Lookey What We Started Before We Left…

Why? Because we’re crazy. And coming home to a partially-finished floor is our idea of a good time.

You think we’re kidding, but getting a jump on our cork floors by starting to lay them before we left for Portland/Hawaii wasn’t half bad. Heck, returning from paradise to the idea of finishing them and enjoying a rich, glorious mocha floor is downright titillating to nerds like us. They snap together and float over our old vinyl floors (which have an asbestos liner, so we followed safety recommendations and didn’t tear those up before laying the cork). And the floating aspect of our new snap-and-lock flooring means that our house sitters can just step on the cork and the thin underlayment that you see peeking out, or around it – depending where it’s laid – so they haven’t minded the half-done corner they came “home” to (no messy/smelly glues or anything like that to worry about).

They’re so cushy and soft – it’s already a huge improvement! We’ll be back with alllllll the details next week when we’re back on the DIY train (so please hold any questions that you have for Monday when we hopefully can answer them all in that morning’s post). For now we’re just soaking in the sights and making friends with the fishies…

… you know Clara loves her fishies.

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  1. says

    The floor is going to be beautiful.

    By the way, have you heard already that IKEA is going to open a store in Richmond? It’s on the poppytalk blog today.

    Thought you’d be happy to hear if you didn’t already!

    • says

      Aw man, just clicked over to her blog and that’s Richmond, Canada. Sniffle. Guess we’ll have to keep waiting to see if the Richmond, VA rumor is true!


    • says

      I think they’re talking about Richmond, BC:

      “Also some exciting news locally for all us IKEA fans, the brand new Richmond store (completely separate to the old one) will open its doors next month on April 25th! The occasion will be marked with a ceremony starting at 7am featuring amazing giveaways and fun family entertainment. Hooray!”

      Since we don’t have an old store, I don’t think they’re talking about RVA, although that would make all my wildest dreams come true! :(

    • Wendy says

      Yes the new store is in Richmond, B.C. and they will take down the old one after the new one opens. Do you want us to send the old one to you? IKEA has been in Vancouver since 1976 and we have two of them – about 10 miles apart as the crow flies.

    • suzanne says

      Wendy, If you can’t get the Ikea across the border, could you just send it down my way to the Okanagan? We sure wish we had one here!!

  2. Meg says

    Love it! Great job guys!! Are your house sitters also Burger sitters?? This must be the first huge vaca without poochers!!

  3. Kara says

    Ack! You guys are killing me with the pictures of Clara in paradise. Wonder if my ILs would mind if we canceled our summer trip to visit them and decided to go to Hawaii instead…..

  4. says

    Ohmygosh I cannot wait for more details!? Cushy soft GORGEOUS floors? YES PLEASE!!!! They match the floors I have right now and let me just say that the color is so so so wonderful — I couldn’t imagine my home without warm dark brown flooring =) You guys are going to fall in love with it day after day!

    Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

  5. Maggie says

    Stop commenting and enjoy Hawaii! lol!!!

    I have been waiting so patiently for your floors! They are going to MAKE your kitchen!! Can’t wait for the finished product!!


  6. says

    Love them! Can’t wait to see it done.
    My husband is actually part Hawaiian Chinese and was born in Hawaii. He still has loads of family there, so I’m anxiously awaiting the day we can go and I can meet them all. Because it’s totally about going to meet them, and not about my ravenous desire to hit the beach. Ahem.

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