New House, New Color Scheme

We’re thinking of moving away from the soft, subtle, and beachy whole-house color scheme that we have going on here and towards something more moody, risky, and sophisticated at the new house. Here’s hoping it works for us (you never know… and we’re the first to admit that sometimes we end up repainting). We’re definitely no strangers to covering our mistakes with another coat or two of something new if we don’t like how things look when we step back and check things out (after sharing the “outtake” pics with you guys of course). So it might take us a few tries to settle on a scheme we love, but right now we’re considering something along these lines:

We haven’t pulled any swatches yet (but we’ll be sure to share actual paint colors when we get there), but right now we’re loving eggplant, soft lavender-pink, slate blue, light gray, avocado green, saturated teal, muddy blue-gray, navy, emerald, artichoke green, chocolate brown, and light khaki. Not all on the walls of course, but also in the curtains, rugs, painted and upholstered furnishings, art, and accessories. Although we’re definitely planning to add pops of different accent colors in a much wider range of tones- these are just the bigger hues that we plan to use more liberally throughout the house for something that’s hopefully cohesive but not too repetitive.

We’re thinking that the overall effect of the colors/decor in our new house will still be semi airy & natural (it’s what we love, what can we say?), but we hope that adding more contrast, more saturated hues, and even more layers of texture (by working in some new furnishings, a few new rugs, more colorful art, and new fabrics galore) will give it a bit more zing than our current soft and subtle vibe. We’re also envisioning a switch from our beloved breezy white curtain panels to printed and saturated floor length drapes in every room of the new house along with a plush upholstered headboard in the master and even some wallpaper going on in a few places. And we’re thinking that a darker sectional would be a fun departure from the light slipcovered sofas you’re used to seeing in our spaces (we’ll craigslist them to get some moolah to put towards the new sectional, since it has pretty much been my life goal to have a big enough living room for a sectional where all of our family can gather).

We’re even thinking about repainting some of our white pedestal tables and our double desk with something smokier and more dramatic. To see a few mood boards we’ve envisioned for the new house, click here and here. Although we’re already thinking about a different bed possibility (we’d like to build one along with a DIY headboard). Who knows where we’ll end up.

What color schemes are floating around your heads these days? Anyone else feeling a shift from light tans and mochas to soft grays and even artichoke, slate blue, and deeper gray-green tones? Anyone going the opposite way and segueing into more breezy and light hues as opposed to the smokier and more high contrast ones that we’ve mentioned? Let’s talk about color. Is there really anything else in the world that’s more fun to discuss? Not to me. Except for my baby girl. I can bore you to tears with stories about her but I’ll save that for my weekly phone call with my mom…


  1. Rachel says

    Love it! Right now I’m into charcoal and light gray, red, turquoise and aqua, and brown. Our rental house has several rooms with white walls which is kind of nice and fresh and has allowed me to be much more dramatic with curtains.

    I am getting ready to do our DIY bed as well – we’re using Knock Off Wood’s plans for a platform bed with upholstered headboard (West Elm knockoff) but we’re going to buy some bun feet so it’s a little bit more off the ground. Are y’all using one of Ana’s plans or your own?

    Our kitchen has hunter green walls right now which is sooo not going with my turuqoise, red, and white scheme so I’m getting ready to paint those walls a moody charcoal. We have three ginormous windows, white cabinets and countertops and an ugly neutral tile backsplash so it should have just enough darkness. :)

    For our dining room, we have red walls which we cannot paint over – hence me trying to work red into the flow in the rest of the house! And our living room is stuck in neutral so to speak, but I am dying to bring in such brighter aqua and deep chocolate accents in new art and pillows.

    I am really dying to see your plans for the house in more detail! This is a very intriguing sneak peek. :)

    • says

      Hey Rachel,

      Yes, we definitely plan to check out Ana’s bed plans and hopefully use one of them! We’ll share every detail when we tackle it after the bog move!


  2. says

    I love all the colors except the green – On my computer it looks like hunter green… I’m a color fanantic and an interior designer, I’m always repainting my home… My kids say our home is getting smaller because of all the layers of paint on the walls :)

  3. Misty says

    I LOVE this new scheme…except for the green in the bottom left corner. You guys are the experts, not me…But for some reason, it doesn’t seem to fit.

