New House, New Color Scheme

We’re thinking of moving away from the soft, subtle, and beachy whole-house color scheme that we have going on here and towards something more moody, risky, and sophisticated at the new house. Here’s hoping it works for us (you never know… and we’re the first to admit that sometimes we end up repainting). We’re definitely no strangers to covering our mistakes with another coat or two of something new if we don’t like how things look when we step back and check things out (after sharing the “outtake” pics with you guys of course). So it might take us a few tries to settle on a scheme we love, but right now we’re considering something along these lines:

We haven’t pulled any swatches yet (but we’ll be sure to share actual paint colors when we get there), but right now we’re loving eggplant, soft lavender-pink, slate blue, light gray, avocado green, saturated teal, muddy blue-gray, navy, emerald, artichoke green, chocolate brown, and light khaki. Not all on the walls of course, but also in the curtains, rugs, painted and upholstered furnishings, art, and accessories. Although we’re definitely planning to add pops of different accent colors in a much wider range of tones- these are just the bigger hues that we plan to use more liberally throughout the house for something that’s hopefully cohesive but not too repetitive.

We’re thinking that the overall effect of the colors/decor in our new house will still be semi airy & natural (it’s what we love, what can we say?), but we hope that adding more contrast, more saturated hues, and even more layers of texture (by working in some new furnishings, a few new rugs, more colorful art, and new fabrics galore) will give it a bit more zing than our current soft and subtle vibe. We’re also envisioning a switch from our beloved breezy white curtain panels to printed and saturated floor length drapes in every room of the new house along with a plush upholstered headboard in the master and even some wallpaper going on in a few places. And we’re thinking that a darker sectional would be a fun departure from the light slipcovered sofas you’re used to seeing in our spaces (we’ll craigslist them to get some moolah to put towards the new sectional, since it has pretty much been my life goal to have a big enough living room for a sectional where all of our family can gather).

We’re even thinking about repainting some of our white pedestal tables and our double desk with something smokier and more dramatic. To see a few mood boards we’ve envisioned for the new house, click here and here. Although we’re already thinking about a different bed possibility (we’d like to build one along with a DIY headboard). Who knows where we’ll end up.

What color schemes are floating around your heads these days? Anyone else feeling a shift from light tans and mochas to soft grays and even artichoke, slate blue, and deeper gray-green tones? Anyone going the opposite way and segueing into more breezy and light hues as opposed to the smokier and more high contrast ones that we’ve mentioned? Let’s talk about color. Is there really anything else in the world that’s more fun to discuss? Not to me. Except for my baby girl. I can bore you to tears with stories about her but I’ll save that for my weekly phone call with my mom…


  1. Kristen says

    What do you guys plan on doing with all your existing stuff (curtains, accessories, etc.) that fits perfectly in its existing spaces? Craigslist? Adapt it to fit in with your new scheme? It seems like it takes forever for me to get a room together, it’d be so hard to start over and I’d be tempted to just keep it all the same! Not to mention pricey. Even if you find deals the cost of putting a room together adds up!

    • says

      Hey Kristen,

      All of our current curtains are actually being sold with the house (except for Clara’s nursery ones since I can’t seem to let them go- sentimental mom hormones) and as for our accessories, so many of them are neutral (glass hurricanes, mercury glass votive holders, white ceramic animals, etc) that we’re confident they’ll work with the new scheme just as well as they did with the old one (fingers crossed). We’re all about working with what we’ve got!


  2. says

    I love all of these–and I think you’ll be surprised how open and airy it can still seem even with saturated walls. Especially with your love of white trim and furniture, moody walls will make all your accents look amazing.

    Little story: my sister and I were hating the tan 1970s wallpaper in my parents family room back when we were both living at home, and one night while watching ‘Trading Spaces’ we decided to pull it down and convince them we should paint the room a dark sea green to make the white leather couches ‘pop.’ After we tore down the wallpaper (came right off!) in less than an hour, we called them down and asked them if they noticed anything different. It took them a LONG time to figure it out, and once they did, my mom exclaimed, “I’d always wanted to tear that stuff down!”

