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We’re excited to announce that the Petersik family is under construction again. Yup, someone’s gonna be a big sister… and she’s pretty darn excited about it.

The proverbial bun in Sherry’s oven is scheduled to arrive in April, and we’re both elated to be growing.

(I’ll happily put on some sympathy weight – it’s the least I can do)

Burger, on the other hand, has no idea what’s going on. But he’s generally excited about life, so that’s nice.

Sherry’s first trimester wasn’t without a few trials (a fender bender that had us worried for a bit and some pretty intense morning all-day sickness for the lady-wife to name a few) but we’re so grateful that all signs point to a healthy little bun so far. Given Clara’s birth complications, this pregnancy falls in the high risk category (more on that here and here), but we were excited to reach the safe-to-share milestone so we could spill the happy news to friends and family this weekend (conveniently while Nonna was in town). And now we get to share it with you guys!

Since you’re a curious bunch, we figured we’d answer your questions in a follow-up post on Friday like we did the first time we told the interwebs we were having a kid. So ask away, and we’ll answer as much as we can at the end of the week. Until then, I’m gonna get back to working on the sunroom and Sherry’s going to do her darndest to keep her breakfast down, probably while painting something.


    • Erika says

      Oh man, I hadn’t seen that string of comments. People are so rude! I can’t imagine how frustrating it must have been, and I totally respect you for choosing to photoshop the picture. You have a right to privacy, even if you do have a blog! I will never understand why people come to a design/home blog just to watch for a baby bump.


    • says

      Wow… just read the comment thread from that post from last week you linked to, Sherry. People are terrible. Insensitive, rude, … just terrible. I am so sorry you had to deal with that – especially now in retrospect since you’ve finally reached a “safe zone” and are able to tell your readers that you are in fact pregnant. I hope those comments didn’t spoil the excitement of sharing the news with all of your friends and family! You all deserve every happiness and, as a reader, I look forward to reading all that you do feel comfortable to share with us about this next journey and don’t expect anything more from you all. Congratulations, YHL!

    • Cara says

      lol…I don’t get to check YHL too much, but as a fellow prego (28 weeks) I sense some prego hormones in that post haha

    • says

      YAY!!! Awesome news! I can only imagine how excited Clara is.

      Oh and I just read the SecretBaby comments about your photoshopped belly… I’m tellin’ ya, you guys are saints. Some people are unbelievable!

      Best wishes for a happy, easy and healthy pregnancy! xo

    • Tandy says

      woah, I hadn’t seen that comment thread before asking. figured it was okay to ask now, since you’re making it public, but now I regret bringing it up. I’m sorry a small subset of your readers are boundary-challenged.

    • Iomay says

      Congratulations!!! I’m sorry you had to respond to those comments in that previous post! I probably would have quit blogging (because I’m way too sensitive)! I’m so glad you keep coming back despite all the not so nice comments :)

    • says

      OH my goodness, that comment string is appalling. I will never understand people that bold (and yet, anonymous… so sort of bold but not really at all). Or why they waste precious time attacking others. I wouldn’t be able to fit that into my day even if I wanted to… haha. Love how you both stood up for yourselves and each other!

    • Lauren says

      I just read that thread of comments as well and I’m infuriated – can’t we all just enjoy the blog without being so nosey?! Photoshop or not you are gorgeous Sherry! Do not let these petty, selfish (and most likely jealous) comments bring you down!

      Congrats again on the baby Petersiks!

    • Wendy says

      That comment string on the other post is AWFUL. People are terrible and don’t know how to mind their own business.

      But congrats!Can’t wait to see what you do with the nursery :)

    • says

      Wow… just read that string of comments and some people really don’t have any boundaries. I’m sorry that you guys have to put up with those kinds of cruel comments. I for onea am really excited for your family and look forward to following along in whatever you choose to share about your journey in becoming parents of three (Burger included!). I also think its really awesome that you and Katie will be sharing the pregnancy experience together again! :) Prayers being said for a healthy pregnancy!

    • says

      I am so happy you are in the public eye. You and John not only give house advice, but radiate positivity and bring happiness to so many who read. You are amazing role models and I am so sad that people can’t appreciate (or stay out of) your jobs/lives.

      Obviously some people need to learn how to stay classy like you Sherry! You have responded with such poise. Don’t let the haters bring you down.

      XO Lauren

    • says

      it really surprises me that people have that much time on their hands to examine whether you’ve photoshopped your stomach or not; I didn’t think to look at that picture that hard and think that!. you all are SO awesome about letting us know things, WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT. and you always respond so politely, I would never be able to hold it together that well!

    • says

      I would also like to hop on the “can’t believe you have followers who are so rude” bandwagon. First off, congratulations on the new pregnancy! So very exciting for you guys and Clara! I was the baby in the family and sometimes wonder what it would be like to be expecting a younger sibling, it’s cool Clara gets to.

      Second, I’m sorry you have to deal with rude people and feel the need to respond to such rude, probing comments. I love reading your blog because you guys seem like fun, laid back people who are into DIY, not because I want to zoom in on every picture of Sherry and see if she’s put on half a pound while I sit behind the computer in an easy size 18 (I mean, really, who even cares? Such a boring exhaustive way to act online – read a book or something). Thanks for always trying to stay positive.

    • says

      I just read that string too and it made me so angry! I’m telling you, we should come up with a name for true YHL fans. Sort of like Gleeks and Beliebers, but better.

