Scoring A Pretty Amazing Washer & Dryer Deal

What the dealio, guys? Remember how we mentioned a few times that we’d like to upgrade to an energy efficient front loading washer and dryer sometime down the line when we saw a killer deal (we heard they pop up around February since new models are often introduced then)? Well, one found us a lot sooner than we expected. Yesterday actually.

We were walking through Lowe’s on Saturday when we noticed a sign that said 10% off all appliances. Not much of a deal, but enough to make us take a detour through the appliance section for fun. And while we were in that shiny-new-appliance-induced-euphoria, we noticed a big sign on an energy efficient Whirlpool Duet washer & dryer set that said $898 for the pair (marked down from $1198). Not a bad deal but not an earth-shatteringly amazing one either. But boy were they beauts.

We knew we liked Whirlpool Duet front loaders (they’re what we had for over three years in our last house). And they’d work in our new laundry room since they’re stackable. So we asked a salesperson if the 10% off offer that we noticed was valid on top of the posted $898 sale price for the pair. No dice. Since they were already labeled as an “in-store special” there weren’t any added price cuts they could apply. So we called it a day and went home.

The very next morning (Sunday), as if by fate, John got an email saying all Energy Star washer & matching dryer sets priced over $397 each were 20% off for a limited time (hooray for signing up for the Lowe’s mailing list when we moved). So we figured that it was worth calling Lowe’s to clarify if we could use the 20% coupon on the $898 set we had seen. Although in all honestly we went into it assuming they would say no…

… which they did. Boo.

Then we noticed that on the exact same washer & dryer were marked down to $399 each ($798 for the set instead of the $898 in-store sales price we saw earlier). And it appeared as though the 20% email offer that John received would work on top of that online sale price. Score. But we’d always rather purchase things from our local store than order them online, so we called the store back and explained that we wanted to order the set online for $319 a pop thanks to the additional 20% off the $399 sale price that we found online, but we’d be happy to come in and order directly from the store if they’d honor the $638 grand total…

… which they did. Yay.

Why the change of heart when we mentioned ordering them online? If Lowe’s is anything like my old days in retail (I worked at Express on 34th Street in Manhattan for a few years during college) they’re working to personally hit a sales goal in each store every day, so they’d much rather you go through them than order something online since it’ll boost their daily numbers. Plus they’re probably allowed to honor online prices if you print out and bring them those e-promotions and show them what you could get on their website (although we did have to speak to a supervisor on the phone before getting the all-clear).

So that’s how we practically bought one and got one free (saving almost 50%) when it came to a new Whirlpool Duet front loading washer & dryer. We plan to stack them in our laundry room in the place of our existing not-front-loading-or-energy-efficient current set so we save a bundle when it comes to water and electricity (plus they’re a lot more functional thanks to the front loading washer capability along with the extra internal space and other brand-spanking-new features).

And while we’re on the subject of saving energy, guess how many clams our new set will cost to run per year according to the Energy Star tag? Fifteen bucks. A year. For all those loads of clothes and cloth diapers that we’re doing these days. Actually it’ll probably be around $9 for the year because their $15 estimate is based on eight loads of wash per week, and we usually get by with about four to five including Clara’s cloth diapers. You know how there’s that crass term for people who are obsessed with celebs? Star effers? Well we’re Energy Star effers. They’re just so much better than the old electricity and water wasters of the past- like the older stackable washer and dryer that we inherited with the house.

Speaking of those, since they’re still in great working order, instead of sending them off to a landfill we’re hoping to sell ’em on craigslist soon since we have to wait a week or two for the new dryer to come in and get delivered. And if nobody bites on craigslist we’ll donate them to the Habitat For Humanity ReStore (they do pick-ups, which makes things even easier). And we promise to share pics of the new ones (possibly with Clara playing Vanna White) when they arrive. Have you guys scored any after-holiday appliance deals? Or convinced a store to honor an online deal with some over the phone eyelash batting?

Psst- Thanks to a few smart commenters, we just learned that we can get a $75 rebate from the VA government for buying an Energy Star appliance thanks to this link, which would take our total down to $563. Squeeeeeeeee!


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    Love the front loaders and the Whirlpool ones are like the Cadillac’s of washing machines and dryers. I have LG front loaders and had an issue with the mildew smell for awhile too (I don’t have a clean button on mine) but after having a service guy come out he said basically all I had to do was run bleach through it on really high heat at least once a week and never ever leave anything in it for long periods of time. Plus I’m meticulous so I constantly have always wiped the door down and the rubber door jam thing every time I’m done with my loads and that helps too. :)

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    You guys got a steal!! That’s awesome! I was so excited to see this post because we’ve been on the market to purchase a new washer/dryer set.

    I called Lowes and was immediately shot down. They said the online price of $399 already includes the 20% off. How in the world did you get them to honor an additional 20% off? I’m jealous. :)

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      Hey Alanna,

      Hmm, we’re sure it’s a store to store thing (so not everyone will honor the same deal) but in our case we talked to the lady in our appliance dept on the phone and then she put us on with a manager and he just said to bring in the promo (we printed it) and he saw the $399 price online and honored the additional 20% off for us. Hope it helps!


