Scoring A Pretty Amazing Washer & Dryer Deal

What the dealio, guys? Remember how we mentioned a few times that we’d like to upgrade to an energy efficient front loading washer and dryer sometime down the line when we saw a killer deal (we heard they pop up around February since new models are often introduced then)? Well, one found us a lot sooner than we expected. Yesterday actually.

We were walking through Lowe’s on Saturday when we noticed a sign that said 10% off all appliances. Not much of a deal, but enough to make us take a detour through the appliance section for fun. And while we were in that shiny-new-appliance-induced-euphoria, we noticed a big sign on an energy efficient Whirlpool Duet washer & dryer set that said $898 for the pair (marked down from $1198). Not a bad deal but not an earth-shatteringly amazing one either. But boy were they beauts.

We knew we liked Whirlpool Duet front loaders (they’re what we had for over three years in our last house). And they’d work in our new laundry room since they’re stackable. So we asked a salesperson if the 10% off offer that we noticed was valid on top of the posted $898 sale price for the pair. No dice. Since they were already labeled as an “in-store special” there weren’t any added price cuts they could apply. So we called it a day and went home.

The very next morning (Sunday), as if by fate, John got an email saying all Energy Star washer & matching dryer sets priced over $397 each were 20% off for a limited time (hooray for signing up for the Lowe’s mailing list when we moved). So we figured that it was worth calling Lowe’s to clarify if we could use the 20% coupon on the $898 set we had seen. Although in all honestly we went into it assuming they would say no…

… which they did. Boo.

Then we noticed that on the exact same washer & dryer were marked down to $399 each ($798 for the set instead of the $898 in-store sales price we saw earlier). And it appeared as though the 20% email offer that John received would work on top of that online sale price. Score. But we’d always rather purchase things from our local store than order them online, so we called the store back and explained that we wanted to order the set online for $319 a pop thanks to the additional 20% off the $399 sale price that we found online, but we’d be happy to come in and order directly from the store if they’d honor the $638 grand total…

… which they did. Yay.

Why the change of heart when we mentioned ordering them online? If Lowe’s is anything like my old days in retail (I worked at Express on 34th Street in Manhattan for a few years during college) they’re working to personally hit a sales goal in each store every day, so they’d much rather you go through them than order something online since it’ll boost their daily numbers. Plus they’re probably allowed to honor online prices if you print out and bring them those e-promotions and show them what you could get on their website (although we did have to speak to a supervisor on the phone before getting the all-clear).

So that’s how we practically bought one and got one free (saving almost 50%) when it came to a new Whirlpool Duet front loading washer & dryer. We plan to stack them in our laundry room in the place of our existing not-front-loading-or-energy-efficient current set so we save a bundle when it comes to water and electricity (plus they’re a lot more functional thanks to the front loading washer capability along with the extra internal space and other brand-spanking-new features).

And while we’re on the subject of saving energy, guess how many clams our new set will cost to run per year according to the Energy Star tag? Fifteen bucks. A year. For all those loads of clothes and cloth diapers that we’re doing these days. Actually it’ll probably be around $9 for the year because their $15 estimate is based on eight loads of wash per week, and we usually get by with about four to five including Clara’s cloth diapers. You know how there’s that crass term for people who are obsessed with celebs? Star effers? Well we’re Energy Star effers. They’re just so much better than the old electricity and water wasters of the past- like the older stackable washer and dryer that we inherited with the house.

Speaking of those, since they’re still in great working order, instead of sending them off to a landfill we’re hoping to sell ’em on craigslist soon since we have to wait a week or two for the new dryer to come in and get delivered. And if nobody bites on craigslist we’ll donate them to the Habitat For Humanity ReStore (they do pick-ups, which makes things even easier). And we promise to share pics of the new ones (possibly with Clara playing Vanna White) when they arrive. Have you guys scored any after-holiday appliance deals? Or convinced a store to honor an online deal with some over the phone eyelash batting?

Psst- Thanks to a few smart commenters, we just learned that we can get a $75 rebate from the VA government for buying an Energy Star appliance thanks to this link, which would take our total down to $563. Squeeeeeeeee!


  1. Jenney says

    If only I needed a new washer and dryer! What a steal!

    I have found out that Target does not honor their online prices though; I found a great deal on a Canon camcorder ($100 off the retail price!) and when I took the print out to the store, no amount of sweet talking could convince them to sell it to me for that price. Too bad for Target, I ended up ordering it from Amazon and got free shipping and no sales tax.

  2. Melissa @ SassyMommy says

    Wow… what a great deal! We still have the old school ones… So really the new ones save water and energy? I guess I realized the energy but the water? Our town is famous for insainly high cost for water (I shutter when I think of our water bills when we moved in and had to start an entire new lawn of sod and seed). Maybe they are worth checking out.