    But I love that you guys are willing to try new things!

  4. Jackie Smith says

    I need color! Everything in our newly remodeled home is brown! Lots of wood and beigy walls, living room furniture too, except for the blackish/greenish granite countertop in the kitchen…I’m obsessed with peacock designs and found a rug on overstock, but it was too beigy…then last night I found another Pier One peacock rug (and round mirror) that is more of a chocolate brown with green accents….so I’m thinking maybe chocolate brown or green (maybe a little teal) for pillows, curtains in the living room and then on the LONG walk-thru wall maybe some kind of chocolate brown paint design with long shelves like your office…I also have a black fireplace to deal with, so I need to have some black too…ugh this actually kept me awake last night…HELP!

  5. says

    We just painted our new living room a tealish color, martha stewart “tidewater.” We haven’t moved in yet (still waiting for my husband to complete the refinish the hardwood floor project) but right now I love it.

  6. says

    I have found myself torn to the point of paralyzed lately about color schemes. I love love love white, but ussually I lean more toward wierd hues, avocado, reds, blues and yellows. The problem is that I am stuck because I cannot decide what I want to do. I love my whimsical kitchen but it does not feel very mature just fun and a bit over the top with my color choice, so choosing a color to repaint it has been really hard. Maybe your new choices will help inspire me out of my stuck state! haha.

  7. Stephanie says

    I LOVE the gray color scheme. We did a light slate gray in our living room and hallway. In our bedroom we did a darker gray on the walls (elephant gray to be exact), which makes it seem really cozy and looks great with our dark wood furniture. I love the idea of the printed curtains, you’ll have to keep us posted on what you find and how you make them!

  8. Rebecca says

    Love Love Love the new color scheme…not that I didn’t love the light and airy that you are currently working with. I can’t wait till you move in so I can see all the new projects. It’s like waiting to see an episode of Grey’s Anatomy….I can barely stand it!

    Are you planning on going in a completely different direction in Clara’s room or are you staying close to what you have?

    • says

      Hey Rebecca,

      We’re planning a new color for the walls, but a lot of her furnishings will remain the same in there since we haven’t had them very long and we love them as-is.


  9. Adriane says

    Yay for color! Maybe it’s because we lived in a prison of apartment white for so many years but when we bought our house, the first thing we did was paint the master bedroom a moody deep merlot color. We added tan and blue accents (it was a sherwin williams paint scheme Quietude/Nantucket Dune/Deep Maroon).

    I love it so we looked for more trios to love (eg: light gray/grass green/teal and gray/ice blue/marine blue) for other rooms.

    I’m in love with all of them but now we have ties but no flow! ::sigh:: At least there’s no white, right?

  10. tracie says

    It is super easy to have floor outlets put in a one-story house with a basement. I think I paid a $100 for the electrician to put in several around our last house. The best part, as a work at homer, was the flexibility it gave me in plugging in my laptop in places I didn’t have to worry about my daughter or the dog or my husband tripping over.

    I love the new colors. I’m all about grays, navy, and eggplant right now.

  11. beth says

    Looking forward to seeing this evolve and checking out your DIY window treatments. We’re moving into our new abode in about a month after you guys, so it will be great that you get a head start…it will let me jump start my brain a bit before we actually get into our new place. We’ll be painting cabinets in the spring, and chipping away at a few smaller projects before then. I’m still stumped on our main living space…vaulted wood ceiling with wood beams. I think we’re leaving the beams natural but I can’t decide about painting the wood ceiling….

    Looking forward to watching you guys take off with your new plan!

  12. Christin says

    LOVE the color ideas! Especially the eggplant and slate blue/grey. I adore your current (soon to be former) house color scheme, but I am really excited to see what you do with more bold colors. Mostly b/c that’s what I’d love to do and can’t wait to get some tips and tricks on how to pick some not-so-neutral tones and make them work together room to room. Living in an all white wall apt I can’t wait to get color on the walls some day. :)

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