Adding A Secondhand Dresser & A Moose Lamp

A dove and a moose walk into a bar. Just kidding, not a bar. That’s not kid-room appropriate. How about a dove and a moose walk onto a playground? Anyway, I’ll just cut to the chase. We finally found a dresser for Clara’s big girl room, complete with dovetailed joints! Hence the mention of a dove (ah, they don’t make ’em like they used to).

We wanted one for the playroom/ big girl room for Clara once she moves in there (so that eventual-second-child can use Clara’s original dresser since it works so well as a changing table in the nursery). And that way we’re not undoing one room to redo another room, which always feels counter productive. Plus nine more drawers worth of storage in our house = jackpot. Especially when it’s taking the place of an old room full of clutter, which used to be what this space was.

It was a pretty great secondhand score thanks to Sir Craig And His List (craigslist for those not down with my dorktastic lingo). For just $50 we’re the proud owners of this nine drawer dresser. As for how we found it, we just searched “dresser” on craigslist in our area a few times a week (maybe once a week if I forgot) for about a month and then finally this guy came up:

Our only real requirements were something from a non-smoking household (that’s a hard scent to remove), something with at least six drawers like Clara’s nursery dresser which has worked out so well for us (nine is a total bonus!), and something long as opposed to tall (since we figure as she grows she can reach these drawers and get dressed herself more easily than she would with a tallboy since she might not be able to reach all those upper drawers).

After we got it into the room, we tried the daybed and the dresser on a few different walls and preferred the dresser right to the left of the door as you enter the room (it’s a lot shallower than the daybed, which sticks into the room quite a bit, so we liked that on the back wall with the dresser across from it).

And here’s the other side of the room to help you get your bearings:

Oh but our new dresser’s not in perfect condition…

… so we’re planning to either refinish it or paint it depending on how the room evolves around it. We don’t want to rush into anything so it’s easiest to do what we call sticking & moving. We drop it in place in the room and just keep on adding other elements that we need in here (a rug, window treatments, art, a new light fixture, etc) and we’re sure at some point it’ll become a lot more clear if we want to refinish it in a deep wood tone, paint it a moody navy, or go snowy white with it. Who knows, we might end up somewhere else entirely! No matter what we decide, you know we’ll keep you posted!

But where does the moose come in? Remember the estate sale light that I sprayed ceramic-animal-white back here? Boom, moose.

I promised you guys a shot of him with his final lampshade on, so there you have it. Remember the fabric-covered shade was a book project (#182) so we couldn’t share it until the book was out but now that it’s out, I’m all about it. We used fabric leftover from Clara’s monthly picture to recover a shade that we already had, and I actually used the back side of the fabric (I’m a huge fan of using a fabric backwards to mute it down a little).

So now you’ve basically seen one wall of the room starting to come together. Can’t wait to hang something over the dresser. Hint: it’s not going to be frames or “traditional” art. We’ll share pics as soon as we have it done! Hopefully Wednesday (we’re on a plane all day today coming back from the West Coast, but we have a giant to-do list that we hope to tackle tomorrow and then shoot and share things as soon as we can).

Oh and you’ve already seen the daybed on the other side of the room, but just for fun I thought I’d toss this picture in here too so you can see how the upholstered lamp shade “plays” with the pillows and blanket. It’s looking pretty happy in there. And I can’t wait to add some other colors like navy and teal and yellow. Soon I hope!

In the meantime, who’s the cutest fake sleeper you know? Does her name start with a C and end with a lara?

What are you guys searching/eying/buying on craigslist? Any other furniture sources that you love? Do you know any dove/moose related jokes? Did any of you guys go thrifting this weekend for the ol’ Macklemore Challenge? Thanks so much for all the fun we had with that on Friday. Can’t wait to see what you guys scored!


  1. Sarah says

    Awesome!! I’m excited to see what you do with it, I have a thrift store dresser that needs a makeover too! It’s a mid-century style tallboy. It’s extra storage for our rec room right now, but I’m hoping to use it for a kid’s room someday. Oooh and I’m super curious about your art idea!!

  2. Eileen says

    We’re in the process of painting our baseboards white and I just noticed that your quarter-round is wood like the floors instead of white like the baseboards. I never thought to leave that the color of the floors! Is that something that you guys did or did the room come that way?

  3. Emily says

    Love the dresser! It’s amazing how different the dresser looked in the Craigslist photo than in your house! Looking good!

  4. Lisa E says

    Great find. I acquired a very similar dresser a few months ago. A free curb find by a good friend. One of the drawers was broken, but it’s all good because I decided that is going to be our new media stand and I planned on removing the top three anyway. I originally planned on painting the piece, much to my hubby’s dismay, but I’m looking at how most of the wood is in good shape so I just might leave as is. Need to buy new pulls and unfortunately they are in a hard to find size. Ah well, what do you want for free, ha! Can’t wait to see how the rest of the room shapes up. Clara is absolutely adorable!

  5. Angie says

    One of my favorite places to find furniture is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore! It’s great because not many college age kids go there, so there’s a lot to pick from (even in my rural town!). I highly recommend checking one or two out!

  6. says

    Ugh I want that dresser for my little girl! That is so cute. As soon as I saw it I thought white but then I read “navy” and I can’t picture it any other way than navy! I think it will help modernize it to go with the modern style day bed. Maybe spray paint the french provincial pulls a hot pink… The potential is there!

  7. says

    I’m jealous! I’ve been looking for a dresser on Craiglist for a while now and I’ve only found ugly laminate stuff or “Texas Rustic” stuff for way more than $50! (I do searches for “dresser” and “chest of drawers” and, well, because it’s Texas, also for “chester drawers” because people are crazy)

    also, my vote is to refinish it! The wood tones are amazing!

  8. says

    Just curious- how do you get these fantastic Clist finds from previous owner to your cute lil casa?
    Are you renting a uhaul, borrowing a trailer or trying to fit a 9 drawer dresser into your car?
    I have this problem every time I’m searching for larger furniture.

    • Reenie says

      Rebecca….I’ve had 3 different sales off of Craigslist, where I offered to pay more to them if they could deliver what I bought (daybed; treadmill; buffett). I drive a VW Bug!! They all were very kind and willing to deliver to my home.

  9. says

    So fun to see it all coming together! I think one of my favorite items to shop for on the ole craig is dressers. There always seem to be so many with so much potential! Alas, I don’t need anymore, but I always want to buy them and refinish them. Can’t wait to see how yours turn out!

  10. says

    I love those three extra small drawers and I always do a smoke smell test! I probably look funny smelling furniture but it has to be done!

    I just went to a vintage furniture shop in Brooklyn for a new dining room table!! Can’t wait until that baby is in my house.

    P.s. I was asking myself this morning if I’d be brave enough to ask a stranger to take a picture of me at a thrift shop for the challenge…jury is still out so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get good shots!

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