Our Kitchen Cabinets Are Like Brangelina

So gorgeous it’s unfair.

The cabinets came a long way today. In fact our installer is done with everything except for that reversed corner cabinet which is in the process of being reordered (and the baseboard, which he’ll put in once that cabinet arrives). He hung the microwave, put up all the doors and the brushed nickel hardware, and added all the crown molding- which really was the icing on the cake. Bellisimo. But enough chatter. Here are the pics.

This is the view of the kitchen from the doorway that we widened in the living/dining room:

Kitchen Cabinets Front

And here’s the right side. We especially love that glass door in the corner- it keeps things open and will house all of our pretty plates and glasses. Oh and the blue stuff you see on the dishwasher and microwave is also that protective plastic that we have yet to remove:

Kitchen Cabinets Right

Now if only that reordered cabinet would hurry up and arrive so we can get our countertops going. It’s supposed to be here by the 17th, but I’m not holding my breath. Fortunately I’m pretty sure the finished kitchen will be worth the wait. And speaking of the wait, I’ll just go back to counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until the 17th.


  1. says

    Beautiful! I have the Bel Air cabinets and have for 4 years now, and they’re still just as beautiful as ever. And they’ve stood up to our 3-year-old and 1-year-old, too. Congrats on your kitchen!

    • says

      Hey SilverMoon Dragon,

      That blue tone is just the factory sticker to keep the stainless steel from being scratched when the appliances are delivered and installed, but we actually had a friend come over and comment that he loved our blue dishwasher!


    • Shellie says

      Odd to reply to a comment after a year and a half, but hey- its when I read it!

      When we bought our house last year, the white dishwasher still had the blue plastic on it. But heres the thing- it was the original dishwasher that had been there for 5 years! We thought the previous owners were just too weird to have left it there (it did not look cute on the white dishwasher with oak cabinets), but we actually toured a different floorplan house around the corner that also still had the plastic on after being lived in!

      Gotta confess though- my OCD kicked in so bad that I actually ripped the plastic off during our very first tour-before we even put in an offer! Our realtor was not exactly pleased, lol.

  2. Andrea says

    So, I’m reading through your entire archive…

    and I can TOTALLY relate to this post. We redid our kitchen about a year and a half ago, and our own corner cabinet had issues. We were stuck for what felt like forever with no countertop. Not my idea of a fun time, but it was better than when everything was ripped up! Meals out of a microwave and toaster oven can get old fast.

    It’s been so fun so far to see your first house start taking shape and read how it all began. I’ve been a follower since the beginning-ish of your second house, but I’ve always felt like I wanted to know more of the backstory.

    Thanks for the inspiration and laughs you always provide! <3

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