Fab Freebie: Arhaus To Your House

***This giveaway is now closed – see who won below!***

And our randomly selected winner is… Alyson (who says they use their sofa for “cuddling with our dog while watching tv or reading. My day doesn’t feel complete without cuddle time!”) Congrats!

Sit back. Put your feet up. Take a load off. Because someone’s winning a new couch this week, courtesy of Arhaus – up to over $2,500 in value! Arhaus covers a wide range of rooms (from dining to bedroom) in a wide range of worldly styles (from traditional to unique). So to showcase that spectrum, this week’s winner will get to pick one of three sofas: the curvy and tufted Club sofa, the modern and clean-lined Dante, or the comfortable and slip-covered Baldwin. We’ve shown each in our favorite fabric below, but you’ll get to chose that too. Decisions, decisions…

  • PRIZE: One of the three Arhaus sofas shown above (in the fabric of your choice)
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “ARHAUS ME” and tell us…
  • BONUS QUESTION: … what’s your favorite thing to use your sofa for? Do you love curling up with a book or your favorite show? Or is yours a social couch that often has friends piled up on it?
  • PRIZE SHIPS: We always beg every vendor to ship internationally but some companies aren’t legally able to vend things beyond specific areas for liability, delivery, or taxation reasons (more on that here). This giveaway is open to the United States.
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Wednesday, June 5th or at 10,000 entries (whichever comes first)
  • USUAL STUFF: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winners will be selected using random.org and announced on Thursday as an update to this post. That’s right, come right back here on Thursday for the announcement of our winners. Good luck…
  • ***COMMENT ISSUES? If you’re trying to enter but keep getting a “duplicate comment” warning, click here to see how to solve it!

Note: We aren’t paid or perked for hosting these giveaways, we just do ‘em to thank you awesome folks for stopping in. See our Giveaway FAQ page for more info. Pics courtesy of Arhaus.


  1. caitlynp says

    ARHAUS Me! Currently my sofa is the place where I have been working on my thesis writing! So I love it for the fact that it is getting me through this not so fun time on my way to my chemistry degree!

  2. Emily says

    ARHAUS ME (please)!

    These days, you can find me on the couch watching season 4 of Arrested Development!

  3. KL says


    We don’t really use our couch because it’s 10 years old and not super comfortable or easy to clean, so I’d love to be able to get a new one!

  4. Brittany S. says


    I would use this couch to help fill one of 3 currently empty roooms in our new house!

  5. Christina Y. says

    I love to curl up on the couch with my hub to catch up on our favorite shows (speaking of fave shows, I have not yet seen the new Game of Thrones episode from last night and word on the interwebs was that it was CRAZY. Can’t wait to watch it tonight on my couch!)

  6. Jessi says

    ARHAUS ME! There is nothing better than curling up on the sofa and watching a movie with my friends :) Bonus points if its a scary movie and its raining outside!

    • Erin says

      ARHAUS ME!

      I love curling up on the couch with my husband and daughter… Whether reading books, watching a princess movie or taking a nap!

  7. Whitney says

    ARHAUS ME!!! I love curling up in the corner with a book or a TV show…or taking naps :-)

    And my mom has had her Arhaus sofa for over 10 years and loves it! I would be so happy to have one of my own.

  8. Jen says

    ARHAUS ME!! I love using my sofa as a spot to curl up and watch a good movie with my husband and dog.

  9. Sabrina C says

    Arhaus me! I love to sit on the sofa with a cup of coffee and watch episodes of my favorite shows on Netflix. With two young kids in the house, this is a luxurious event that rarely happens!

  10. Hallie Hobbs says

    ARHAUS ME!!!I love curling up on our couch at the end of the night when I am too exhausted to move!!

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