Fab Freebie: What’s In A Name?

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After 10,000 interesting name origin stories, random.org has selected our winners as… Beth (who says “my dad picked it out and to this day I’m whole heartily a daddy’s girl.”) and Chelsea (who’s name story is: “My parents got my name from the 1981 movie, On Golden Pond. ‘Chelsea’ was played by Jane Fonda”) Congrats!

I realize from the name Online Fabric Store, you might have trouble guessing what this online store sells, so allow me to solve that mystery for ya. Fabric! And seemingly every kind of fabric – like upholstery, decor, quilting, apparel and even garden fabric. Which means that this week’s two winners (who are each getting $250 to spend there) could tackle anything from sewing some pillow covers or making a duvet to redoing the curtains in an entire room. And the cool thing about their system is that the more yardage you buy, the cheaper each yard gets – and once you get over that $50 mark, your shipping in the US is free.

  • PRIZE: A $250 gift card to Online Fabric Store
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “FABRIC ME!” and tell us…
  • BONUS QUESTION: …what’s the meaning behind your name? Does it carry some special significance within your family? Or is there a cool story behind how your parents picked it? Have you always wished it was something else?
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  • USUAL STUFF: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winners will be selected using random.org and announced on Thursday as an update to this post. That’s right, come right back here on Thursday for the announcement of our winners. Good luck…
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    • Diane @ Vintage Zest says

      FABRIC Me! Also no idea how I got my name, just kind of random. I did wish it was Margeaux for a little while when I was a kid, and my dad said I wanted it to be Danica. Weird choices, but that suits me! :)

    • Angela Maria says

      Fabric me!
      Every woman on my mother’s side has had Maria in their name for at least 5 generations. My daughter’s name is Giovanna Maria, with Giovanna my mother’s middle name and my maternal grandfather’s name (Giovanni). Coincidentally, my mother-in-law’s name is also Maria, and my father-in-law has the same birthday!

    • Kimberly says

      FABRIC ME! My name was a last minute decision since my parents got me when they were expecting to have a boy. My mother always told me that I was named after the actress, Kim Novak. On my 21st birthday, my father (after hearing me tell the Kim Novak story) loudly pronounced that that story wasn’t true. Since my mother had tasked him with coming up with my name, he had gone out into the hallway, to think, when he saw the janitor’s cart and went back in to tell my mother the name he had selected. Lucky me… my name came from…. Kimberly Clark toilet paper!!

    • Ashley says

      Fabric ME! My mom was really young (16) and named me Ashley after a soap opera star, and my middle name is Dawn after a Robert Frost poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

    • Amy L. says

      FABRIC ME! My first name, Amy, is means “beloved”, but is also a rearrangement of my grandmother’s name, May. It also worked out that my first and last initials are AL, which is my grandfather’s name. Mimo (rhymes with Nemo) is my middle name, which means righteous. It come from Hawaii, like my father’s family. I love that there’s so much hidden meaning in different parts of my name!

    • Ashley says

      FABRIC ME! My mom chose my siblings and my name by taking walks through the cemetary next to our house..kinda funny…kinda creepy :)

    • Jen says

      Fabric Me! No meaning behind the name but was always frustrated with it — most common baby name for three years in a row (mid-70s) … always had other Jens in the class with me … in my high school gym class they would divide us into teams: 9 Jens vs. 10 non-Jens … ridiculous!

    • Holly says

      FABRIC ME! My grandfather chose my first name while discussing potential names with my mom when she was pregnant with me. My middle name is my grandmother’s first name. It’s super special and I love being named after such an amazing woman. I love my name!

    • Meghan says

      FABRIC ME!! My mom loved the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and so I was gifted with the name Meghan or “Meg” like one of the “little women”. I always loved my name because growing up I never knew anyone who had it except Meg Ryan and I mean, she was so cute in Sleepless in Seattle so why wouldn’t I want to share a name with her!?! Would love the fabric so I can start a few of my to-do-list crafts to go with my new sewing machine!

    • Emily Vinson says

      FABRIC ME! My name was supposed to be Evan until, surprise, I was actually a girl. My parents were really attached to the name Evan and I guess wanted a similar, but feminine, version.

    • Alecia Ferrell says

      I’ve been dying to design my kids boring generic rooms with some cheerful and fun fabrics that I cant really afford …..please please please FABRIC ME! Nothing special about my name as far as I know; however my husband’s name is Will Ferrell..gotta love that!

    • Karen says

      FABRIC ME! According to my parents, there’s no special meaning to my name…i was always so disappointed because i wanted to be named after Karen Carpenter-weird huh?

    • Pat says

      Fabric me. Oh, yes, please fabric me. Don’t really know the story behind my personal name, but theButterDish (my Etsy name)has something to do with an OCD activity!

