Word To Your Motha Cave

Move over man cave, this post is all about a mom cave. When HomeGoods contacted us to offer us a gift card to create a mom cave in our house, we asked if we could pay it forward instead. And they were game. Oh and then we asked what the heck a mom cave was.

It’s actually a little haven for any mom in her own home. The mom’s answer to the man cave if you will. It can just be a small corner of a bedroom with a chair for relaxing and reading or an entire room devoted to crafting, pedicuring, or anything else that your little mom heart desires. So I set out to find a deserving momma in need of a figurative cave to recharge her mom batteries. And Farah (mom to adorable two-year-old Laila) of eMommie seemed like the perfect pick. Here she is now with little Laila and her hubby Luke.

So we popped over to her house to see what we were working with. She showed us into this rarely used office that she had always been meaning to transform into a quiet room for reading, meditating, relaxing, and just calming the heck down after a long day of working and moming.

You can see from the paint swatches on the wall in the photo above that Farah was planning to bring in a serene blue color for those walls. But when it came to actually picking the color she was experiencing a bit of paint paralysis. So we whipped ’em out (our paint decks, that is) and helped her choose a color (Catalina Blue by Benjamin Moore color matched to satin Behr paint). Then we dropped the H-bomb (aka: told her we had some HomeGoods swag that we could add on their dime). That was fun. I can’t imagine what it’s like to tell someone they won a million dollars or a house on HGTV since it was so darn exciting to announce that we had some free furnishings and accessories for her future mom cave.

After we all simmered down (we were as excited as she was) we left her with some homework a la Trading Spaces. We assigned her and her hubby Luke with the job of picking up our pre-selected paint color and going to work on those white walls. And we ran to HomeGoods and a few other stores to shop for her mom cave makeover in the meantime. Here’s John holding the lamp and the print that we knew would be perfect for Farah’s room.

And here’s her mom cave after the big makeover:

The wall color definitely set the stage for relaxing and escaping the daily grind. And thankfully Farah had a few basic items already on hand that we could work with. Like the two Ikea tables in front of the window, a pair of white Ikea curtains from another room, the white armoire that she had tucked behind the doors to this very room (why were they hiding such a great piece?) and a few accessories like the picture frames, the blue vase on top of the armoire, the blue pillow on the chair, the blanket rack, and the brown branches. And once we moved those things around and worked out a new layout, it was obvious that all we needed were a few things to polish the room off.

Like a new chair for the corner, some larger hanging lanterns (in an easy-on-the-eyes grouping of three), a nice textured and cozy rug, a sculptural table lamp, some inexpensive art, and a small basket for next to the chair (to corral books and magazines).

Farah’s favorite thing of the entire makeover is the chair, which actually has a cool greeny-yellow Ikat fabric on it. We love how it works with the lamp shade and some of the coloring in the lotus art to bring a nice warm glow to the cool blue space. Oh and it’s comfy. Clara and I tested it out extensively (ok, so I fed her in it mid-makeover… a girl’s gotta eat!).

And you know we’re cheap right? Well, we are. So when we needed a few finishing touches we decided to flex our cheapskate muscles and hunt down some serious deals for Farah (since she agreed to foot the rest of the makeover beyond the HomeGoods donation and gave us a budget to work with- so official, right?). Anyway, when we happened upon these $15-for-all-three paper lanterns from World Market…

… and a $15 clearance rug at Target (yes, a fifteen dollar 4 x 6 Thomas O’ Brien rug!) we snatched them up faster than you can say minemineminemine (that’s a Finding Nemo reference FYI).

Here’s the full budget breakdown:

  • Paint: $20 (Benjamin Moore Catalina Blue color matched to Behr)
  • Chair: $120 (from HomeGoods)
  • Lamp: $50 (from HomeGoods)
  • Lotus art: $25 (from HomeGoods)
  • Rug: $15 (on clearance from Target)
  • Paper lanterns: $15 (from World Market)
  • Magazine basket: $16 (from Target)
  • Total: $276 (just $81 spent by Farah thanks to HomeGoods!)

Not bad right? Especially because most chairs can run you $300 or more, and we also managed to squeeze in paint, art, a rug, a lamp, and a few accessories for under $280 (and Farah only had to break out four twenties). But the makeover fun isn’t over. We’re greedy little buggers. So when we laid eyes on Farah’s potential-riddled living room we knew we could do a little somethin-somethin in there too. So we did. That post in a minute (there are too many pictures to merge it with this one).

In the meantime what kind of inadvertent mom caves do you guys have going on at home? I admit that anywhere I’m nursing around the house becomes my temporary mom cave because I get to zone out and focus on Clara for a few moments every 2.5 hours or so. Gotta love that baby for the self-imposed breaks that she gives me.


  1. Kelly says

    I love this! Great job on the mom cave! My husband has a “man cave” so I think it’s about time I have a “mom cave”.

  2. says

    Wow, that is a very pretty room! The paint color is sweet. I won’t lie, I would probably throw a tv in there…that is how I like to unwind! ha

  3. Laura says

    Love the mom cave! The color is so soothing and makes you want to totally break from it all! Great job YHL and friends!

    On another “Mom” note, are you guys still digging the Joovy Kooper? Is it continuing to hold up well?

  4. Barb says

    I know you guys are super busy but I hope this is something you do more often. Maybe a couple times a year? It could be a replacement for the custom mood boards? I know I’m greedy, but I’m a sucker for before and afters!

  5. Andrea says

    Mk.. I feel silly asking this.. but here it goes: a) do those little lantern things have bulbs in them? b) if the answer to a is yes then how the heck do you hang them without power chords hanging down from the ceiling?

    • says

      Hey Andrea,

      They can be hung with a light kit if you want to actually use them for light (but the cord would have to be swagged as you mentioned). We just used them for ambiance because we liked how soft and sweet they looked (and at five bucks a pop the price was right!).


  6. stacy says

    LOVE it! You two have such an amazing eye. I love that lamp! Good work and looking forward to seeing the part II! =)

  7. says

    Just as I was finishing reading this post, I heard the beginning of The View starting in the background and they teased a segment on Mom Caves. So funny, because I’ve never heard the term until today!

    Great makeover and so nice of you to pay it forward!

  8. says

    A Mama cave indeed! I like this idea! Unlike a man cave, it is relaxing and serene. You always hear of a play room or a man cave, now the moms have a room too.

    When I’m a Mom I am going to call my special room “Mama’s throne” because of course the home is already my castle ; )

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