      Petersikles? (pronounced like Popsicles)
      Peter-skis (a play on the mispronunciation of their name)
      YOHLOers (a play on the recent YOLO movement)

    • Heather says

      Jumping on the bandwagon of “sheesh people!” I think that if more people were aware of how many people are fertility challenged or have dealt with a (or many) miscarriages – it’s up to 1 in 3 pregnancies!! -, they would learn to shut up! It can be immensely painful (speaking from experience). Now that our family has personally felt the sting of a lost baby, we NEVER ask about possible pregnancies or even plans/hopes for pregnancies. You never know what is going on in a person’s life.

    • says

      That thread of comments from the other day is truly terrible – so insensitive. Congratulations you two (three – Clara too!) on a healthy pregnancy – hoping for a much less eventful and smooth delivery for your little family this time. Best wishes!

    • BeccaS says

      Wow! I broke my rule and read the old thread! I try not to read the comments too much because of crazy people like that. Let’s just hope they are not reading BowerPower because I’m not positive but I think Katie photoshopped a couple of pictures in the recent post ;) Congrats again!

    • Amy Beth says

      I can’t believe how people analyze your photos like that. If I had noticed that picture I would have just thought “wow, Sherry is looking skinny today”. I love that John has enough of it and takes up for you. You handled all of that way better then I would have! The question I have is, other than John who did you tell first? Just wondering if Nonna knew first or if you called Katie first! I think it would have been so hard to not tell Katie since she is cooking a little bu of her own too.

    • Lauren says

      I just want to say that you two handle your responses to mean spirited posts with so much grace. I would be seeing red and probably dropping F bombs if I had to respond to those. Way to keep it classy Petersiks! Just one of the many reasons I love your blog.

    • Erika m says

      Can I just say I am so excited for you guys??? I love the home stuff you do, but I enjoy hearing about your (growing) family, I was sooo heartbroken for the photoshop others have said…we come for DIY and tidbits about your family are the cherry on top, your graciousness and assertiveness is phenomenal. I am sure you moved on…but I think some of these negative comments remind me of the crumbled paper analogy on Pinterest regarding bullying. Hope it doesn’t have that effect. And CONGRATS! Wishing a safe pregnancy and delivery and healthy baby.

    • Katy says

      I’m sure you’ll see comments about this forever, but I just have to weigh in.

      I sometimes feel like a creep or stalker for just commenting on your blog because this is your real life. It’s neat to get a peak while learning cool things about how I can make my home awesome and just for me (which, of course, was why I started reading in the first place). And I’ve decided that you’re amazing people so I tend to also want to know if you’re pregnant or other personal details… hence the “am I being creepy?” feeling.

      That said, I cannot believe a few people actually said those things and insisted you’re being shady! I was appalled by what they said, and super impressed by your graceful responses (as if they deserved them!) Then, after I stopped being mad, I just started laughing at how ridiculous it is. I really hope and pray you can have a sense of humor about it because if I were in your shoes, it would be hard to find the humor… at least at first.

      Congratulations on your happy news! :)

    • says

      WOW,WOW,WOW!!!! My head aches from all those non sense comments.

      I find it’s usually the people that don’t understand or the people that never lived thru a high risk pregnancy, tend to lack knowledge. Hopefully one day when it’s their turn, they don’t have to go thru all the heart aches at the gynecologist office. Been there done that, from preemie to emergency C-section.

      Also, never disrespect a pregnant couples wishes on how they would like to handle their news. Anything is possible.

      Please don’t stress yourself, it isn’t good for the baby. Just smile at the negativity, make a joke about it… I do that, also at stores I smile or say hi nicely at someone that’s trying to be rude. They don’t know how to take it and when they cold shoulder me, others around us give me the look “what’s that dudes issue?”

      I’d also like to congratulate the two of you on your wonderful news. Hope all the best, and you guys look so excited.

      Have a great day you two.

      Your Canadian Fan.

    • Melissa says

      Congratulations! I’m so happy for your growing family! I just had my first child in August so I’ve been loving being able to go back and look through all your baby posts from a few years ago (like your cloth diaper post that completely convinced me to give the cloth a shot). Now I can hope for some new baby posts in the future, yay!
      I’ve been a look time follower but never commented before, that’s how excited I am! :) I’ll be sending lots of prayers for a safe and uneventful pregnancy and delivery. I wish you the best!

    • Kathy T says

      I agree! Saying Congratulations is the perfect reason for this also first time commenter and longtime lurker to hit the keyboard.
      I also have five kiddos. Enjoy your blessings!!

  1. Amber says

    Congratulations! I’m due April 12th and I share your relief at being through the first-trimester. We just started replacing baseboards and trim in our nursery-to-be… can’t wait to glean some nursery decorating ideas from you!

    • Melissa says

      I’m due April 8 and can’t believe I’ll be on this journey along with Sherry! How awesome. Congratulations to all you preggo mamas.

    • Rachel says

      Due April 16 with our first!! I’m 12 weeks today, so it’s officially “not a secret”, although the hubs has had a hard time with that concept! So excited for all the future baby blog stuff!

    • Megan says

      Congrats to all the pregnant mamas! I am due in April, too. Pretty excited to be due around the same time as such a cool cat as Sherry!

    • meg says

      I’m due April 1st with my first! Aprils Fools to us!
      I was all excited when I told my husband Sherry was pregnant, and he was like – you know you dont know them, right?

      But I feel like I do! Sherry – let’s get going on a nursery so I can copy it, okay?? Many thanks

      And – please don’t listen to the ridiculous and mean comments out there, they can go suck a Petersnick-sicle!!!

    • Kristi says

      April 11 here! A little girl for our 3rd :) And our first was born just before Clara. Spring really is the best time for babies!

      Congrats, all!

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