A Little Saturday Night Update

In the breaking news department (that’s an overstatement if I’ve ever made one), although it’s the weekend I thought I’d stop in to share this super quick probably-interesting-to-no-one-but-me dining room update. Remember a few days back when I made our new curtains?

And the table looked like this?

Well, now it looks like this:

Can you already tell the difference? Here, I’ll get a little closer.

Yeah, the branches died. Probably because I didn’t even put water in the vase. Oops. How quickly the dream dies. Well, at least when the dream is lush leafy green branches that survive on love alone. And not water.

So in mini keeping-it-real news, our table is substantially less cute. But our curtains still make me want to kiss them. Passionately.

And we needed one of the plates (and a cup) so those got yoinked from the table. So the place settings (for no one) are a little wonky now. Guess it’s a sign that it’s time to un-set my nobody’s-coming-to-dinner table.

Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Johnna says

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love it, Sherry!

    I also love the keeping it real approach…big fan. I still think you guys are pretty perfect, but it makes me feel better that I left my dying peonies on the table one day too long!

    Have a happy night! ;)

  2. Maddy says

    Aww, it still looks nice though. Something I’ve been wondering, though… What are those big white spiral-y things in your built ins? I noticed them in the posts of your previous home, and have been curious.

  3. Jenny says

    Liking the Saturday post! I thought you had dyed the curtains, cus they look lighter in the pic, but then realized it was the sun. The room is looking lovely-even with some wilting leaves:)

  4. tracy a says

    great post. thanks for making me laugh! it is sort of strange for me to be writing you thanks as if we know each other (which we do not), but i guess that is what happens when you follow a stranger’s blog….and love it! you guys have inspired my creativity and given me so many ideas for the home that i do not yet have! (hopefully one day….) anyhow, keep it up

  5. Sarah says

    What I love most is that you took the time to take the photos and write the post but you aren’t going to clean it up until tomorrow. I’m just like that. I can talk about how much I hate that my house needs to be cleaned or this and that, but I don’t actually go clean it which takes less time!

    Thanks for the Saturday update!

  6. Gina says

    Wow, you guys bored tonight or what! A post about a dead branch. And yet I still read it, and will probably re-read it again tomorrow.

  7. says

    ::snort:: – having moved from Austin to NC recently, I know exactly how you feel right now (meow)! It’s like, you’re all sussded out with nowhere to go!

  8. Kristen says

    I guess you can say you had Saturday Night Fever … to post. Oh yeah, I get corny on the weekends!

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