Reader Redesign: One Hexy Table

Will we ever grow tired of seeing a piece of furniture that has been completely transformed with a little bit of paint? Probably not. At least not as long as we’re getting emails like Jesse’s. Here’s an excerpt from his blog about the whole hexagon-tastic transformation of this coffee table that he sent our way:

You can see in the photo that this was one of those over-lacquered tables that was pretty beat up. But the curves are all there, and they are nice!

The top had really pretty woodwork, a nice diamond inlay. So, continuing with my recent love affair with wood AND paint rather than one or the other, I stripped this table to the bare wood. I stained the top “dark walnut” and then went hexagonal with it. Here’s the after:

I love the dark wood flowing in between those hexagons, and then the contrasting turquoise underneath. It’s actually a light turquoise that I spotted in the mishap aisle (so I can’t be sure of the name).

Didn’t Jesse do an awesome job? You can check out more pics and details here on his blog. We love the play between the traditional shape of the table and the modern color and pattern. I’m sure we’ve walked past many a similar table at thrift stores or yard sales before. Now we might give them a closer look!

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    • Serena says

      Actually, under the “View My Complete Profile” link on the right side bar it lists the blogger’s gender as male…so I guess you can leave those feet right where they are :-)

    • Serena says

      Argh! I totally read Cherri’s correction backwards and thought she was telling you Jess was a girl (since you all had already changed the post to read he by time I got here). So, your comment back to me totally confused me just now-then confusion was rapidly replaced with embarrassment.

      Oh well, that’s what I got for hanging out at your blog instead of doing one of the many projects I should be doing for grad school. Punishment accepted, now off to work on that paper some more.

    • says

      haha! Thanks Cherri! You know, this isn’t the first time this is happened.. it comes with having an androgynous name! Happened on the front page of Design*Sponge a few months back, hehe.

      I’m SO flattered to here on Young House Love!! Thanks so much!!

  1. says

    Great job, Jesse!! These poor old coffee tables often get overlooked and cast aside. Your transformation is fun and creative and really, really charming. Nicely done!!

  2. Stephanie says

    It looks so great. But, what I really want to know is some more info on this “mishap” aisle. Where would you find these lost paints?

  3. Michelle says

    Hi guys! Love your blog and all your great ideas. But today I’m having such a hard time even looking at your post because I’m so distracted by the background! Please change it back…’s too hard on the eyes!

    • says

      So sorry- something must be loading wrong on your computer/browser. The background has been the same for the last few months, so it’s still solid white behind all the text and a soft gray heart pattern on the sides. Maybe try clearing your browser’s cache or viewing it on another browser? Wish it was something we could change on our end!


    • suzanne says

      Mine has been doing the same thing. The the text is on the grey background, but after a few minutes it changes back to the white.

    • says

      So sorry guys! I bet you’re both using the same browser (ex: Explorer 7). Sometimes a certain browser gets glitchy but usually clears itself up in 24-48 hours!


    • Stefanie says

      Sometimes when I read it on my mobile, the lovely heart-design is replaced by never-ending “tweetersiks”… makes it super hard to read! No idea why my phone does that because it never happens on any other device.

    • says

      So sorry about that! So strange. Wish it was something we could fix on our end but it seems to be a random glitch since we haven’t changed anything!


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