    Needless to say, the room is still green nearly 10 years later and they still love it. :)

  3. anna says

    I like the gray/green, not a fan of the plum. But you’ll probably make it look fabulous anyway :)
    As for me, I’m definitely more a fan of the soft, subtle, and beachy look and since I don’t like change (boring, huh), subtle and beachy it stays… :)

  4. says

    What do you all think about accent walls? I don’t think you have any in your house. I’m thinking they are on the way out. I want to bring gray into my bedroom but don’t want to have to paint the whole room. I have a beige in there now. Decision, decisions…

    • says

      We think they can be done really well and done really terribly (kind of like everything else in home decor). It really seems to depend on the room’s orientation/shape/layout and the color that is used on the rest of the walls. Who knows if we’ll add them to our new house, but they’re definitely a possibility!


  5. Meredith says

    I have come to the realization that I live in a brown house. Khaki walls. Mushroom sofa. Golden Wheat lampshades. Dark leather chair and ottoman. Builder light brown carpet. Limestone colored tile. St. Cecelia Granite. Brown hounds tooth drapes.

    GET. ME. OUT. OF. HERE!!!!!

  6. Rebecca says

    Funny you mention mocha and browns going gray and gray-blue because that’s exactly what my apartment has been doing. I’ve always been a girl for greens and browns, but now I look around my little apartment and everything is turning slate gray, black brown, mahogany and a soft blue.

  7. says

    haha your possible house color scheme matches my fall/winter wardrobe to a T. I love these colors! I spotted an eggplant purple bathroom mat at Homegoods the other day and started daydreaming about how pretty it would be to build a bathroom color scheme around it =) I can’t wait to see what you kids come up with!

    Jenn L @ Peas & Crayons

  8. says

    I LOVE these new colors and can’t wait to see what you do. I often find pics online of rooms in similar hues and would love to try them, but I find that as much as I love to see them in other homes, I am very particular with the colors I actually live in. Like that gray color you have on the top row – I love it, and would love to paint a few rooms that color, or even darker. But I need color (I hate neutrals) and I need light. I think I would go insane in a room that dark. What about you? Does that concern you, or are you thinking to only use those colors in accessories, not painting a whole room in any of those darker colors?

  9. Charley says

    I’m so happy to see you’re trying some new colors! My husband and I recently moved into a fixer-upper and my living/dining room area is filled with smoky blues and rich taupe-y greys. I felt like the only one not painting my walls cream! Can’t wait to see!

  10. Sarah R. says

    My living room is painted in “Blue Gray Slate,” accented with orange and lime green.

    My office was just painted in “Mocha Accent” by Behr. My desk and bookshelves will be black and I might work the lime green in there too.

    My bedroom is painted with “Vintage” by Behr, a pretty silvery purple shade. My bedspread is a silvery gray, but lately I’ve been admiring purple with brown, so I might change some things.

    Lately I’ve been thinking about painting a room black. Maybe the kitchen? :)

  11. Nini says

    I love, love, love these colours. To be honest, I’m probably a bit bias since these are very similar colours to what we have in our own home :) I love that you guys are trying something different, little more bolder, and may I make a suggestion? When you paint your trim, maybe try a softer cream colour (we have BM’s Bronzed Beige). We originally painted all our trim BM’s Cotton Ball and ended up hating it – with our wall colours it came across as rather stark and cold and gave a completely different feeling to our whole home. Thank goodness paint is so easy to change!

    Good luck!!

  12. Abby says

    Have you guys come across any great stores/sites for graphic print curtain panels in your brainstorming? I’m dying to swap out my solid panels with something a little more fun and punchy.

  13. Jessie says

    I just re-did my living room in a gray, black, white and eggplant theme. I’m really into purple right now! I got drapes from Target in a deep eggplant color, they look fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you two come up with!

  14. says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. And, my husband and I just got married in August and just bought our first home earlier this month in Texas. I cannot WAIT to see your new color schemes coming together and switching up. We decided to move in with all our colors as they are while we figure out exactly what we want! and paint and design room-by-room. :)