Blogiversary 5: Charts, Graphs & Tina Fey’s Face

As our fifth blogiversary week comes to a close, we must first dole out a giant thank you to everyone for the sweetness (oh the humanity) and the laughs (oh the hilarity) and – well – for taking our little annual poll that we dropped into Monday’s post. This year we had over 30,000 entries. Wowza. Thank goodness Google helped me crunch the numbers (a stark contrast to our first blogiversary poll where I copied and pasted all 199 comment responses into a spreadsheet by hand).

Obviously it wasn’t a scientific study, but we did come out with some fun facts and figures that we thought would be fun to share here courtesy of some fun little graphics we whipped up. I’m hoping if I say “fun” enough you guys will forget this is a post about statistics. Did it work? If not, and you refuse to scroll further, I’ll summarize it for you: most of you are pretty much like us (well, Sherry to be exact): married American moms who own a house and a dog. Although for the first time we’re older than a majority of our readers. So maybe we should throw some quotation marks around the “young” in our name (or check up on the availability of “Thirty-Something House Love”). Anyways, here goes nothing…

We had so much fun reading all of the stats on you guys. Seriously, the math-nerd in me had a field day. And although 2% of our readers being guys doesn’t sound like a lot, that means at least 600 dudes hang out around here (and I’d be willing to bet we have a few male lurkers – murkers? – who didn’t take the survey). I’m downright psyched about that. Did anything surprise you? Is there anything you’d love to know next year? Oh yeah, and speaking of yesterday’s goal post, this post is under 375 words (not counting the text in the graphics). Small yet satisfying. Like popping a dense little truffle over a heavy ol’ hunk of pound cake. Take that resolution!

Image sources: Beyonce, Ultrasound, Black Eyed Peas, Tina Fey, J.K. Rowling, Martha Stewart and Candice Olson.

Psst- Clara’s doing her best pop-star impersonation yet over on Young House Life. Soon she’s going to be demanding that someone else holds her umbrella for her and wearing sunglasses 24/7.


  1. Penni McNamara says

    Nothing has ever shocked me more than the fact I am in the 6% pie chart. Crap. At 42 I don’t feel too old to read your blog! but clearly we forty-somethings are a low demographic. I’m gonna go out and start recruiting some friends to read your blog and change that number! Happy anniversary!

    • says

      Aw, Penni, you’re not old! If it makes you feel any better, 6% of 30,000 = 1,800. So there are a lot of other fellow 40-somethings reading if you look at it that way! Heck I’m going to be reading blogs until I’m 100, if I’m fortunate enough to live that long!


    • Heather says

      WOOT for the 40 somethings. Just turned 40, so I’m in the 6% with you! It made me feel really old for about 5 seconds and then I got over it. :)

    • says

      Along that line, I can’t believe I’m in the 3% segment! I believe that good taste is ageless. So it doesn’t matter to me that you young’uns (yes, you are young!) inspire me and motivate me as much as someone with years (ahem- decades) of experience.

    • Nancy says

      How about the 1% in their 60s? That’s me! And I think I’m pretty cool for reading the blog. Only time I feel old and out of it is when you mention songs and I don’t know them. The rest of the 1% is probably your older relatives, ha.

    • Amy Moran says


      I thought the same exact thing. I’m 45, and I really expected our demographic to be larger. We just need to spread the word.

    • says

      Ditto that! I was shocked by that 6% statistic! I feel old today! But mostly I feel sad for all of those fellow forty-somethings that don’t read your blog yet. ;)

    • Kitty says

      Feeling old was my first thought too! At 43, I’m part of the 6% too. Then I decided I must be really cool instead! I think the day I stop reading fresh blogs and changing up my decor is the day I become truly old. Thanks for keeping us young, YHL!

    • Emily says

      Penni – if it makes you feel better I seem to be in a similar minority, 33, single and childless. It’s lonely out here! I have yet to find a blog to follow where they aren’t happily married. While I’m all about it, it’d be nice to follow someone a little more like me!

    • Julie says

      I was shocked to be in the 3% at 55….do others my age already know how to do everything…or do they not even try?

    • says

      I was surprised to be in the 6% part of the pie as well. Just turned 42 the other day. :) I need to get more of my friends on the YHL train now too. I love see your charts and seeing sort of into other people’s lives. It’s fun!!!! :)

    • says

      Maybe you guys are the super cool 30 and 40 somethings that are willing to take polls! I think there are a lot of diverse readers on this blog (and there will be more after the book I’m sure).

