The Dawn Of A New Day(bed)

The third bedroom (also known as our second guest bedroom) has finally come together. And not a minute too soon since we’re hosting a gaggle of guests on Friday night. As a reminder, this is the former dining room that we converted into a bedroom by closing off the doorway that connected it to the kitchen (we didn’t miss the dining space since we moved it into our jumbo living room).

Lucky for us, the old dining room already had a closet, so other than ripping down the chair rail and switching out the light fixture it wasn’t much work at all (after the doorway was closed by a professional). Here’s a picture of the old dining room to refresh your memory:

Old dining room

And here’s a photo of the cozy new bedroom (still in progress of course):

Third Bedroom

All it took was a cushy new daybed from West Elm (on sale for $299 with free shipping- gotta love Christmas sales) and a charming little storage ottoman from Target ($59). Oh and a soothing coat of tan paint (Glidden’s Water Chestnut, $21), because nothing says insomnia like turquoise walls.

Third Bedroom 2

On the opposite side of the room we threw one of our existing slipper chairs in the corner with a reading light that we already had and hung a fun black and white print on the wall. Then we called it a day. But don’t be fooled, we still have to get some sheets for the daybed. It looks sleepover-ready but it’s naked under that comforter… the shame!

Stay tuned for more updated pics (once I get my mitts on some fun pillows, wall art, and other accessories to add a little extra oomph).


  1. Rebecca says

    Hi Sherry and John!

    I hope you still get to see this comment even though this post is pretty old (I’m somewhat ignorant to the ways of blogging). Anyway, my boyfriend and I are about to close on a 1941 house that has the same brass chandelier in the dining room that yours had originally (as shown in the before picture on your house tour page) and on this page it looks like you (spray-?)painted the chandelier white. I would love to do something like this soon after we move in, but am at a loss as to how. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I know your blog will continue to be a huge source of inspiration as we embark on our homeownership journey.


    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Rebecca,

      It’s as easy as removing the chandelier and spray painting that baby! Of course we removed the bulbs and covered the places where you screw in the bulbs with painter’s tape to protect them, and we also used a spray primer followed by white spray paint to make sure we got good coverage. It’s easy to do in an afternoon! Hope it helps!


  2. Mary Evers says

    Was that wallpaper on the walls above the molding of your “old” dining room? I think your dining room was pretty.
    But I understand why the room change. The new third bedroom looks great!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Mary,

      That’s actually a chalk drawing of vines that I did one afternoon when I was bored. We then sprayed it with chalk fixadent from an art store and it took on a subtle wallpaper-ish look without the hassle of hanging paper and messing with glue. We’re actually planning to do a post about it (with more details and more photos) soon so stay tuned…


    • Courtney C says

      Did you guys ever do a post on the chalk fixadent? I really LOVE this and would love to try it in the bedroom over my bed! I paint and have done paintings directly on the walls before but I know it’s an absolute nightmare to get the walls level/flush again if you decide to “change your mind” haha.

    • says

      We never posted about it, but we found it at a craft store (maybe JoAnn or Michael’s) and sprayed it on the walls according to the package directions! Seemed to work. I mean you definitely can’t scrub it (it’ll come off) but if you softly brush against it, it stays in place.


  3. Focipresley says

    Hi Sherry –

    May I ask what colour blue you had in the dining room (I know the colour came with the house so you might not know).

    I am trying to find a pleasing robin’s egg blue but I am frightened that I am going to go with a colour that resembles a “baby boys room” or “laundry room” blue. Perhaps I need to find a blue with some grey undertones, and maybe I should check out your blog re: favourite colour choices?

    Thank you for your time & Cheers!


    • YoungHouseLove says

      Bon- That robin’s egg blue was actually something we picked out (the dining room that came with the house had dark blue trim and floral wallpaper- eeks!) so the good news is that we know what color it is. It’s Glidden’s Sea Spray (a nice Tiffany box blue with a hint of aqua). Hope it helps!


  4. Focipresley says

    Sherry –

    But of course – the floral wallpaper! I forgot…dang! (that’s the sound of me smacking my forehead :P ) what stuck in my head was your comment about the house being very colourful at the beginning.

    Anyway – thank you for the colour’s name!

    your faithful reader

  5. Harinee says

    Hey – the next post over “Read this Post” has 0 comments – it looks so odd and at the same time, quite a novelty! I didn’t want to ruin the novelty feel by commenting there.. weird, I know. Do you actually still have posts without comments on?

  6. says

    Ok I know this post is suuuuper old, but hopefully you can help me! We’re thinking of purchasing a daybed for our 2nd bedroom (we live in Brooklyn). How comfortable are the West Elm daybeds you own, and how is the quality? We already have a full-size air mattress, but thought a daybed (with a real mattress) might be better for long-term guests. Plus we like the airy, lounge-y look of them (as opposed to a sofabed). Would love to hear your thoughts…thanks so much!

    PS – I am in LOVE with your new dining table. Really dig the reclaimed wood look, great find!

    • says

      They’re really comfy! We just bought the frame though (and got a twin hand-me-down mattress, which fits perfectly) so one way to control the comfort (and save some money if you hunt around) is just to buy a twin mattress separately that you like. Good luck!


    • says

      Hmm, maybe try ebay or craigslist or even thrift stores and garage sales? You can even try to DIY one with plans from a site like Hope it helps!


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