Gobble Gobble

We have about a million things to be thankful for, and you guys are at the top of our list. Thanks for caring to drop in and see what’s going on at our house. Speaking of which, in case you were wondering… this recently happened:

After eating lunch the other day, but before cleaning up the table, Burger snuck into the dining room, climbed up to the table with the help of a chair (!) and snatched half of a baguette that remained uneaten. Knowing he’d be in trouble for it, he immediately sprinted into the closet to devour that hunk o’ carbs in record time. I followed him in – half to make sure he didn’t choke and half to snap this photo with my phone. Just look at those guilty eyes…

All of this is to say: we hope that you have a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with family, food, gratitude, and zero guilt about stuffing your face.

Psst- Since this post is a bit heavy on the Burger, check out this post on Young House Life for some Clara-counts-to-ten action. Couldn’t be prouder!


  1. Jennifer says

    Oh Burger…you are too cute for words!! Look at that, I’m busted, please don’t be mad look…Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. Kam says

    Following your blog from Czech republic I really wanna have house like you have and work on it… I have already become proud owner of a flat and cant waint to c ur updates. Really happy to see this one, it made me smile. Happy Thanksgiving back to you !

  3. Linda says

    Aww, look at that face! My bgirl cat would gobble down a turkey if she could – and she can jump pretty darn high. Found her once on top of the fridge, no doubt waiting for me to get that bird out to defrost!

    Just glad that Burger grabbed a relatively safe thing to abscond with, and wishing you all a very happy holiday!

    PS – just want to say thanks for all the emergency vets and staff in the world – working on this and every holiday to help us pet parents when our babies may need them most.

  4. Rach says

    Last year after we were sleeping off some turkey, we woke up and came out to our boston terrier on top off our kitchen table lapping up all of the delicious pan gravy that was apparently left out. Just this morning we had a similar mishap, this time with our 9 month old daughter. We had bought rolls for today and had left the grocery bag on the floor and she got the container open and had smashed up half the rolls. I loved the post because we just cleaned up after our little bread stealer.

  5. Tara says

    Happy Thanksgiving! My dogs are also fans of bread and the sneak and away and eat…although my one is more known to sneak rice cakes and marshmallows.

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