Initial Reaction

Ok, I’ve rambled about monograms and personalized initials a few times, but this time they hit closer to home. As in we actually brought a few into ours. Other than the makeshift monogram above our bed and a few P’s here and there, we’ve never actually introduced our first initials to Chez Petersik. Until now. In celebration of our newly refreshed black and white bathroom, we decided to add a few personalized accessories.

Please allow me to introduce our cute new bathroom towel hooks courtesy of Anthropoligie (only $12 a pop). Identifying my towel has never been easier:

Anthropologie initial monogram towel hooks

And for only six beans each, we also grabbed these Anthropologie mugs, which hold some handy dandy cotton balls and floss. Gotta love when storage looks this good:

Initial Mugs from Anthropologie

The last exciting addition to our master bathroom revamp has nothing to do with letters but it’s too good not to mention. We finally replaced an old ho-hum white framed mirror with this swanktastic beauty, discovered at Home Goods for a staggering twenty nine dollars. I know, we couldn’t believe it either. Looking at ourselves has never been more fun.

Home Goods Bathroom Mirror


  1. says

    I love those mugs! My pens and scissors sit in one on my office desk.

    and your bathroom looks great! I’m glad you got to salvage the back and white tile. If our house were built ten years earlier, maybe we’d have some of that, but instead we have a strange yellow and brown combo in one and bright BLUE in the other …sheesh.

  2. says

    Love the hooks. I will be ordering some tonight…I can’t tell you how many times I have needed to get a new towel because I can’t remember which one is mine. And who knows how many times I used my husbands without even knowing (eww!).

  3. YoungHouseLove says

    In our defense, we husbands aren’t as gross as we may seem. But point taken.

    Once you get the hooks, it’s just be a matter of training your husband to put his towel on the right hook. I caught on relatively quickly. : )


  4. Johnna says

    So…two questions for you…
    1. Is your door solid wood or hollow? Does that matter when installing hooks?

    2. I have these hooks for the husband and myself…but ours are on the wall. Since there aren’t two places for screws they seem a little unstable to me….are you having the same “issue.” I mean – it’s just a towel so they are pretty secure for that – but it’s easy to move them around….just wondering.

    Thank you! And the bathroom looks AMAZING!

    • says

      Good questions! Our door is hollow but it doesn’t seem to matter (obviously solid doors would offer even more hold). If you ever find that your hooks are wobbly or need more reinforcement you can use a dab of Liquid Nails to hold them in place. We actually employed this trick do they don’t move around on the door at all. Hope it helps!


  5. Jessica says

    I wish I could do initials and monograms for my partner and I, unfortunately there would be too much confusion! My name is Jessica and his name is Jesse! Although I love the idea of it, I adored your printed monograms in your bedroom too :)

  6. says

    Thanks for the link to Anthropoligie. I have been looking for ones that say his and hers but our initials adds some nice personalization. Love your site!

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