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We have about a million things to be thankful for, and you guys are at the top of our list. Thanks for caring to drop in and see what’s going on at our house. Speaking of which, in case you were wondering… this recently happened:

After eating lunch the other day, but before cleaning up the table, Burger snuck into the dining room, climbed up to the table with the help of a chair (!) and snatched half of a baguette that remained uneaten. Knowing he’d be in trouble for it, he immediately sprinted into the closet to devour that hunk o’ carbs in record time. I followed him in – half to make sure he didn’t choke and half to snap this photo with my phone. Just look at those guilty eyes…

All of this is to say: we hope that you have a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with family, food, gratitude, and zero guilt about stuffing your face.

Psst- Since this post is a bit heavy on the Burger, check out this post on Young House Life for some Clara-counts-to-ten action. Couldn’t be prouder!


  1. says

    Aww, so cute! Bless his little guilty ‘busted’ face. My terrier once did something similar and used a chair to launch onto the dining table that I’d just set, complete with bread board and sliced crusty bread. I caught him eating the middle bit of all the slices (apparently crusts aren’t good enough for doggies!). Just as well dogs are so entertaining when they’re being mischievous…

    And Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. says

    Reminds me of our bull mastiff, L’il Mo. (No, he’s not little) Some friends brought over a beautiful slab of smoked salmon and set it out on the coffee table. When we all came back in from outside the slab was licked clean. L’il Mo was sitting in his chair, hiding his head – or trying to, at least.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Ali B. says

    Happy Thanksgiving to your cute family! It sounds cheesy, but I feel like you guys are my good friends who I’ve known for years, even though I started following your blog a few months ago! Love reading about your adventures!

  4. maribel says

    I have a dog story too…years ago the night before Thanksgiving I was preparing the turkey and tossed the insides into a box next to my back door, then went to watch tv. I heard some shuffling and my dog darted out the door. ( he took off with the whole bag and hid in is house. The whole night I thought he was going to die after eating all the insides…the next morning there was a nice surprise under my kitchen table. ( it did not agree with his stomach)

  5. says

    Happy Thanksgiving! Last year my golden retriever ate 20 pounds of turkey while we were all in our dinner induced comas. I may or may not have been in charge of wrapping up the bird, so of course I’m the one that got yelled at. Never mind the dog that sat on the floor proudly looking at her bare turkey carcas.

  6. mp says

    Burger, your doppelganger Bindarra and her late brother Chandler (a pug) once climbed onto a chair next to my kitchen counter and pulled down a Ukrop’s coffee cake that was still sealed in its box. They devoured the entire cake AND the gold paper tray it was on AND the box. The only thing left was a small scrap of the gold tray.

    So you’re in good company, my friend! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your little sister, and the ‘rents!

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