Installing White Faux Wood Window Blinds

Our house gets really nice sunlight – especially upstairs and especially in the afternoon when the sun hits the front of the house directly. We love it for everything from hanging out to taking photos. And Burger, well, he loves it for just about anything: napping, grooming, sniffing things, more napping.

But the beams of sunlight streaming in also highlighted a shortcoming of this house: no window blinds. I think we took it for granted that the bedrooms in our last house came with nice white faux wood blinds, so it was kind of a shock the first night when we realized we had nothing for privacy or to keep the light from creeping in early the next morning.

So after way too many nights of undressing in the dark and waking up at the crack of dawn, we finally went out and bought a stack of these puppies. They’re Home Depot’s in-stock faux wood blinds. We splurged slightly on the “premium” version because they had wider slats (which means less window obstruction when they’re open) and they also promised better light blocking and had a break-away cord for added kid safety (no loops, just pulls, and the pulls break away under the weight of a child). Fortunately it was only a small upcharge, since dressing 11 windows quickly added up to over $350 (and that was with a coupon). Gulp.

But they were a necessary evil that each room needed (especially the bedrooms and bathrooms where a certain amount of privacy is not just appreciated, it’s expected). I say “evil” because we don’t consider them to be exceptionally pretty – even if they are an upgrade from vinyl blinds – but the function trumps any gripes that we have about form. And once you layer in some curtains the windows end up looking pretty great.

Installation was a bit tedious, but straightforward thanks to some good instructions. Having to hang eleven blinds and then make a few adjustments turned into a bit of a time suck (this project took about 6 hours total, broken up over two days) but it’s beyond nice to have privacy and early-morning-darkness in the bedrooms and bathrooms again.

Hanging them basically involved screwing two brackets into the side of the window frame, and then sliding the blind into place.

We were lucky that our windows were all standard sizes, so Home Depot had them on the shelf (they offer free cutting services if needed – but we were glad we didn’t have to stand there while they cut down 11 blinds for us). I did get to customize them for our house by adjusting the length, which I did after each one was hung. I just removed the bottom slat, cut the strings that held all of the extraneous slats that we wanted to remove, and then reattached the base slat to the shortened strings and tied that to hold it in place (this post shows that step in more detail if you’d like extra photos/info).

One new issue that we never encountered when installing these before was that the side pieces of trim that came with each set of blinds needed to be shorter to fit against our window frames for some reason.

So I broke out my miter saw to give each of them (all 22!) a trim so they’d sit flush against the window and still attach correctly at the corner. The pieces of scrap wood in this picture are just blocking that I used to keep the trim in place without risking my fingers.

Much better.

They just snap together, so shortening them on the end didn’t interfere with how they attach.

Then all that was left was to enjoy some privacy and some light control. They’re still looking pretty basic because we don’t have curtains hung in most of our rooms yet.

Although we do have them in Clara’s room…

We also hung the curtains that Sherry sewed for our last dining room in the guest room.

We owe you guys photos of how each room is looking these days, so Sherry’s planning to shoot some pictures for you this weekend and write a “one month in” post for Monday. And speaking of the lady wife, we were just talking about how the first few months in a house always feel like you’re bleeding money. Seriously, someone get us a tourniquet. So although this is our third house and we should know how this goes by now (addressing all those do-this-first items just seem to add up) we still find ourselves walking out of Home Depot saying things like “Over $300?! Are these blinds made of gold?!”

P.S. Since Google Reader is breaking up with all of us in four short days (aka: closing down forever) we’ve been forced to find a new reader, so we’ve converted over to Feedly (it imported all of our favorite blogs really easily and we liked its clean layout) but we’ve also heard good things about Bloglovin. So this is just a little “remember the milk” reminder, except it’s “remember to switch readers because Google’s about to dump us all.” 


  1. says

    I have blinds similar to these in our house and I never once thought to remove the extra slats that pool at the bottom! That little trick makes yours look custom.

    I’m going to do that the second I get home! Thanks for the tip!

    • says

      Sure thing! Be sure to go slow and not cut too much string (that would make them too short). Maybe even go online and try to find their instructions for doing it, just to be sure nothing goes haywire? Can you tell I’m paranoid every time we do it…? Haha!


    • Liz E. says

      We have basically the same blinds as well, and my suggestion (in addition to Sherry’s) is to err on the side of length. There’s one blind in particular that I got a little to slat-removal-happy with and it hangs oddly shorter than the rest. At the time, I didn’t think to try to “reinstall” that last slat, but now I wish I’d at least looked into it. From there on out I always stopped leaving at least one slat in tact compared to where I thought it needed to be, and it saved me the same heartache from happening over again.

