Lowe’s vs. Home Depot

HD vs Lowes

We love Lowe’s. We find tons of great things there – low prices, good customer service, nice product selection, etc. I can think of only two times Lowe’s failed us and Home Depot came to our rescue: 1. vinyl floor tile options 2. a special sized toilet tank for our tiny half-bath Now there’s a third: kitchen design. While browsing cabinet options one night, we stumbled into conversation with a girl in Lowe’s kitchen design department. She was really nice and similar in age and life stage to us (just got married, was renovating her first home) so we connected immediately. She listened to everything we liked, was really encouraging and supportive of all of

Using Craigslist To Get Free Yard Work & Labor!


Here’s a tip – use craigslist to get your yard work done for free. Our backyard is beautiful, we can’t lie. Beautiful enought that we got married there. But with that craziness over, it’s not worth the trouble to maintain – trimming bushes, weeding gravel pathways, etc. Plus our ferocious eight pound puppy would appreciate more room to hunt bugs. So, we’re making it all grass… beautiful, beautiful, already-have-the-mower-out-for-it-anyways grass. Our first challenge was getting rid of all the stuff in the way – bushes, pathway, etc. And we hate to just throw all that stuff away, especially since I just put new pea gravel down 3 months ago for the wedding. Enter craiglist. Sherry

A New Layout For The Kitchen (& Lots More Storage!)


This whole kitchen thing started because we wanted to widen two doorways (from the den to our kitchen, and from the living & dining room to our kitchen). In our typical 50’s brick ranch, just about every room is connected by a narrow doorway. It’s got great bones (and a fantastic all glass sunroom) but we just want to improve the flow of the house and make everything a little more open. I, whether brilliantly or foolishly, suggested we close off a third door in our kitchen that leads to our current dining room (so we can convert the dining room into the third bedroom that we bought it as), move the dining area into

Our Big Project


So why start a blog 16 months after purchasing the house? After we’ve already made plenty of changes? The kitchen. Now that we’ve finished our other big project for the year (getting married) we’re ready to take on project #2 – a complete kitchen remodel. You may have seen how we already transformed the kitchen once: 1970s Lumberjack’s Paradise: 21st Century Kitchen: And that was just paint, appliances, cabinet hardware and vinyl tiles. So, imagine what will happen when we demo the whole thing (except for the new appliances!) and start from scratch.

The Blog Begins


If we were really on top of our game, we would’ve started this blog 16 months ago when we bought our beautiful, one-story brick ranch here in Richmond, Virginia. But I guess we were too caught up with home work (literally) to even think about recording our progress online. When we bought the place in May of 2006, we were its 3rd owners in its 50 year old history. We were completely charmed by its strong bones, and happily challenged by its complete lack of style (the beautiful backyard was also a plus). We moved in with big dreams of what it could become. And a mere 12 hours after closing, it was already on