Video House Tour 2010

We know you’ve seen lots of pictures of our house. But lots of video, not so much. In fact, we realized it’s been over a year and a half since we’ve posted a room-by-room tour of Casa Petersik. And in that time we’ve swapped a spare bedroom for a nursery, added a two-person office/playroom to our guest room, and totally gutted our bathroom. And although you’ve seen pics of those makeovers we know sometimes it helps to see ’em in 3D (and now in HD thanks to our latest purchase: the Flip Mino HD). So you can finally visualize how the rooms all connect. No breaking and entering required.

Plus we’re not gonna lie. We’ve been cleaning the house like crazy to put it on the market, so it’s as good a time as any to document this baby. Without further ado, we give you fine people The 2010 YHL House Tour (view it on YouTube here):

Yes Clara passed gas at the end of the video. How’s that for keeping it real?

And if you’re in the mood for a blast from the past or two, you can see our original half-house tour from November of 2007 (warning: the kitchen is mid-renovation) or the updated full-house tour from March of 2008. Oh, and there’s also the better production-quality version of the tour, shot by The Nest in November of 2008. So much self-conscious cringing, so little time.

Psst- What’s been around my lady’s neck lately?  Check out our BabyCenter post of the week for the scoop.


  1. kita says

    Favorite part was when Clara tooted goodbye!! so cute! hhaha :)

    I will surely miss this house when you guys sell and change homes, but it’s exciting to know that there will be another home to make your own!


  2. says

    Great tour! And I am so relieved to finally know where your microwave is (not to mention the green shelf). :-)

    I’m curious: you’ve recently done the nursery makeover and the office makeover, both of which are fantastic, but pretty specific to your family’s needs. My question is, did you know you were going to sell when you designed these areas, and if so, did you give any thought to making the decor more “generic” to appeal to a wider variety of buyers?

    • says

      Hey Holly,

      We were going back and forth between selling in the spring instead of the fall or even building an addition, so in the end we did those room makeovers with only our needs in mind. Thankfully potential buyers might have a need for an office/guest room or a nursery so we figure that they might still appeal to many people passing through. And at the end of the day we figure that most people are savvy enough to know that they can repaint or use different art/accessories/furnishings to make those spaces theirs. Hope it helps!


  3. Elizabeth says

    What exactly did Clara do there at the end? Hard to tell in the video.

    And I love those wall mirrors in the bedroom, those seem to be an addition I hadn’t noticed before.

    • says

      It is a bit hard to hear, but she audibly passed gas (as baby’s tend to do). This time it just happened to be on cue so we thought it was too amusing to edit out.


  4. says

    Oh my goodness! I just had my first instance of someone passing off one of your pics as their own, on ATL craigslist. I was searching for “full bed” and recognized your guest bed. No credit or any explanation that the pic was not the real item. I bet this happens all the time, but I thought it was funny!

  5. Elizabeth says

    Duh…did I completely skip over your sentence under the video that told me that? LOL!

  6. Megan Taylor says

    You guys are too cute! Just started following your site about 3 months ago after a friend who loves interior design as much as I do recommended it. Thanks for sharing your lives!

  7. says

    Thank you for not editing! What a lovely little tour and family. Congrats on such an exciting time in your lives. So many possibilities…

    PS – What’s on the front of Clara’s door?

    • says

      It’s a pink banner from John that says “It’s a girl!” He decorated the house when he came home to let Burger out during our hospital stay, so when we got home the house looked festive.


  8. Lindsey R says

    Such a great house…it’s going to get scooped up by some lucky family I’m sure!!

    Quick questions (before there are hundreds of comments on this post). Where do you put your shoes when you come inside? (in the sunroom? or laundry room? didn’t see any you’ve picked up so well!)

    Also…where did you get your comforter/duvet in your bedroom? I love it!

    • says

      We have a basket to the right of the door in the sunroom where we drop our shoes (you can see it in the big sunroom revaal post here). And the duvet is from West Elm but they no longer make it so maybe try eBay?


  9. says

    Sherry. Every time my 12 week old hears your voice she stops whatever she is doing, listens and smiles!!

    Just thought you should know.

    • says

      That’s cute! Maybe my annoying voice sounds like your voice did back when it was all distorted through the amniotic fluid when she was still in the womb. That’s all I can come up with to explain it…


  10. says

    Thanks for the tour! I’m in love with your bathroom vanity idea. My husband and I are in the planning stages of renovating ours and love the idea of using a stand or another really simple piece of furniture as the base. Thanks for all the ideas!

  11. Clare says

    Cute video – thanks for putting it all together for us.

    And thanks for the BabyCenter link – what a cute idea. One question – would you consider linking to the Etsy shop where John bought the necklace? If not, no worries – I just love to check out Etsy shops with recommendations from others.

  12. says

    Such a fun tour! I really enjoyed seeing the layout in a walk through. How tall are your ceilings? I couldn’t figure out if they were really tall, Sherry is not as tall as I thought she was, or if it was an optical illusion! Also, our family totally calls it tooting – hilarious!