Reader Redesign: Welcome Home Makeover

A little bit of us is always envious of a proper entryway in a home (since both of ours have been just a door that opens into a room). Plus, with our own plans to do some sort of board and batten in our hallway eventually, we’re totally loving Jenna Sue’s sweet makeover of her foyer. Here’s her email:

We’re in the middle of 92,835 projects at our house, but we recently completed one that we’re pretty proud of and I thought I’d pass it your way. Our entryway started out with old white faux marble tile floors, metallic floral wallpaper, and a cheap outdated light fixture.

We ended up replacing the floor with travertine-style porcelain tile, DIYing board and batten with coat hooks, adding a fresh coat of paint, and a new rustic light fixture.

I designed some art for the space and voila!

We love the open feeling you get when you walk into the house now, it’s such a breath of fresh air.

Thanks for looking, and I can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out (we’re adding open shelving in ours soon too, can’t wait!) -Jenna Sue

You can read more about the processand see extra photos of the foyer-y goodness here on her blog. And if you’re pining over some of her art, she’s got a shop where you can snag your own. Thanks so much for sharing Jenna Sue! Let’s play the favorite-part game. Sherry loves the board and batten along with the cool industrial light and I’m into those dark coat hooks (along with the board and batten).


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    I love the contrast between the dark wood floor and the light, open entryway! It’s so inviting!
    That new light fixture is pretty fantastic as well.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

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    What a transformation! The coat hooks would be dangerous in my house (I like my clutter hidden behind a door) :-) , but love how fresh and clean this looks! Great Job Jenna!

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    That is beautiful, Jenna Sue! Man, I really need to get on the bandwagon of just biting the bullet and doing all of the DIY renovations that I keep dreaming about.

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    I have seriously been culling the internet and Pinterest all day yesterday and today for board and batten inspiration :) How did you know???

    What an awesome job. It really does make you want to come on in…

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    What an upgrade!! Goodbye “90s” hello “now”!!

    Hmm… “viola” up there should really be “voila” … don’t know anybody who shouts “viola” during a reveal but they could be out there!!