Blogiversary 5: Since You Asked…

…we did our best to not be completely and utterly awkward beyond belief. Did we succeed? You be the judge. Just like in past blogiversary weeks, we invited you guys to ask us some personal (i.e. non-decorating) questions over on our Facebook page last week. And after over two hundred questions came rolling in, Sherry and I sat down and answered as many as we could while Clara napped one afternoon – and then culled it down into this 20 minute video. Among all of our shocking and jaw-dropping revelations (note the sarcasm) you’ll learn:

So now that your appetite is sufficiently whetted, here goes nothing

A few notes:

So there you have it folks have it – nearly 25 minutes of us blathering on about all things personal and not much home stuff (which feels weird and fun at the same time). Did you learn anything that surprised you? Or hear something that sparked another question in your brain? We can’t promise we can get to every answer in the comments of this post, but feel free to ask away as potential fodder for next year’s video…

Psst- Speaking of other years, here are the Q&A posts for 2011, 2010 and 2009 (and 2009: part 2).






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