House Crashing: Calming & Clever

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We’re painting something again today! Who’s surprised? Anybody? Nobody? We’ll be back with the goods tomorrow, but in the meantime we thought this house tour was so charming and creative that we had to share it. It’s a great example of a someone buying a house and just going for it, without being even a little afraid to make it theirs. And if there’s one thing that we’ve learned in this whole home-making journey of ours, it’s that the more personal you make a space the less it might appeal to someone else (like your mother-in-law, the mailman, or your handsome pool boy) but the more it can feel like “you” – and really, that’s what matters most. So stamp your house up baby. Leave your fingerprints all over that thing.

But on with the tour! First of all, how sweet is the exterior of Laura’s house in Reno?

Here’s Laura now, with her dog Emma. She’s also the mother of three kids, so you know, she’s not busy at all.

When you enter her home she has a wide foyer area with a curved wall, which is where Laura and her husband Dan got creative. Yup, she made shelves from old secondhand chairs that she painted a soft seafoam green color (Seacliff Heights by Benjamin Moore) and hung right onto the wall (after chopping them in half). I love the little potted plants that are resting on each chair-shelf. Here’s more on how she did that project.

Speaking of creativity, check out her dining room. Yup, the entire wall is filled with shutters that Laura painted in a bunch of soft beachy tones. Isn’t it amazing? As for where she got them all, many came from the Habitat For Humanity ReStore, thrift shops, and Craigslist. I’m also a HUGE fan of both the light fixtures and the chairs (which she found on ebay). It’s such a cool personality-filled room that she made all her own. And that table is actually an old conference table from a nearby university.

The kitchen is another classic-meets-creativity example, thanks to traditional white cabinetry and subway tile mixed with playful hanging pendants that Laura and Dan made from Home Depot lamps. I love that they don’t take themselves – or their home – too seriously. And the industrial bar stools (which were once science stools at the same university as her dining table) are another fun touch.

Laura decided that closing off this doorway made for better flow so she casually hung some secondhand window panes to subtly divide the space while keeping things airy. I love that colorful bench too. She picked it up at a thrift store and spray painted it Lagoon by Rustoleum and then glazed it for a less-new look.

Laura also added height and a breezy and cozy vibe to their bedroom, thanks to sheer curtains from Ikea that she hung from the ceiling for a makeshift canopy affect.

Their master bath has awesome tile that mimic’s Laura’s childhood 1920’s home. I love it with the extra thick black counters and the white cabinetry.

Laura would love to take the subway tile all the way up the wall behind the tub to the ceiling, but in the meantime she added a really cool old ladder that she found at a thrift store for a couple of bucks and a few hanging plants.

Thanks so much to Laura and her husband Dan for sharing their gorgeous home! I hope you guys were as inspired by their fearless approach. And of course you can check out more about every project and room here on her blog. But before I get back to painting, let’s play the favorite part game. Mine’s the shutter wall in the dining room. Especially with those gorgeous glass pendants hanging down in front of it. Me-ow.



  1. says

    Okay, that shutter wall is in-freaking-sane! I want to move into that house! Seriously, is she taking applications for being her fourth child?!

    Incredible creativity that’s not just mimicking what she’s seen on HGTV.

    Great job!


    • Danielle says

      “Incredible creativity that’s not just mimicking what she’s seen on HGTV”

      So true! I love seeing houses that aren’t just what HGTV tells your what’s in. True creativity (even if it’s not everyone’s style) makes your house YOURS.

  2. says

    Weee! What a fun house to crash. There is so much personality packed in to this home. I am loving the casual ladder hung over the tub with the hanging plants. It gives a bit of a rustic touch to an almost all-white bathroom. So creative! And I also love the shutter wall – they are so much more unique than painting them all one colour.

    • Alisha says

      Agreed. This is an amazingly pulled together house! Everything is inspiring. I am completely in love with the whole house color scheme (and that dining room can do no wrong!) That the homeowners didnt get pigeon holed into a “theme” or “trend” other than their own personality is so refreshing!

  3. Ashley says

    I love the way she has managed to make a somewhat newer looking home have a home-y sort of vintage and playful feel. We live in a built in the 90’s townhome, and this is a nice reminder that little vintage and fun touches can make the place feel a lot let “standard builders quality” and more personal.

    Love it!!

  4. N Shirley says

    A beautiful house! Where do her children live with all that white? lol It really looks like a fun home to live in. I would love to see the childrens’ rooms! Thanks for sharing. With all that trim you two are painting I keep thinking of “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…” from “Finding Nemo”!

  5. Anika says

    I think we might have overwhelmed Laura’s blog…it won’t open for me! Gorgeous place though, so clever and creative! The shutter wall is especially awesome!

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