Scoring A Pretty Amazing Washer & Dryer Deal

What the dealio, guys? Remember how we mentioned a few times that we’d like to upgrade to an energy efficient front loading washer and dryer sometime down the line when we saw a killer deal (we heard they pop up around February since new models are often introduced then)? Well, one found us a lot sooner than we expected. Yesterday actually.

We were walking through Lowe’s on Saturday when we noticed a sign that said 10% off all appliances. Not much of a deal, but enough to make us take a detour through the appliance section for fun. And while we were in that shiny-new-appliance-induced-euphoria, we noticed a big sign on an energy efficient Whirlpool Duet washer & dryer set that said $898 for the pair (marked down from $1198). Not a bad deal but not an earth-shatteringly amazing one either. But boy were they beauts.

We knew we liked Whirlpool Duet front loaders (they’re what we had for over three years in our last house). And they’d work in our new laundry room since they’re stackable. So we asked a salesperson if the 10% off offer that we noticed was valid on top of the posted $898 sale price for the pair. No dice. Since they were already labeled as an “in-store special” there weren’t any added price cuts they could apply. So we called it a day and went home.

The very next morning (Sunday), as if by fate, John got an email saying all Energy Star washer & matching dryer sets priced over $397 each were 20% off for a limited time (hooray for signing up for the Lowe’s mailing list when we moved). So we figured that it was worth calling Lowe’s to clarify if we could use the 20% coupon on the $898 set we had seen. Although in all honestly we went into it assuming they would say no…

… which they did. Boo.

Then we noticed that on the exact same washer & dryer were marked down to $399 each ($798 for the set instead of the $898 in-store sales price we saw earlier). And it appeared as though the 20% email offer that John received would work on top of that online sale price. Score. But we’d always rather purchase things from our local store than order them online, so we called the store back and explained that we wanted to order the set online for $319 a pop thanks to the additional 20% off the $399 sale price that we found online, but we’d be happy to come in and order directly from the store if they’d honor the $638 grand total…

… which they did. Yay.

Why the change of heart when we mentioned ordering them online? If Lowe’s is anything like my old days in retail (I worked at Express on 34th Street in Manhattan for a few years during college) they’re working to personally hit a sales goal in each store every day, so they’d much rather you go through them than order something online since it’ll boost their daily numbers. Plus they’re probably allowed to honor online prices if you print out and bring them those e-promotions and show them what you could get on their website (although we did have to speak to a supervisor on the phone before getting the all-clear).

So that’s how we practically bought one and got one free (saving almost 50%) when it came to a new Whirlpool Duet front loading washer & dryer. We plan to stack them in our laundry room in the place of our existing not-front-loading-or-energy-efficient current set so we save a bundle when it comes to water and electricity (plus they’re a lot more functional thanks to the front loading washer capability along with the extra internal space and other brand-spanking-new features).

And while we’re on the subject of saving energy, guess how many clams our new set will cost to run per year according to the Energy Star tag? Fifteen bucks. A year. For all those loads of clothes and cloth diapers that we’re doing these days. Actually it’ll probably be around $9 for the year because their $15 estimate is based on eight loads of wash per week, and we usually get by with about four to five including Clara’s cloth diapers. You know how there’s that crass term for people who are obsessed with celebs? Star effers? Well we’re Energy Star effers. They’re just so much better than the old electricity and water wasters of the past- like the older stackable washer and dryer that we inherited with the house.

Speaking of those, since they’re still in great working order, instead of sending them off to a landfill we’re hoping to sell ’em on craigslist soon since we have to wait a week or two for the new dryer to come in and get delivered. And if nobody bites on craigslist we’ll donate them to the Habitat For Humanity ReStore (they do pick-ups, which makes things even easier). And we promise to share pics of the new ones (possibly with Clara playing Vanna White) when they arrive. Have you guys scored any after-holiday appliance deals? Or convinced a store to honor an online deal with some over the phone eyelash batting?

Psst- Thanks to a few smart commenters, we just learned that we can get a $75 rebate from the VA government for buying an Energy Star appliance thanks to this link, which would take our total down to $563. Squeeeeeeeee!


  1. Erin says

    Sweet find, guys! What a deal on the pair!