    • says

      Hey Melissa,

      Oh yes! Especially front loaders (which don’t have to fill with gallons of water like top loaders do). When the wash runs you can look through the window and see how little water they actually use! And they all have to be rated by the government to boast the “Energy Star” label, so if you see that sign you know they really do save energy and water!


  3. Angela says

    How funny. We just bought the SAME set at Lowes. And the pedestals were also buy one, get one free. So we got a great deal on a set and two pedestals! But I didn’t know about this online thing…..think it’s worth going into Lowes and seeing if they’ll refund us any?

    • says

      Hey Angela,

      It had language like “not applicable on prior sales” so I think if you already bought them they won’t apply the additional 20% off- but you did get that free pededstal! Super deal!


  4. says

    What an amazing deal! I’m definitely in the market for a new washer and dryer. My tiny little condo has a tiny little closet to house the washer and dryer, and I don’t even think a full-size washer/dryer would fit in there. The one I have now is so tiny that I can wash about two of my big fluffy towels at a time. No joke. It’s pathetic. And the heating element in the dryer just went out. So, it’s decision time. Do I spend money to repair these sadly outdated things that fit the tiny closet? Or do I try to find new ones? Seeing your shiny new front loaders makes me want new ones myself!!

    • says

      Hey Kristi,

      We would call around/google to see how much it might cost to repair your existing ones and do some searching for some newer options with the same small footprint and compare the cost to repair vs. replace them. Good luck!


  5. Laura says

    That is an AMAZING deal!!! Congrats!
    I have a Whirlpool front load washer and I love it.

    I’m a little leary about selling on Craigslist and having people I dont know come to my house. How do you deal with that? Do you have any tips?
    I would love to sell my bedroom set.

    • says

      Hey Laura,

      We’re always sure that we’ll both be home when the person is arriving and we do things during the day when it’s light out and everyone in the neighborhood would hear us scream. Haha. That sounds so paranoid. We’ve never had an issue, but having the phone close (I usually hang out in the background with the baby and a cell phone while John does the exchange) keeps us feeling the most secure. You can even email a relative/friend with the time and name and phone number of the person who’s coming if you’ll feel better having that info out there in the universe. We usually get a vibe of the person through phone calls (if they’re asking a lot about the item and haggling about the price, etc- that reassures us that they’re truly interested in that item). I guess a big red flag would be someone who seems more interested in if you’ll be home alone or where you live than about the item they’re about to buy. Since you’re just as anonymous as the person buying from you, they don’t know if you’re a cop or if you live with your bodybuilding boyfriend, so we would recommend not spilling too much info (like I’m a young female student who lives alone). But again, we’ve used craigslist about 50 times without any issues, both in NYC and here in Richmond.


  6. Rebekah says

    I love my Whirlpool Duets, too! I got mine used but like new from Craigslist about a year ago for $850. So great deal on yours!! I’m sure you will inspire others to call their local Lowes and ask for the same deal!

  7. Carmen says

    We purchases the Whirlpool Duet last April and I absolutely love them. Our previous washer and dryer were over 15 years old and the new ones cut my laundry time in half! That alone was worth the price to me. I also have only purchased detergent twice since then, another great money saver. Unfortunately, we did not notice a significant difference in our water bill, however, we attribute that to the rate increasing steadily over the last year:( I think you will be very happy with your new purchase. Great deal!

    • says

      Hey Lisa,

      We would recommend signing up to be on their mailing list (we did that when we moved and the promotion popped up in our inbox yesterday morning).


  8. Diane says

    Great deal!! I got a deal on a wireless printer from Best Buy on Cyber Monday. The printer’s normal price was $149 but the store honored the online price of $99 and then I recycled my old printer for a $50 credit. Final price was $49!! And I love the convenience of a wireless printer!!

  9. Jenee says

    That is awesome that you scored such a deal on that set!! We have the Whirlpool Duet with steam and we have the pedestals too. Actually we bought ours at Sears and got the pedestals for free! It was during their friends and family sale. I think we ended up paying around $1000 with tax. You definitely got a better deal, but we love them!!

  10. says

    We are renters and enjoy front loader stackables as well! However, the washer is on the bottom and it takes all of my (very weak) strength to get the clothes up to the dryer. Do you have to put the washer on the bottom?

    • says

      Hey Julia,

      We do have to put the washer on the bottom (it’s heavier so that’s the rule) but in our old set-up both the washer and the dryer were at that same low height (under a counter that we installed) so it was even more bending before. The stackable placement might just be an upgrade for us when it comes to all that bending!


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