Guess What I’m Up To?

Allow me to share a few hints: y-e-l-l-o-w-d-o-o-r

Yup, I’m painting our front door the happiest of shades: rain boot yellow! That’s not the real name of the paint swatch that we settled on, I just think it’s the perfect way to describe the glossy sunny yellow that we chose.

I was hoping to share some after pics, but alas, this is real life and all the prep work took longer than I thought. Boo.

The good news is that I’m done with the drilling, the spackling, the sanding, and the deglossing. So all that general readying stuff is out of the way. And if all goes well I’ll be back with a ton of deets and photos of the entire took-longer-than-I-thought process as soon as the paint’s dry enough to photograph (the goal is sometime this afternoon).

Oh and in random yellow door news, guess what color we painted our first house’s front door in May of 2006?

Wait… why are you scrolling? You have to guess first…

… I wonder what color you’re going to guess…

… I’m just putting words here so you don’t see the answer before you can guess…

… words…

… words…

… words…

… words…

… words…

… more words …

… even more words…

… word…

…ok, now you can scroll…

Yup, it was a very similar happy yellow color. And we loved it gobs more than the glossy black look that we later went with…

… and it was probably tied with the bold fire engine red door that we ended up with after a paint/hardware makeover here and a big porch makeover here.

For some strange reason we just couldn’t see the front door of our new house being any other color than bright sunny yellow, especially when we held up a ton of other swatches and felt nothing but blah. So yellow it is. Here’s hoping my little door makeover will help us build curb appeal momentum since there are about 500 other things we’d love to tackle outside. Especially since you can hardly see our door from the street these days thanks to the jungle that is our front yard. Le sigh.

Have you painted a front door four times in five years like me? Have you gone back to the first color you chose as if it were “the one”? Are you wondering why we only buy brick ranches with monkey grass and walls of shrubbery? I’m beginning to sense a pattern…

Psst- I’m revealing an admittedly very odd post pregnancy secret over on BabyCenter today. Can somebody tell me I’m normal? Maybe not…


  1. says

    I love the yellow!

    We’re in the process of reconfiguring our front door set up now. (We’re replacing the current front door with salvaged french doors and are moving the “real” door inside our vestibule.) I went back and forth on the color too, but finally decided on “Florida Keys” – a bright turquoise color from Benjamin Moore. (Color seen here:

    The prep work is still dragging on for us too, but I’m so excited to see the impact that this happy color will have on our curb appeal! Here’s a recap of the project so far (

  2. Stacy says

    Can’t wait to see the finished product. Especially since I am confused about how many front doors you actually have!:) Is the glass pane one just a storm door? Guess I will just have to wait and see!

  3. Meagan says

    those inspiration photos are gorgeous…I cannot wait to see how yours turns out. pinterest has me dreaming of a house with a sort of turquoise blue front door…ah one day

  4. Christina says

    I love it! I want to paint our house white or navy – it’s an ugly shade of tan right now with chocolate (actually more like poop) colored trim complete with a poop colored deck (yes we call it the poop deck. If navy- totally copying that first photo. If white.. we’ll have grey trim(I think?) and I kinda want an apple green door. I need to figure out trim color that goes with white and apple green. That trim color we’d have to paint the front deck/porch area with as well. Feel free to suggest options (as in pretty please can you suggest options?) :)

  5. Morga says

    I am in the process of stripping the original door that came with our circa 1900 house. There were layers and layers and layers of globby paint from the last several decades. I have been stripping for about 30 hours and have not yet come to the true bare bones of the solid wood door. I’m going to paint it red :)….once :)

    • jess says

      Stripping is SO much work. My post about it is right below. We found the best product from Home Depot- I forgot the name, but it comes with its own spray bottle and it’s in the paint section. You spray it on, let it sit, then scrape. When you get down to the bare wood, fill with BONA wood putty and sand once dry. Your door will come out amazing. I recommend staining it to show the beauty of the wood and expose the history of your home! But red will look amazing too!

  6. jess says

    I love the yellow! Very welcoming and sunny! Can’t wait to see the outcome! We recently stripped 51 years of paint off our oak front door– about 10+ layers in all and stained it ebony to match our hardwood floors. My boyfriend spent over 20 hours on the project, but the work was totally worth it!

  7. Dana says

    Welcome to the yellow door club!!! We have double front doors and when we repainted our peachy-pink trimmed brick house (yes, it was as gross as it sounds!) white with blue shutters I knew I wanted cheery yellow doors. They have gotten mixed reviews from the neighbors (some a little older, if ya know what I mean…) Hey, did you park a school bus in front of your house? or Is that primer? haha! All my friends love it and I’m so glad we did it!!!
    Good luck. I’m sure they will be beautiful!

  8. says

    Hi Sherry and John!
    We just painted our front door a bright, “in yo’ face”,” you can see us 20 miles away” yellow, and we love it! It really does make it easier to find on our street. I can’t wait to see your finish product, no doubt it will be fantastic!!

  9. Veronica says

    This might be a stupid question but are you also going to paint the inside part of the door yellow?

    In my family room we have a door that leads outside and it’s so blah as just plain white that I’m considering painting it a fun color but wasn’t sure if you do both sides typically?

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