    • Lacey says

      FABRIC ME!!!

      My name, Lacey, is my mother’s maiden name! She was born Kristin Lacey but ironically, her father was adopted by his mothers husband (aka: his stepfather) so I grew up thinking that Lacey has been a family name for generations but it actually is relatively new to us! I love it and would never change it, although it is confusing when I go to visit my grandparents and have to check in at the desk, telling them I am there to see “the Laceys” and my name is Lacey!

      Also, I would use the fabric to recover a chair that I inherited from my great-grandmother (Fanny Lacey) before she died. I love how this question completely relates to the project I want to do!!

    • Mandy says

      FABRIC ME! I am named after a Barry Manilow song. “Oh, Mandy” Perhaps, I should be embarrassed but I am not. I like the song.

    • Dalma says

      FABRIC ME! My name is created from the Hungarian word for song (dal) by a famous Hungarian poet…

    • Kristy says

      FABRIC ME!
      My name is Kristy, but my older sister was very intent upon naming me Donald Duck. Kristy isn’t a family name but I love that a few years ago I found a notepad in my parents attic with my name written in about thirty different spellings: my mother was testing out what worked best!

    • claudia says

      FABRIC ME!! My first name, Margarete, is after my german grandmother, my middle name, Claudia, was chosen by my other grandmother to honor her brother, Claud.

    • Suzanne Karakatsiotis says

      Fabric me! We just bought our first house and need curtains. There is no significance to my first name that I know of. I married a half Greek half Cuban man, so my last name is significant enough (it is Karakatsiotis). :)

    • Suzanne Karakatsiotis says

      Please Fabric me! We just bought our first house and need curtains. There is no significance to my first name that I know of. I married a half Greek half Cuban man, so my last name is significant enough (it is Karakatsiotis). :)

    • Pk Warrender says

      FABRIC ME!!!
      My name is Puck. My mischievous side came out early apparently, as my parents decided the name Puck from the sprite in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream suited me best. I always enjoyed my name, especially as it allowed me to get away with being even more mischievous! My mum would just say, “oh, she’s being a Puck again”, and smile and sigh at the same time. Yay for free fabric!!! You guys are great!

    • Dora says

      Fabric Me. First name is Greek and I think it means gift. My middle name is Luz which means light in Spanish.

    • Carla says

      FABRIC ME! Pretty please. I’m drooling looking at the beautiful choices.

      I was named after both my grandfathers – Carl and Charles – but the most important reason was that Charles and his wife, Ardith, were part of a church group that sponsored a German Jewish couple to escape from Germany in 1941 (??) and come to the U.S. Her name was Carla. The families became very close, especially as my grandfather and Carla’s husband both became well-known sociology professors after the war. Some of my most precious heirlooms are from Carla, including a lovely alligator clutch. Kinda creepy, but I like thinking about the first Carla holding it.


    • Karen says

      Fabric me!! My name means pure, and I know that is what my parents prayed over my life.

      Thanks for hosting yet another awesome giveaway, J & S!

    • André-Anne says

      FABRIC ME! Complicated name, even in french. I was supposed to be a boy so my first name is spelled as so in souvenir of a loved one who passed away before my birth. Surprise: I was a girl, so I also got a second name which was more feminine. Makes me original that way..!

    • Michelle says

      FABRIC ME! While my mother was delivering me she decided that Kelly L. would have too many L’s. So she named me Michelle L. :) (In case you didn’t get it, they have the same amount of L’s)

    • Jessica Smith says

      FABRIC ME! My name is Jessica, it’s origin is Hebrew meaning “God beholds”. There is no special significance- other than my mom and countless other 80s moms liked it! I’ve never wished it was something else- I feel like it describes me perfectly- kind of like the Alman brothers band song “Jessica”, there are just no words! :)

    • Tonya says

      Fabric me! I got my name (spelled Tonya) because my parents loved the name Tanya but lived in SoCal at the time they were expecting me, and kept seeing a billboard for tan cream that said, “Tanya”. Or at least that’s the way the story has been told for the last 40 years.

    • Erin says

      Fabric Me!
      My first name is a biblical one, my middle name is after an aunt. (Or at least this is what I remember from a middle school project where we were tasked with the same question.)

  1. says


    And my name is Zophie… not real meaning behind it but my mom liked the sound of it when she gave it to me. A nice variation on Sophie :)

  2. Lauren says


    My first name doesn’t have much significance besides that my parents liked it, but my middle name (Marie) is my grandmother’s name and I LOVE it!

  3. christine says

    FABRIC ME! My parents thought I was going to be a boy so they didn’t pick a girl’s name. I was born near Christmas, so they named me Christine!

  4. Emily says


    I am named after my mom’s best friend from childhood, and my middle name is a family name that has been passed down from the women on my mom’s side for generations!!

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