A Bang Up Job: How I Cut My Own Bangs

Who knew posting one little picture on instagram with Clara would start a tell-me-more-about-the-bangs frenzy? You guys are a curious bunch, demanding a post about my hair. Haha. There were even conspiracy theories that they weren’t real and I was pulling a Kim K on you guys by flipping my ponytail and faking them. Hilarious! But they are in fact real. Can’t say the same thing about my chest (just kidding). I just got off the sofa on Saturday afternoon, walked into the bathroom and cut them, came back out and sat on the sofa, and waited for John and Clara to notice. They seemed not to mind them (in fact John said they made me look “young and hot” so I’ll take it) and they do very conveniently cover my forehead wrinkles. So… score!

Because I cut them in the bathroom mirror all by myself, they’re definitely not perfect, but they seem to pass as actual bangs in real life, as opposed to looking like a child who took the kitchen scissors to her head. And since many (many) of you guys demanded a tutorial, here she blows.

I guess we should call this the sister post to the how-I-cut-John’s-hair post that I shared here. It’s pretty straightforward so quite honestly the most awkward part was getting these photos taken. Gah, I’m terrible at posing for John. So it went something like this:

John: click, click, click, “Do you need anything else?”

Me: “Ahh, this is stupid. Nevermind! We’re done.”

John: “What? I only took three photos? You sure?”

Me: “Ok, what about one like this? Ahh, too close. Back up! back up! Maybe we need to buy a lens to make my face artfully blurry.”

John: “Um… ok. So we’re done?”

As for the actual tutorial, it goes like this:

All I did was pull the hair in front that I thought should be bangs (which made a soft curved shape at the crown) forward and then I pulled the rest of my hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of the way. My hair might look ambiguously wet/dry in the picture above, but it’s fully dry.

Which leads us to step 2…

I looked up a few pictures on google of people with blunt bangs just to notice where they stopped. The ones I liked most sort of grazed the eyelashes (good thing I looked since my first instinct would have been to cut them above my eyebrows- eeks!). Then I cut them dry while looking in the mirror with the part of hair that I sectioned out just flopping in front of my face. Cutting them dry is key for me since wet hair can look heavier and longer and then dry and shrink up, thereby ruining your life. Well, that’s a little dramatic, but it can definitely pull a fast one on you, so dry hair seems to work best for ending up with bangs at the actual intended length.

Then I dipped my head into the sink to get my bangs all wet and used a blow-dryer to blow them dry in front of my face. This was helpful because after I dried them a few long stragglers stuck out and I snipped them straight across for a more blunt look. I have a ridiculous cowlick, so I’m trying not to be a crazy about how they fall. Although in this instagram picture there was a funny comb-over effect going on since a few from the other side of my head danced over to that side (hence those few guesses that this was a bang hoax I guess, haha).

Thanks to the aforementioned cowlick, sometimes I pull them apart like this. Just if it’s humid and they’re being wonky. Sorry about this bad self portrait, I was past the point of embarrassment after posing for John, seeing the pictures he took, deleting them in horror, and telling him to back out of the room slowly while whispering “it’s not your fault this is just so awkwaaaard.”

I can still pin them all back with two tiny bobby pins and rock my regular old pony (which I did last night for the Austin signing since it was crazy rainy and my hair + humidity = Frizz-fest 2013). So I guess I get three looks from this little snip-fest: 1) blunt bangs, 2)parted bangs, and 3) no bangs at all thanks to Mrs Bobby and her friend Pins.

Anyway, I hope this quick little tutorial helps someone out there save some money on a bang trim or something. Or just gives you all a good laugh at how uncomfortable capturing these photos actually was for me. It might sound crazy but I’m used to taking pictures of the house, not my mug. So it took me right back to high school yearbook photos and I was all clammy and weird about it. Seriously I didn’t know where to look, how to smile, it was a mess. Anyone else tackling some DIY haircuts at home? Or rocking some freshly shorn bangs? Tell $herdog all about it.


  1. Paloma says

    You are brave. It took me weeks of watching youtube tutorials and one day of whirlwind DIY projects to get the nerve to DIY cutting my own bangs (I was high on DIY and let myself get carried away). Thankfully came out well. I have a cowlick too- they are the worst!

  2. Chelsea says

    These look ADORABLE. Seriously, I’m growing out an ill-advised pixie cut and you make me want to undo the past few months’ hard work (you know, because growing hair out is hard…?) and do blunt bangs. They’re so great on you!

    Have fun tonight in Miami! I’m a native of the area and LOVE the Coral Gables Books & Books. One of the best spots in the area. The cafe in the shop is good (I hope it hasn’t since been bought by a Starbucks or something sad like that!), but if you’re looking for dinner in the area, there’s a great Italian place nearby, Bugatti.

  3. Emma says

    Love! You did a bang up job there Sherry! I especially like the pic of you with your hair up – awesome! You look like a classic 50s house wife from Mad Men or something – super fancy and polished! Go you.

  4. Suni says

    Looks super fantastic, and I love it even more that John’s reaction was you look “young and hot” sounds like they passed the husband test. :)

  5. Kate says

    Oh my goodness, I love them! I have pretty similar hair to you, right down to the crazy cowlick in the front. I have a nutty widows peak. Now I want to cut bangs again. You are a bad influence!

    • Kate says

      Oh, and I think you nailed it with the length. I think that is why I have never been satisfied with my bangs before – too short.

  6. says

    I love them! I’ve realized recently that I’m in need of a hair cut and I tend to do it myself. You’ve inspired me to give bangs a go again – it’s been many years. With so many blog followers and compliments on your look I bet you’ll be responsible for starting a new bangs craze! :)

  7. Amy K says

    I recently had my bangs cut as well and I also have a mean ol’ cowlick. When my hairdresser cut my hair she kicked it’s butt so i asked her how she did conquered the cowlick and she revealed all:
    1.Comb wet hair straight down
    2.ALWAYS angle the blow dryer straight down and brush brush brush while blow drying. *Make sure the brush is above the bangs not under.
    3.Straight iron in horizontal sections, ironing the hair closest to your forehead, then the hair on top. This way you can spread the straightened hair on top for coverage. Never tilt the iron up.

    So, that sounds pretty common sense but it works everytime!

    My biggest issue is my hair grows freakishly fast, so 3 weeks out I already need a trim. I will sometimes take a round brush and roll it underneath my bangs to give them volume(breaking rule 2)so I can, you know, drive and walk.

    I love yours! They look great and give you that flash of supa-sassy pants! Enjoy!!

  8. Kate says

    Are these your earrings? You mentioned Pinterest but not Etsy, so I’m not too sure.


    The interest in your bangs/clothes/fashion is too funny and makes me wonder whether you’ll have to turn into a fashion blogger of sorts and post a source list beneath your photos. If you can stop freaking out long enough to actually have a few pictures taken of you, that is ;)

  9. says

    Bangs look great on you! Do you plan to keep up with them for a while? Oh and I feel super cool that I am wearing that same old navy heart shirt you have on in the photos! :)

  10. Brittany says

    I have been wanting blunt cut bangs but I’ve been so scared to get them. I feel braver after your post. Maybe I will give them a try too! Your hair looks great!

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