Fab Freebie: Boys In The Yard

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – see who won below!***

After lots of love proclamations for NSYNC, NKOTB and more, random.org has survived boy-band-mania and crowned our winner as… Megan G (who says she loves the original boy band…The Beatles). Congrats Megan!

In the spirit of a week of cleaning & organizing, who could use a new lawn mower to tidy things up outside? Well, someone’s getting this puppy (valued at $339) thanks to Lawn-Boy. It’s self propelled, easy to start, and features a “Blade Stop” system that allows you to turn off the blades without killing the engine, which comes in handy if you’ve got a lawn frequently peppered with sticks or toys (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything).

  • PRIZE: The Lawn-Boy 10605 Mower
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “OH BOY!” and tell us…
  • BONUS QUESTION: … your favorite boy band of all time. Are you digging the new guys (One Direction, The Wanted)? Or do the ones from back in the day (Backstreet Boys, NSYNC) still get you going? How about the really old school ones (NKOTB, Boys II Men, Menudo)? Or have you rolled your eyes at this whole question?
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Wednesday, May 2nd at 8pm EST or at 10,000 entries (whichever comes first)
  • PRIZE SHIPS: The United States (although we do try to wrangle as many international giveaways as possible)
  • USUAL STUFF: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winner will be selected using random.org and announced on Thursday as an update to this post. That’s right, come right back here on Thursday for the announcement of our winner. Good luck…

Note: We aren’t paid or perked for hosting these giveaways, we just do ‘em to thank you awesome folks for stopping in. See our Giveaway FAQ page for more info. Pics courtesy of Lawn-Boy.


  1. Amanda says

    Oh boy! I’m not a huge fan of boy bands, but, if I have to choose, I have to say NKOTB. They were fantastic when I was little. Now? Not so much.

  2. Abi says

    OH BOY! You’ve got the right stuff… baby… NKOTB for sheezy! Come on $herdog! Our self-propel fizzled this year!

  3. Kelly says

    OH BOY! a new lawnmower would be great! My Husband and I just bought a new house and moved in this past weekend. We really need one of these! I’d have to say my most fav. current boy band was N*Sync, but my first loves were Boyz II Men:)

  4. says

    OH BOY!

    While NKOTB was my 1st Boy Band love, *NSYNC is my all-time favorite!! I STILL listen to their music in my car when I’m by myself for a little pick me up :)

  5. says

    OH BOY!
    Danny, Donnie, Jordan, Jon, and Joe…all the way! NKOTB was definitely my elementary/middle school love.
    But even before that, I fell for The Monkees via reruns on right after school. My very first concert in 1987 was Weird Al opening for The Monkees! So craaazy!

  6. Michelle Carter says

    OH BOY
    Gotta be honest, I never really got into any boy bands. I might like a song here and there but that’s about the extent of it.

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