Fab Freebie: Roses Are Red

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – see who won below!***

First off – THANK YOU for all of the awesome poems this week. Sherry and I were cracking up at all of your spins on the “Roses are red” verses. Well done, team. Well done. Anyways, random.org has selected the winner of the Teleflora gift card as… Cristina S (who wrote: Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m awful at rhyming & I hope you are too!). Congrats Cristina!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and to show our love for you, we’re giving you flowers. Well, actually Teleflora is giving you flowers. And technically just one of you. But not just any flowers – $100 worth of flowers! So hopefully all the ladies reading are psyched at the sheer volume of flowers that could add up to (like something straight out of The Notebook). And to all the dudes reading, I’m secretly gunning for you because I know I’d like to look like the high roller who splurged to the tune of 100 beans on his other half this year (or just sat around enjoying them myself). So go get ‘em.

Note: We aren’t paid or perked for hosting these giveaways, we just do ‘em to thank you awesome folks for stopping in. See our Giveaway FAQ page for more info. Pics courtesy of Teleflora.






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