Stacie, how did you prep the floors before painting?

  2. Stacie says

    Thanks for the comments! To answer some of your questions, the art over the bed is a stretched fabric kit from the online retailer Textile Arts. It’s a Merimekko design titled “Lumimarja Triple.” Nice piece for under $100. The bed is a king-sized Malm from Ikea. The end tables attach to the head board and we placed a chest from the same set at the foot to store bedding and pillows. I prepped the floor with TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) in warm water. But only because I had some on hand and the floors are so old. I didn’t sand or anything. The most important thing I’ve learned about floor paint is to good and well leave it alone to dry and cure for several days.

  3. Harp says

    Stacie, you have inspired me to attempt this in my husband’s man room, that is in dire need for a good paint job. your room looks fab!

  4. pat says

    Your floors look fantastic! You just gave me hope for my bedroom floors, which I loathe looking at daily, however, could not afford to have refinished. I am nervous, but, I am going forth and painting the upstairs, bedroom and all.:)

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