Mood Board Making: Dark Teal, Wood, & White Bedroom

I can’t promise that we’ll execute this mood board to a T when it comes to our future bedroom – heck, the entire vision could easily shift by the time we move into a new home. But as of right now, this is what I’m loving (and John’s surprisingly right there with me):

1. I’m dreaming of a cozy and enveloping room painted in a rich and saturated teal like the stripe of color across the top of the mood board (Benjamin Moore’s Rendezvous Bay 726). I’d temper the bold color by adding some white furnishings/accessories and some rich dark woods to ground things. And then I’d add a pop of tangerine, just because I’m feeling crazy. Layering in a few different prints and patterns along with some geometric shapes and modern lines will be the icing on the cake.

2. This round mirror will bounce around lots of light and break up the rich hue on the wall to make sure it still feels relatively light and airy. I can see it now, hanging centered above the four-poster bed.

3. This sleek and affordable double dresser in a rich wood tone could definitely come in handy since the built-in drawers and shelves in our bedside wardrobes are staying behind (we’re offering them up to whoever buys our house since they’re built in with a header and crown molding). Oh and sometimes these Ikea dressers come up on craigslist for even less than their already low in-store price.

4. John and I are both loving the idea of a new bed with some presence (we’re also leaving our current bed frame for the future homeowner since it fits perfectly between our two bedroom built-ins). And this new bed combined with the luxe teal walls will still feel airy and open while creating some pretty great “lines” in the room.

5. These curtains would look amazing with teal walls. And John and I have both loved the idea of embracing more pattern and color in the next house- even though it means moving away from the breezy white curtains that we currently enjoy in every room. Change is good.

6. John loved the idea of a pop of tangerine in the bedside lamps for a less monochromatic effect (we really are embracing color, huh?). And although we love these beauties from Crate & Barrel, we’ve also seen something similar (and super cheap) at HomeGoods so we might check those options out if we end up bringing this mood board to fruition someday.

7. The clean and modern lines of this night table will pair perfectly with the four poster bed and the dresser for a not-quite-matchy-matchy look that still “goes.”

8. I’ve been loving this chic organic bedding since first laying eyes on it in the West Elm catalog a few months back. And John agrees that a new bedroom in a new house deserves some new bedding (yesssssss). I really like how textured and layered this room could feel with a large scale pattern on the duvet and another bold-ish pattern on the curtains. And the clean-lined brown and white furnishings will definitely play a nice supporting role in the room (so it doesn’t feel too crazy and chaotic).

So there it is. My master bedroom wish list as it stands today. Anyone else loving the layering of different textures, patterns, and rich saturated hues (cut by a fair amount of white if you’re us)? Any other bedroom planning or daydreaming going on?

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  1. Brigid says

    Loving the colors you’ve chosen and the way you’re balancing it out with more muted accents (as opposed to before where the overall look was neutral with pops of colors in accents).

    I laughed when I read that you were centering the mirror above the 4-post bed…I had to read it twice to make sure you weren’t making a joke about it being on the ceiling! :) But I get it now…my brain is working in slow-mo today!

  2. Nicole says

    I’m totally with you on the texture and color. I’ve always had very plain very neutral curtains in our livingroom. This weekend I bought this GORGEOUS silk gunmetal colored fabric with this beautiful texture weaved into it. I can’t wait to get them made and hanging!

  3. Jessica says

    I love the mood board! I’m always afraid of such bold colors on my wall, but if you keep the rest of the room simple and light, it won’t take over too much. Love the teal!

    FYI, I saw a similar mirror at Michael’s for a few bucks cheaper…about $119 if anyone is interested!

  4. says

    I’ve had my eye on the Malm dresser for quite some time now. I’ve even considered getting it for general storage in our office because it’s so low profile. Love the teal, orange, and grey color scheme. I hope this mood board gets to make a real life appearance in your new casa!

  5. Lindsey d. says

    Love the colors and the bed, but I have to say that particular dresser (the MALM) screams Ikea…. and not in any good way. This mood board would jump up a notch with a dresser like the awesome mid-century modern one your re-did for the baby.

  6. Carol N. says

    Wow, that bold color is a-maze-ing! I have deep saturated colors on my walls right now and am wanting to go with the more neutral. I go through cycles like that though…at least paint is inexpensive and I do keep the big pieces neutral enough so changing accessories or moving them between rooms works to change things up.

  7. says

    My husband really needs to stop reading new posts before me. He is surpassing my YHL obsession. But anywho, I love that bedding and it was one of my West Elm choices, but I really love all of the bedding they have out lately. Though the organic factor is swaying me…

    And the husband probably doesn’t remember this, but we were eyeing up the turquoise version of the C&B lamp for our family room!

  8. Jennifer says

    I found almost that EXACT mirror at Homegoods for $29, although it was a bronze-y brown, so I spraypainted it white. It’s currently leaning on my mantel over my fireplace…

  9. Laura says

    I love your current style (soft and calming colors with a breezy feel), but I do think it would be really fun to see you guys play around with some new patterns and hues. I can’t wait to see what new decor the new place has in store!

    By the way, did you ever have any luck locating the mirror
    of your dreams from West Elm? I would love to see it worked into the new house!!!

  10. Lisa M says

    I love that you are doing bold colors! I love bold colors so I like that you guys are going there instead of neutral!

  11. says

    love the board and that teal is awesome. I agree that I would love to see this come to life in a real bedroom! The only thing that seems out of place to me is the Ikea dresser. Maybe with some extra details (pretty knobs?), it might look better, but it looks a little cheap as is. Also, love that bedding, as I’m currently looking for something for my guest bedroom, but I was bummed to see they’re already out of the Full/Queen duvet. Hopefully they’ll get more stock!

  12. Miranda says

    I like the teal, brown, white and gray. I’d have probably picked a different popper color… maybe coral or lavender. Mirror is okay. Whole thing is certainly striking, but I don’t know…I’m one of those people who has something against straight lines, so it seems literally too edgy for me. Think I’d have a hard time relaxing with the lights on in there because the room seems very energetic. Guess that’s why we all get to wax our own way…

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