Our 15 Minutes of Fame

You could have knocked us over with a feather back in December when we won the Remodel, Blog & Win contest. And not only did we score a few clams (5000 of them to be exact), we also won a coveted interview with none other than AskTheDecorator.com’s Meghan Carter. And since Meghan is such a jet setter, we weren’t at all surprised that her schedule was packed until this June (which happily meant that we had six months to whip our house into prime shape just in time for its close up).

And then this past Saturday, the fateful interview day finally arrived.

We realize now that we could have taken more exciting photos if we had thought to snap some pics while all the tripods, cameras, and lights were set up in each of our tiny rooms, but at least we remembered to snag this photo with Meghan Carter after the interview.

And those smiles are the real deal- we were overjoyed that we were able to form intelligible words under all the hot lights. Meghan and her team could not have been nicer, and we adored the entire experience. We can’t wait to share the video interview with you guys when it comes out in a few weeks! Stay tuned…


  1. Jackie says

    How exciting! The suspense is going to kill me, can you give us a hint about what the topic was or some of the things you talked about? Pretty pretty please…w/ a cherry on top!

  2. says

    Cool! Hard work is rewarded! Your blog has been such great inspiration and it has really kept us motivated to keep working on our own house projects!

  3. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey chickadees!

    Thanks for the excited responses. We’re over the moon ourselves and on pins and needles until the video comes out. As for divulging any hints about the content, we’d love to spill the beans but after 7 hours of taping we have no earthly idea what will make the 10-minute cut. We gave a little house tour and chatted about some renovating and decorating tips but were all over the map so we’ll be just as surprised as you guys to see the end product. Just hoping that we don’t look as dorky as we felt…


  4. carol says

    I have to admit that I have always wondered about this sort of thing! It all looks so glamourous and fun!! Did you get to pick your own outfits? I love the pink shirt btw, where is is from? Did they do both your makeup? Is it weird having a camera in your face all the time? Sounds like it was a fun day! :)

    • says

      Hey Carol,

      We dressed ourselves and I did my own make-up. Nothing too fancy! Oh and the shirt is from Banana Republic (snagged on sale of course). Hope it helps! Oh and it was weird to be on camera for the first hour or so, but then we kind of got used to it and loosened up.


  5. Courtney says

    This post came up in the “you may also like” feed at the end of today’s post (10/7/2013). I think the title is hilarious considering, all you’ve accomplished since this post was written. The book, the lighting collection, Oprah has said your names!! That’s way more than 15 minutes! Well done guys.

    • says

      We actually filmed a video with Meghan but it never was edited/produced. She took some sort of hiatus and it just fell through the cracks. We’d love to see the footage someday though!


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