113 Days Later: Our Kitchen Renovation Is DONE!!

Who would have ever thought we’d be without a kitchen for almost four months? Not us. But it’s baaaaaack. And it’s better than ever.

First a shot of the kitchen that came with the house when we purchased it almost two years ago:

Old Kitchen cabinets

And now for the dramatic transformation we promised. The granite was totally the icing on the cake. Here’s a shot of the whole shebang as seen from the living/dining room:

Final Kitchen 1

And here’s a shot of the left side with that sexy hood that we just used while MAKING DINNER. Sorry for the caps, we just haven’t made dinner at home in ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN DAYS!!! Oops, there I go again.

Left Side

Here’s the right side with our stainless dishwasher, fridge, and microwave- is there anything we can’t cook in our new kitchen? Well, yes. But at least we’ll burn the filet mignon in style.

This is a shot of the little microwave nook, a really cute little bonus area in a corner of the kitchen that we originally planned to leave bare. Thank goodness for our kitchen designer Nancy Kulik, who convinced us that storage is better than floorage.

Microwave Nook

And here’s a closer shot of my favorite corner, which sports all sorts of little extras. A cabinet with a glass door (which does wonders for making the kitchen seem less “boxed in”)…

Glass Cabinet

… and a built in double-tiered lazy susan for an insane amount of storage in the base cabinet:

Lazy Susan

And no kitchen is complete without a little jewelry. Our brushed nickel faucet fits the bill. And check out that undermount sink. Me-ow.


We hope the wait was worth it for all you lovely readers. We’d love to know what you think!


  1. says

    Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful! I love looking at before & after pictures and yours is a complete makeover! Great job…love reading your stories!

  2. Cheryl says

    Absolutely gorgeous! I can only dream of a kitchen like yours for now! Oh, and how do you live without a kitchen for 4 months??

  3. says

    So pretty! What a difference the color makes. It looks like the kitchen is a lot bigger. Something along the lines of what you did is what we had planned to do for our kitchen, but the granite was out of our budget. We did paint our cabinets white though, so of course I always love to see other people with white cabinets because they must be cool people too. ;)

  4. says

    Woohoo! It’s gorgeous. Seriously, ya’ll did a totally stand up job! :) Magazine worthy! :)

    Do you mind us asking for a ball park figure of how much it set you back? I’m always curious as to how much people put into their kitchens when renovating. It helps me figure out how much I need to save for when we buy a house and wanna redo! (And yes..if it was rude to ask you don’t have to answer! hahaha sorry! :) )

  5. Heather says

    Truly AMAZING! I know all the set backs you guys went through so I can imagine your little victory dance you did yesterday. Great job S!!

  6. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey All You Fabulous Readers,

    Boy are we tickled by all of your sweet responses. Every time we received another lovely comment we did the happy dance (as Burger looked on confusedly). It’s just super fun to have so much positive reinforcement after all the hard work and waiting. And we appreciate the time you each took to send those sweet replies.

    As for Kelly’s ball park figure request, that’s actually our plan for the next post, so stay tuned to see where we scrimped and where we splurged.


  7. kim says

    I found your site by googling “pashmina granite,” and am totally impressed with everything you’ve done! We’re knee deep in a kitchen reno, and I can’t decide between the pashmina granite and “tigris sand” Silestone (the latter of which was my first love). I love the way your kitchen looks — great job! — so the tide may be changing :-) We’re doing an all-white kitchen with some red accents (nothing really permanent — think Le Creuset and Kitchen Aid mixer…). Since you guys obviously have great taste, and have a huge chunk of Pashmina in front of you, I’d be curious to know whether you think it would look good with the red. I’ll stay tuned!

  8. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey Kim,

    It’s so funny that you mentioned that Tigris Sand was your first love. I don’t know if you checked out some previous blog entries, but a handful of posts ago we explained how our countertop “first love” was Blanc Noir granite… but when we actually saw the big slabs we realized it would have been terrible. Much darker and more spotty than we’d like (we were going for a more marble-like-effect with veins and big movement as opposed to consistent blotches throughout the countertop). And that’s when we switched gears and found our beloved Pashmina.

    I don’t want to sound completely biased (although I love love love my dear Pashmina) so I’ll just state the facts. It would look fantastic with red accents. I know this because I actually brought in a piece of art with red apples on it and it looks amazing just leaning against the wall and resting on the granite. I don’t think you can see it well in the detail shots above, but if you look at the pic with the lazy susan you can see it all blurred in the background. Trust me, it looks great.

    I can totally picture a red mixer in the corner and a red tea kettle on the stove. So cute. Plus a white kitchen with red accents never goes out of style. Good luck with everything- I’m sure it will be just beautiful!


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