Clara’s Photo Project

An ever-changing patterned (usually fabric) background + a white onesie that we photoshopped with each week = Clara’s weekly photo project.

Back in 2010, we weren’t sure if we could keep up with weekly pics for Clara’s entire first year, but it turned into something that we really looked forward to. From picking out each yard of fabric (usually on clearance from JoAnn or Hancock) to photoshopping the type on her plain white onesie (after we uploaded the pics) it was a fun little 52 week event here at Casa Petersik. Learn how we created each weekly photo here, and see each photo a lot larger by scrolling further down this page.

After Clara turned one, we did monthly shots until she turned three – and now we plan to just take them annually from here on out. They still have playful fabric backdrops and photoshopped onesies, but the pose and the outfit are a bit different (more on that here).

And here are the first 52 weekly photos from Clara’s first year:

Feel free to drop back in for those updated annual shots. And thanks to our lovely little model and the apple of our eye, Clara Kenley!