    We recently bought our KitchenAid dishwasher at Lowe’s. With a little haggling, we were able to get them to price match a Black Friday deal at Best Buy, plus deliver for free and haul away the non-functioning one. This knocked about $110 off the price, plus it removed the hassle of a dump run, the disposal fee, and a 40 mile round trip drive to pick it up when the new one arrived in store. I love Lowe’s for appliances!

  2. Shannon says

    You’re absolutely right about asking for a manager to match the website pricing. I actually work at a Lowes, and the stores should ALWAYS agree to honor the online pricing. Good news is, if you order something online, and the in store price is actually less they’ll always charge you the less of the two prices.

    The only way you could’ve gotten a better deal would’ve been with an employee discount. :) What do you think? Are either of you up for a part-time job?

  3. says

    I don’t remember the exact price, since it’s been about 5 years now, but we got a super deal on our washer and dryer from Lowe’s! There was a similar sale situation to yours…but then when we got there, they only had a white washer and a black dryer…since our laundry is in our basement, that was not a problem, but they knocked it down another $100? because they didn’t match!

  4. says

    Love the duet! We have the front load duets but I believe ours is a model down from the one you just got. Needless to say we looked in Sears the other day at the next model up with the fancy shmancy LED screen and the cutest little noise when you move the button. Yea I want those now. So when we move I will get them =)

    I love how pretty they make everything look. Right now they are in the basement BLAH but in the next house in Richmond, VA I will make sure its on a top level =)

  5. amy says

    We recently purchased a top loader washer and gas dryer from Lowe’s – the Maytag Bravos (same as the Whirlpool Cabrio). They are both Energy Star rated as well. The washing machine is a high efficiency washer. It does not have an agitator.

    I spoke with many people before purchasing the new set, including a few repairmen. They suggest the top loading high efficiency washers because it is cheaper to fix them if something was to go wrong. The front loaders are very expensive to fix and are more common to have something go wrong with them (in their experience/opinion).

    We chose a gas dryer as well. It’s about $100 more to buy them, but they are much cheaper to run. The best part about the dryer is the sensor cycles. It will sense how much wet stuff is in the dryer and how long it will take to dry, adjusting the heat and time on its own. No more guessing.

  6. says

    what a great deal! I was pretty sure it wouldn’t take you that long to replace the current washer/dryer, esp. given that you’re cloth diapering.

    I love the laundry room in the picture, those cabinets are gorgeous!

  7. Angela says

    So you didn’t use a promo code? But online they are listed as $399 and the 20% off doesn’t seem to automatically apply to that price?

    • says

      Hey Angela,

      There wasn’t a promo code, just a coupon with sale language in John’s inbox. So we just called the store and asked if they would honor both the online price and the inbox promo (we printed out the page with details about the 20% off promo and took it with us). It specified that it couldn’t be combined with the 10% off but the store agreed that it should be usable on the $399 washer and dryer since they’re Energy Star, a matched set, and over the $397 price that was specified on the promotion. It’s definitely an ask-the-manager store-to-store call, but we’re SO glad they went for it!


  8. Katie says

    My husband and I both have small cars, mine is a 4 door, his is a 2 door. Our biggest problem with buying big items is the tow away! We bought a new lawn mower yesterday and crossed our fingers that it would fit in the back of our car, it did. First time for everything. We have friends with trucks but hate bothering them to go out of their way to come help us! We have rented trucks from Uhaul for a whopping $60 (after gas and mileage). I know you guys have a car too, what do you do with big purchases like this? We hate having 2 cars and hope to invest in a small truck or SUV soon.

    • says

      Hey Katie,

      We usually wait for free delivery promos (which is usually going on at Home Depot and Lowe’s) and occasionally borrow John’s sister’s SUV or even rent a truck from Home Depot or Lowe’s (they’re around $20 for an hour, which is great if you’re just picking up something big and hauling it home). Hope it helps!


  9. jordan says

    you guys did it again!!! one of the (many) things that i LOVE about YHL is how you are so great at answering comments. It truly feels so personal! However, I cannot imagine the feat of keeping up with that and curious if you would (understandably) think about giving that up in the future.

  10. says

    I worked in retail for years and you are right, we will do anything to make a sale for our store. Plus, its nice to buy local (even big chain stores) because it proves to the stores that they need sales associates, which keeps people employed. Great job at scoring such a good deal. We scored a few years ago on a bedroom set by paying cash. And we talked them into free delivery…and we lived 30 miles away!!

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