Blogiversary 5: Since You Asked…

…we did our best to not be completely and utterly awkward beyond belief. Did we succeed? You be the judge. Just like in past blogiversary weeks, we invited you guys to ask us some personal (i.e. non-decorating) questions over on our Facebook page last week. And after over two hundred questions came rolling in, Sherry and I sat down and answered as many as we could while Clara napped one afternoon – and then culled it down into this 20 minute video. Among all of our shocking and jaw-dropping revelations (note the sarcasm) you’ll learn:

  • If there’s a bun in Sherry’s oven
  • What kind of money we’re earning for our book
  • How working together has affected our marriage
  • How many readers have knocked on our door asking for a tour
  • If we fear stalkers
  • If Clara will be home-schooled
  • How many bras Sherry owns
  • When we’re moving again
  • If we’ll ever get started on the playroom
  • If Sherry’s dad is invisible
  • What we’d change about our old house’s style
  • Why we try not to pick our noses in public
  • What we hate most about our job
  • What we each find romantic about each other
  • How Sherry plans to bribe me into seeing the new Twilight movie
  • Who we’d want to play us in a hypothetical YHL movie
  • Sherry’s thoughts on Ramona from the Real Housewives of New York City
  • What part of DIYing we like the least
  • If Sherry feels competitive with Katie Bower
  • How long it takes for a project to get posted about
  • How Clara acts like a toddler

So now that your appetite is sufficiently whetted, here goes nothing

A few notes:

  • Sherry’s insanely embarrassed that she leans in towards the camera the whole time. We didn’t realize this was happening until we were done with the whole video and watched it back, so there you have it: my fidgety wife.
  • You might notice the lighting/focus changes towards the end of the video. The camera actually fell asleep and shut off, so we had to tape the end part in a second take. Yup, we actually chatted long enough to bore the camera to sleep. High five.
  • Clara (and Burger apparently) were napping, hence their non-appearances, but we decided to do a little bonus Q&A video featuring the real stars of this show – Clara and Burger. Since this is the first blogiversary where Clara can actually string words together into something semi coherent, we thought it’d be fun to let her take a turn in the hot seat. And by hot seat, we mean handling questions like “what’s your favorite number?” – oh yeah, we’re grilling her.

So there you have it folks have it – nearly 25 minutes of us blathering on about all things personal and not much home stuff (which feels weird and fun at the same time). Did you learn anything that surprised you? Or hear something that sparked another question in your brain? We can’t promise we can get to every answer in the comments of this post, but feel free to ask away as potential fodder for next year’s video…

Psst- Speaking of other years, here are the Q&A posts for 2011, 2010 and 2009 (and 2009: part 2).


  1. Anika says

    LOVE these videos, I look forward to them every year!! You guys have such great interactions together and are adorable. Thanks for letting us peek into more of your personal lives!

  2. Denise says

    I was enjoyed the video and hit the full screen tab on my MAC…Sherry, you were in my face, Girl. In a nice way! Can’t wait to watch Clara’s interview.

    • Sandra T says

      Since you commented that you leaned in, as I was watching the video I took notice of that…I think you look “normal.” Just excited and “involved” (is that the right word? animated? something else I cannot think of?) with the camera. ENGAGED! That’s it! I really don’t know why you would be embarrassed. You always look really cute! Yes it’s true! Back me up here, John?!

    • says

      Aw thanks Sandra! I just honestly didn’t realize I was doing it. And then we watched it back and were like “uh… what is going on with the leaning in so much?” – haha!


    • Lesley says

      Full screen mode… what a great idea.

      [back from rewatching in full screen]

      Now I wish your new camera filmed in 3D, it would be like you were sitting across from me at my desk. Next year.

  3. says

    Love the video. Ya’ll need to watch it with the captions turned on! It is hilarious. I don’t know why it is translating what you are saying in such weird ways, but it is so funny. Some of my favorites, “Congress of the things even higher” “The defendant did cast and taking picture carlsburg” “financial inside”. Its definitely worth watching with the captions on for a good laugh!

    • Karen says

      Haha especially “when we first moved to christian I’ll take you for our anniversary as a prostitute” whatttt??? haha it is not even close to what he said

    • Rebekah says

      oh man, the google captions slay me (it gives a sad name to Beta tests everywhere).
      For your answer about seeing you out in public and saying “hi,” it had this gem:
      “what is what they are freaking out
      city a high and would like the we note that some of the king and i think the
      exactly israeli-palestinian sticky outlaws but
      cannot sometimes in life
      you’ve dismantled inaccurate it”

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