  2. Wendy says

    We’ve been using the same blinds in our house! One window had them, and I loved that they would cut them down as we needed them for a bay window (I think we needed like 15″ wide for the smaller side windows – so other than getting super pricey custom blinds made, this was our only viable option). And I completely agree with you about bleeding money. We moved in to our first home 4 months ago and not a weekend goes by that I don’t go to Home Depot and drop at least $150. Plus we’ve been doing bigger things like refinishing hardwoods, opening walls, etc. I think we may have all the major items checked off in a few weeks (that is – until I start adding bigger things like redoing our deck and adding a portico…) so I’m hoping to start building up our house fund again for some fun projects down the road. And I’m buying my husband a miter saw for his bday so we can do more DIY (like new crown moulding). Love the blog!

  3. Karen L. says

    We put up similar blinds and love the ability to control the light/glare/sun damage issue we can have here in the Virginia area. One thought—if you end up with concerns on too much light or, for certain angles, privacy, we put our blinds up extending past the sides, just a bit past where the innner window part is. Not the side of the entire moulding part…..this gives us more privacy and the light doesn’t come in as much. Just a thought for y’all. Looking so nice and classic over there! Love your new home, BTW.

    • says

      That’s smart! Once we hang our curtains we think light will completely be blocked along those skinny side parts, so that should add up to a nice finished look. Here’s hoping!


  4. Ellen says

    I notice that the depth of the blinds is bigger than the depth of your window trim making them stick forward from the window some. I bought some off the shelf blinds for my house and had the same problem so I returned them and have been thinking I’ll need to go with something custom. Does it bother you/look weird that they stick out like that or do you not even notice? Mine didn’t have the fancy trim pieces on the top though so do you think that would make the difference?

    • says

      They did that at our first and second house too, and once you put curtains and a rod on the window (those protrude quite a bit more from the wall) it all seems to work well. Oh and the trim pieces at the top definitely make them feel more built-in, so maybe those help too.


  5. Karen F says


    You’re so lucky your windows are standard sizes – I bought a bunch of these blinds (same ones) for the bedrooms in my house (which all have non-standard-sized windows) and had to get them cut down. When I got home, not one of the 5 sets of blinds I bought were the correct size. Their cutting machine mustn’t be very accurate, or the guy didn’t know what he was doing. Luckily HD took them all back with no issues, but it was disappointing, and a waste of time! :(

  6. Jaclyn says

    Question: are you guys able to hang your curtains with a regular rod? It looks like the mini blinds with the molding stick far out.
    At our last home we had to take off the molding piece to have our curtains lay flat.
    Just wondering if you do something extra?

    • says

      Oh yes, a regular rod sticks out more from the wall than the small amount that the slats/molding stick out, so it seems to work when we layer them (we did that in our last house as well).


  7. says

    As “boring” of a purchase as blinds are, I have found that once we’ve installed them, the house feels truly “ours.” Is that weird? Is it just me??

    • says

      Totally! Feels like you’re staking your claim, haha! I also think it makes rooms look more finished, even if the walls are unpainted and there are piles of moving madness on the floor (not that we’d know that from experience, haha).


  8. Melanie says

    Loving the blinds! I hate the vinyl blinds but they’re kind of necessary…

    Stopped in to say: “The Old Reader” is what I’ve been using since Google Reader announced their own demise… if Feedly doesn’t work out for you, is so much like the actual G-Reader that it’s delicious!

    • says

      I was in denial until about a week ago and then I made the switch and hated on Feedly for a day or two and now I love it better! How quickly the heart can change. Haha!


    • Sarah says

      You all are lucky. My Google Reader actually disappeared shortly after the announcement for it shutting down. I have no idea why, but I wasn’t able to find it again. I have been using Netvibes, which isn’t bad, but I just tried Freedly and the import was able to move over all my old Google Reader feeds!
      Thanks for the tip!

  9. says

    It’s amazing what a difference blinds can make! We replaced our nasty roman shades (from the previous owner) with similar white blinds and the room looks so fresh. I can’t wait to put them up in the other rooms!

  10. says

    We are house hunting now, and one of the first things I look to see are the kinds of blinds they have. We had to splurge and buy those nice blinds in our old house and they were expensive, but I can’t stand those mini blinds!

  11. says

    I’ve been eyeing those blinds for our living room. We currently open/close our curtains a few times each day to adjust for the angle of the sun, but I think blinds in our living room & dining room would work better.

    These look like they stick out into the room a bit. Is there any way to mount it inside the window casing more? Or is that more dependent on the window?

    • says

      Oh yes, it’s all dependent on the window, but since curtains and curtain rods protrude even more from the wall, once they’re layered in everything looks seamless and nothing appears to be oddly sticking out or anything. We had this setup in our last house too and really liked how it looked when it was all done (with curtains).


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