A Little Bonus House Crashing…

Remember when we house crashed Jaime’s colorful and cozy home last June (more on that here)?

Well, she redid her back deck and sweetly sent the eye candy our way. And we were instantly in love. It’s so welcoming and full of awesome DIY inspiration.

What do I mean by DIY inspiration? Let’s look a little closer at the daybed under that sweet breezy canopy (that Jaime made here).

When you get even closer you’ll notice that the daybed…

… is actually made from pallets! Check out a full tutorial on how Jaime built it (all by herself) here.

And just look at this cozy eating area. I love the mix of smooth and natural (textured light + shiny metal chairs = be still me beating heart). You know I’m a sucker for that graphic chevron bench cushion and the sweet hanging fabric garlands (that Jaime also made herself – deets here).

Is that not a delicious outdoor room? Yes I just channeled Martyn Lawrence-Bullard from Million Dollar Decorators and said delicious. What can I say, I’m excited. I love how it feels enclosed and private yet open and airy at the same time.

This table setting = yesssssss.

And John is obsessed with the bike-wheel-ish details at the bottom of this sideboard.

Let’s not overlook the ceramic animal party going on next to this awesome oversized jug of pink lemonade. Makes me giddy.

Check out Jaime’s blog for all the where-she-got-it-details (and even more amazing photos). But first let’s play the what’s-your-favorite-part game. I’m gonna go with the awesome woven light fixture and the gorgeous pallet daybed. Girl power.

Psst- Jaime’s friend Raya snapped these photos for her, so we wanted to give her credit over here too. Oh and click here to check out all of our other House Crashing adventures (or sort things by room or color here).

Psssst- Speaking of House Crashing, one of our favorite houses that we ever crashed is officially for sale. So if you’re looking for a gorgeous casa in Charlotte, click here for more info (and here and here to see two house crashing posts devoted to it).


  1. Amanda says

    I love, LOVE the daybed idea. I just purchased a daybed from CB2 and I keep looking at it wondering if I could have made something like it (like this daybed). Oh well, next time!

    The sideboard with the bicycle detail is a tea cart. Tea carts tend to show up a lot in antique stores and used furniture stores (the ones in my area tend not to be very expensive), which is good for John because I’m certain you can find one with similar details if you want.

    I have a similar tea cart in my dining room, it came from my grandmother’s house. People tend to comment about it — tea carts seem to be a bit unusual these days.

  2. kathy says

    omg. I’m so jealous of this deck. Even though my husband and I did rebuild ours by hand – it just feels so plain and boring now!

    I love that light fixture

  3. says

    My question….which is also my question everytime I see these beautiful porches. What do they do when it rains? I have a screened in porch, and when it rains, everything still gets wet and sometimes muddy…not as wet as it would without a roof, but still. I just picture myself running in and out with all of the stuff to make it look stylish and then when it rains rushing to get it all in before the storm hits.

    • says

      Here’s hoping Jaime will drop in with that answer for ya. I’m sure the table isn’t always set but the fabrics might be outdoor safe and all that!


  4. Annie says

    I wish I was house hunting in Charlotte. That little bungalow is gorgeous! So cool of you to help them out and post that!

  5. Rebecca says

    Currently reading the brand-spanking-new book “Design*Sponge at Home” by Grace Bonney and there are several pallet-based DIY furniture items featured (including a pallet-daybed) as well as a how-to-make-it section. However, they did put a BIG WARNING at the bottom of every pallet-based project stating that most are treated with chemicals for industrial use. So that warning made me enjoy them as eye candy but nothing I would put in my home.

    • says

      Yes, we’ve learned that too! Some are heat treated which is super safe but some are chemically treated (usually marked in some way- so maybe try google to see) which can be scary to mess with!


  6. Kayla says

    I saw their porch somewhere else online and pinned it a while back… it is so gorgeous and I love it. So much character!

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