Making Some Sentimental Map Art

We wanted to elaborate on our response to a question Alyssa asked on Wednesday about the framed map in the photo below:

What you see in the white frame on that shelf is a card included in the City Walks: New York boxed set. For those those not familiar with the City Walks series, they’re small boxes that include 50 “adventures on foot” through different cities across the globe. That means you get 50 unique cards outlining different walking tours, complete with a map, directions and fun facts about the things you’ll see along the way.

I got the New York edition as a gift when I moved there but had no idea what to do with them once we escaped to Richmond. But when we were looking for cheap art for our first apartment we realized they were the a fun, quirky way to pay homage to our former hometown. Each 4×6-ish card fit perfectly in some inexpensive white frames from IKEA, so we created this collage in our old dining room.

We chose 8 cards that highlighted areas of NYC that were special to us – places we lived, places we worked, places we loved – so they’ve been with us ever since we first framed them two years ago (although they’ve been displayed in about 50 different places since then).

City Walks has editions for Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Vancouver. Plus, there are some versions for kids and even a couple “Village Walks” for quainter places like Tuscany, Provence and Ireland. Each set is available on Amazon for about $15, which breaks down to about 30 cents per card-turned-art. Note: If you City Walk folks are reading, we’re more than happy to help with City Walks: Richmond.

And if you’re interested in fresh, original Young House Love art, click here to peruse our shop.


  1. says

    Love the idea of doing things like this. I have a thing for vintage postcards, and use them as art in our home too. I will have to post about that soon. :)

    Off to check out the City Walks!

  2. says

    I love this idea! I’ve been looking for a clever way to bring a bit of Ireland to our very Irish home, my cards should arrive any day. Thanks!

  3. Kristen says


    I didn’t start reading your blog until probably mid-2009, so I missed quite a bit of information and transformation. Over the past 2 days at work, I have been clicking through your archives, from beginning until now. SO glad I did because I love this idea!

    I rarely comment on your blog (101 comments just from today’s most recent post!) but I had to comment on this because this idea was too good to pass up (and there are only 3 comments on this post!). I have already bought the D.C. City Walk cards so I can decorate my new apt. and explore this summer (only $8.59 w. shipping on Amazon!)

    Thank you so much for being this awesome for this long! Oh, and thank you for adding Clara to the fam – her pictures really brighten up the blog even more :)

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