  3. Pammy says

    Darn! We could use a new dryer (and washer) but we have gas, and those are much more! Oh well, good for you guys!

  4. Miranda says

    I’m with Alanna, I just called my local Lowe’s and was immediately shot down. I even told them my friend in VA did it! :) How did you get the additional 20% off!?

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      Hey Miranda,

      We promise there’s nothing we’re not telling you! We’re assuming it’s a store to store thing, which might explain why some managers will combine the 20% promo with the $399 price while others won’t. We wish everyone would be as kind as the manager that we chatted with at our local store, but our method was just to read the language on the promo to them (and bring it with us as a print out) and show them the $399 online washer & dryer prices and he agreed to match it in the store if we came right down that morning and paid right away. Which we did!


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    Wow. I love reading about a great deal! A lovely duo. BTW, I’m a long-time reader, first time commenter. :) I love your posts and am excited to see how you revamp your new house! It’s adorable! Our house was built in 1977 (you wouldn’t believe how many mirrors we have–our living room could be a dance studio, lol), and while we won’t be doing any major renos anytime soon, I’m looking forward to making it as cute and homey as I can this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Deb says

    OMG ,hows this for timimg ,I want a new washer and dryer and have been looking at the same set you bought for months but once I saw your set in your new home I knew you would be on the hunt for a new set and I would let you do all my leg work for me for the best value and bingo ,today its here and verifies the value of what I have been eye-balling for months ,thanks for sharing so soon ,now I will wait until Feb. to see if I can push the envelope on the floor models ,lol .

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    That is a phenomenal deal, and what’s amazing is you somehow had the foresight to hold out for a better price. They are sleek lil’ beauties, aren’t they? It’s true, on-line prices, in my experience, tend to beat store prices, and I always check online first before making a store purchase. And as you say, you can usually find coupon codes, too. Just a few days ago, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a sink and toilet, which was about 40% off retail price, even with the shipping, thanks to a little on-line persistence.

  8. Mandi says

    Hey, maybe you guys have asked/thought about this: I’m a front-loader set girl myself, and I have them side by side on pedestals. I’ve always wondered if you can stack on a single pedestal, or if that makes the top set too high (…or if maybe the pedestal can’t hold all that weight? That might vary by maker though.)

    The pedestals are kinda pricey, IMO . . . but I am not getting younger, and they are more ergonomic like this . . . and I utilize the storage under there for extra supplies. I’m big on living stocked-up, but tidy.

    • says

      Hey Mandi,

      Good question! We have no idea. For a shortie like myself the pedestal might make the dryer harder to reach- but for someone tall like John it might be nice. Maybe try calling the manufacturer after googling their number to see if they can hold that weight? Just to be sure they don’t advise against it!


  9. Shelley says

    How is the cloth diaper laundry with a Duet?We have a duet sport and I’m due with our third in April. This will be my first time cloth diapering and I’m worried about a wash routine with a front loader. I’ve heard that it can be difficult because of the low water issue? Would you mind sharing your wash routine? I don’t have an add water feature so I’m wondering if this will be difficult. Thanks!

    • says

      Hey Shelley,

      It’s great! Which is why we’re happy to get them again. No issues at all with not having enough water or anything! You can read about our wash routine here. Hope it helps!


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    No big purchases yet in 2011. But, when my family was in town last week, we scored great tickets to an NBA game. My hubby and kid brother spent 3 hours looking for cheap tickets. They found $35/ticket seats. My mother, a true bargain hunter, emailed the stadium and managed to get 4 tickets (dad couldn’t come) for $90 plus 4 ball caps. It never hurts to ask for a better price. A sale is a sale.

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    Here’s another Amy with the Maytag Bravos washer/dryer!

    I cant say enough about it. It is a top-loader washer without the agitator. It only accepts HE detergent. I can really fill it up with a lot of laundry at one time. And the dryer does have a sensor that will adjust to the needs of the load. Never thought I would be so excited about laundry (I used to pay our laundromat to wash and fold when we were in a washer-less apartment!)

  12. jennifer says

    great find guys!

    without necessarily revealing numbers, do you all have a baseline on your savings account that you strive not to dip below and then spend wisely within that range on bigger purchases like this? i know you usually have save for bigger items/projects, but since this seemed slightly unplanned i was wondering how you decided if you could pull the trigger on it financially? thanks!

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      Hey Jennifer,

      Yes, we always have a baseline for our savings account that we never dip below (it’s there for emergencies which seems especially poignant now that we have a daughter to support) so we look at our balance in savings, are sure that it’s well over our “must-have” zone, and go for it. Since we pay our credit cards off entirely in the month that we make purchases, we must have the money or we don’t buy the item. Even if it’s the best deal ever.


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