Stars, Stripes, and Some Thanks

It’s time for our once-a-month pause to show how grateful we are to the sponsors who help make all of our other posts possible. So feel free to check out some patriotic things that caught our eye this month, and peruse our usual round-up of discounts at the bottom of the post.

  • Summer-tastic, vacation-envy-inducing art canvasses on sale at Joss & Main.
  • A knitted pendant light spotted on, among other cool & quirky items.
  • The Tile Shop‘s inspiration page, which showcases lots of unexpected tile combos.
  • Patriotic WallQuotes for Americans (and Canadians!) like this one.
  • Shades of Light‘s vintage sign-y letter lights, available in an alphabet of options.
  • Small scale stencils from Royal Design Studio, perfect for furniture or even fabrics.
  • 1 Canoe 2 letterpress birthday cards, like this chipper one for your favorite photog.
  • This bold and colorful patterned “Blossom Trellis” painting from Cozamia.
  • Unexpected options for amping up your switchplates from Liberty Hardware.
  • Punchy custom prints from Hoot Design Co, from nursery art to wedding sets.
  • Cool patterns as large photography or event backdrops by Urban Props.
  • Ruby Lane‘s retro finds, like these federal glass flag mugs. Such a great pattern.

Here are the details on those DISCOUNTS:

* None of the products or services shown above were provided to us for review or for free (check out our no-swag policy here).


  1. Liz says

    I love that “I love Canada” watercolour print! The artist is based out of my city too – thanks for thinking of us Canadians :)

    • CATHY says

      I WANT THAT! in the pastel colours for my daughter’s room!!!
      BTW i was going to say that too!

  2. Theresa says

    I’ll be honest, these posts I’ll skim over. I have followed links to most of your sponsors. But as a relatively new reader (about 5 months), I didn’t know about your no swag policy. I knew you were different and you didn’t seem to be doing projects just to make a sponsor happy. (Hello, outdoor clean-up with Mr. Clean and Bounty. Please, I didn’t even read those.)So, today, I read the whole thing and the post you wrote in 2010 about no swag. There aren’t many people/bloggers like you. Love this site even more!

  3. says

    THANK YOU for posting this again :-) I just found the PERFECT anniversary gift on Audrey + Gem for my husband from your list of sponsors :-). Finidng a “paper” first anniversy gift can be hard! Amazing as always – Thanks

  4. rachael says

    thanks for thinking of us Canadians! July 1st was our patriotic day, sort of like Independence Day…but opposite, lol.

  5. says

    Ohhhh myyy I think Audrey + Gem is going to get VERY aquainted with my bank account…. uh oh! Love a good watercolour for the home :-)

  6. Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

    Hi John. Progress is lookin so great! Wonderful that a couple can work so well together. I also really like how you use what you have …. and are not quickly extravagant. Way to work!

    Question: my daddy was a do-it-yourself guy. I learned from him at a young age. He always told me that workwork trims, etc. should always be white unless the (original) stained wood is absolutely gorgeous. Our house had lots of kids. Most likely dad used semi gloss but I am not sure. What are your feelings about my question?

    Looking forward to all your future renovations!

    • says

      Thanks Marcee! I would say we generally agree (we love white trim the most in many situations, although if the original wood is unbelievably amazing we understand why people don’t want to muck that up with paint). One addition we’d make to that statement might be “and in some cases other colored trim is cool” – just because we’ve seen nice rooms with soft gray trim or even navy walls with navy trim, so it really can be a cool choice. If you’re sold on white trim (it’s completely classic in our mind, and always what we go with) I’d use semi-gloss paint (first use stainblocking primer if it’s wood). That method seems to work for us!


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