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A couple of weeks ago we were at the Gap and I spotted this on the wall.

It’s a bicycle from Public Bikes that was disassembled and shot for this in-store display (thereby they’re not for sale). I thought they were pretty darn good looking. I’m more of a bike admirer than an actual bike rider (apologies to my cycling enthusiast father), so I feel like a bit of a poser saying this, but… I really want those posters to hang in our house. Not sure where, but somewhere. Here’s a better shot of one of the panels from the Public Bikes blog.

I talked with the manager at my local Gap and they “made a note” to call me when they’re done using them for display. This was promising because I expected to hear “sorry, we’re not allowed to give those away” (which I’ve heard at other stores when I’ve asked, like Target). But it wasn’t totally confidence inspiring either – because it sounded a bit like a “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” So I also decided to randomly tweet about wanting them once the store is done with them, and a Gap manager elsewhere heard my plea and is going to try to snag me a set once they’re bumped for holiday decor. Oh the power of Twitter. Who knows if it’ll actually work out, but I gave it the ol’ college try.

Is there any store display out there that you’ve been admiring (or thinking about recreating/DIYing)? Perhaps something at Anthropologie? Have any of you used actual store decor in your home? If so, how’d you go about getting it? Was tweeting involved? Or just regular old fashioned in-person asking? We always hear about folks who just get a call weeks or months later when the store is done with something (like friends of mine who got movie posters from Blockbuster when they were finished displaying them as new releases). Fingers crossed…


  1. says

    I’ve always wanted to take some of the background paper from Target displays to use to line the back of my cabinets, or frame. It would be a ton cheaper than wall paper, and much easier than painting. Alas, the Hubs is way too embarrassed if I ask a manager for that stuff. (So I just have to wait until he’s not shopping with me!)

    • MT says

      if the Target store is done with the backer paper, they should gladly give it to you Erin! Don’t be embarassed, just ask for the signing specialist.

  2. Cait says

    The Gap gave me a TON of their store posters in the late 90s (I think) when I asked… it was a collection of huge flip-flop posters and I used them throughout high school and college for room decor. So maybe they’ll call you back!

    • Heather says

      I tried emailing Public bikes and they said they don’t sell this print (and I asked very nicely) and that it was produced by GAP and GAP owns the rights, I’m not sure I’ll have luck with the GAP but we’ll see. Just thought I’d update to save time for those looking for this print.

  3. Kara says

    Y’all are killing me! More kitchen please!! I know, I know: it’s easier said than done, but I’m so excited about what you are doing. I especially can’t wait to see what it looks like with the wall knocked out.

    • says

      Us too. Waiting to get the wall officially scheduled with the contractor, but it should be done within a month or so- hopefully started in a few more weeks.


    • Nikki says

      Holy smokes does that mean we won’t get a kitchen update for a week? If that’s the case please tell us…I’m on the edge of my seat!!! :) It’s going to be great by the way!!!

    • becca says

      I agree! edge of my seat here. you gotta at least tell us what that random wire about the fridge was all about!

    • says

      That was just the wire to the fridge! It came out of the wall and went back in and was grounded- so weird. We had it rerouted behind the wall and it’ll now power the microwave. More details as soon as we have enough to actually write a post (an entire post about a fridge wire seemed weird- haha).


    • El says

      So does this mean you’ll put the microwave on the old refridgerator wall now?

      BTW thanks for sharing the info on the wire. Really was curious about that one.

  4. says

    They are definitely interesting posters. Hope the manager comes through for you! Where would you hang them?

    I have some shadow boxes and frames that my sister-in-law kept when she worked at the GAP. I have plans to revamp them and use them for art throughout the house.

  5. says

    OK, so this is totally embarrassing, but when I was a teenager I requested (and received) a totally MASSIVE titanic poster. The thing was huge and hung on my wall for years. I think it’s probably still in my mum’s attic anyway… ha

    • Jennifer says

      I somehow acquired a massive Brokeback Mountain movie poster lol…why that movie, I don’t know, it’s not the one I would have picked! I still don’t know what to do with it but it’s in the back of the closet somewhere….cant throw it away!

  6. says

    Speaking of the ‘ol college try, my roommates and I did have a GIANT life size poster of a shirt-less Abercrombie and Fitch model hanging above our dining table. One of roommates worked there part time and did exactly what you suggested; she asked the manager if she could take the display home after they were finished. It never hurts to ask! We enjoyed that eye-candy for two straight years. Talk about a large piece of artwork that really made a statement!

    We sure did love that guy; the A&F babe, not the store manager =)

    • Anna says

      Ha! Our entire house senior year was filled with half-naked A&F models (sadly, just the posters!). A roommate worked there and the store would have a lottery for the posters among the employees. She apparently had an in!

    • jenn says

      My good friend also worked at A&F in college and got so many leftover displays (they were all heavy canvas displays!) that she gave me enough to decorate all four walls of my common room as well as her room and common room! They were the talk of the dorm, haha! Her manager just gave them to employees who asked!

  7. Pat McRee says

    I have shelving from special displays of bugkiller that I’ve used in my attic for 37 years! (I know, not the same!)
    But the reason I’m writing is to say thanks for the “huge-bike-photo” idea. My husband was a serious bike-rider for years. He got hit by a car (ended up on the windshield) and had one too many near-misses so he gave up the riding. The bike is still here. Because of this post, I’m going to take it to a photographer and order a posyer-sized image for him. Thanks, John!!

  8. Heather W says

    I used to work at Limited Too several years ago and one day the Manager said we needed to throw some old Christmas deco away and was anyone interested. I had just started so I wasn’t familiar with it but asked what it looked like. She said oh they are some Christmas trees in buckets and some garland so, I said sure I will take the garland and a tree. Ok the garland was thick, lovely and I still use it on my stairs and fireplace (10 yrs later) and the tree ended up being like 5ft tall and in a big galvanized bucket with fake snow in and is super cute in my son’s room. I couldn’t believe it. It never hurts to ask because alot of times it ends up getting pitched which is really sad.

    • sophie says

      hah. my friend worked at hallmark cards (or some such card place) and they were getting rid of old stock. She was supposed to throw it away, but she thought that was a complete waste, so she backed in her dad’s truck and took it home. Our apartment complex was very grateful: lots and lots of sets of blank cards, gift bags, and so forth. And they would have all gone in the garbage…

  9. Ashley says

    When I was younger, my mom asked Target for their hanging cardboard Halloween decorations (ghosts, bats, jack-o-lanterns) and they gave them to her! We had about 6 of these huge hanging decorations from our high-beamed ceilings every year! It totally made my childhood. Fingers crossed Gap will come through for you!

    • Amy B says

      Yes! I really Like the bat silhouette that they have at Target and I’ve been wanting to ask them for it. I might get up the courage.

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