    • says

      Hey I’m in my [early] forties, but started reading when I was still in my [late] 30s. I just couldn’t do the survey b/c my work blocked that site. BOO!

      I was surprised actually at the large % of readers that own their homes when I looked at large # of 20-something readers. I know people in their 40s that still rent, and we live in RVA!!

    • Jen says

      Heh, I feel the same way (my 40th is about two months away so I just tell people I’m 40). In addition to being an old, I also rent, and don’t have kids or pets, so I’m super rare…like a unicorn or something!

      I’d be interested in seeing generally where in the country U.S. readers live, mostly because I want to know where all these youngsters are buying houses! In the general area where I live, it’s not rare for people to rent their whole lives because housing is so incredibly expensive. Unless we win the lottery or something, my husband and I will probably be amongst them!

    • Meg says

      I’m surprised that there are far fewer 30somethings than 20somethings reading, especially (as mentioned previously) since such a large percentage are homeowners. I figured most of the readers were like me and my husband who, like John and Sherry, are in our early 30s with a kid or two! Maybe the “young” brings people in? :)

    • says

      A few folks suggested that there could be tons of on-the-cusp folks (ex: 28 & 29) which seems to make sense! We can’t wait to see the poll next year to see how many come over to the dark side (aka 30s, hahah!).


  2. Jon says


    I would venture to say that the number of MALE readers is a bit higher….most of us are just to ADHD to fill out surveys! haha. My wife and I moved to Toronto in 2009 from Lynchburg, VA and found your blog that year when we bought our first home here..and have been following it ever since!

    Here’s another stat that you missed. We love 99.99% of the things you and Sherry do, and have even translated many of the ideas into our home reno projects!

    Keep up the awesome blog…we anxiously await the new posts each day.


    • says

      John felt a little better when he realized that 2% of 30,000 is still 600+ guys, and then when a friend of him said “dude, guys don’t take surveys” it made him smile a little bigger. We have definitely met guys who recognize us while we’re out and about (they all wanna fist bump John) so I keep reminding John that he’s not all alone over here. Haha!


    • says

      Ack, we weren’t expecting it! We actually secretly replaced the survey with an identical one about halfway through the day since the first one “ran out of room to record data” – haha! That was a mad panic!


  3. Sarah says

    Derp, so old, so out of touch. We’ve got Thirty-Forty-Something-House Love going on at my house. ;)

    (Thing my boyfriend loves to hear: “HAYYYY GUESS WHAT YOUNGHOUSELOVE DID TODAY?!?!?!?! BET YOU’RE SO EXCITED”

  4. Emma says

    Wow! I love data too. So how did you make the hot gender infographic? (I think it’s too cool to be a called a simple graph). A little more info on the “8 percent” of other critter owners. I have two fabulous rabbits.

  5. Ashley says

    LOVE the graphics you whipped up! Very interesting stats indeed. I have a feeling, despite the results, that a fair amount of 20 somethings are actually, like me, on the verge of being a 30 something like the both of you. My bets are on that pie chart shifting in the next 2 years to being more 30 somethings.

    • Heather says

      I’m heading into my last year in the 20’s club in about three weeks, so on next year’s survey I will have just eeked in under the radar in the 20’s field. It will feel like a little bit of a lie. Kind of like when I say I’m 5’7″. It might literally be true, but it’s pretty much *just* true. Or like when I say I didn’t eat all of the cake. I might have literally eaten *most* of the cake, but if there’s a tiny slice left I did not eat *all* of the cake.

  6. Kim says

    I am going to guess that you have lots of male readers if they are like my husband he reads over my shoulder when I am reading and then before you know it, I have been kicked off the computer and three hours later he emerges from the office with a list of things to do and we need at Home Depot.

  7. Katie says

    I just have to say I love the images you used for this post especially the put a ring it. I totally laughed out loud while at work.

  8. Ray says

    Okay, so the sentence “Like popping a dense little truffle over a heavy ol’ hunk of pound cake” made me question your sanity for a little bit, and also made me think that maybe you guys shouldn’t hang out with Katie B so much… I’ll let you figure out why. Let’s just say, I read (and reread) it very, very wrong. TMI?

    Besides that, love you guys!! Looking forward to five more years of stalking (not creepy, promise) your beautiful DIY adventures :)

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