Best Spam Comment Ever

Every day we get about fifty spam comments that promise everything from naked pictures of Lady GaGa to free payday loans (all of which get caught in a spam filter and then get deleted). This one (left on our Pulling Out The Rug post by “Lexus Dealer”) made me snort. As far as spam comments go, it’s definitely more entertaining than most.

No further explanation necessary.


  1. says

    I really like how some spam is really positive. Like “This writing is top notch” (who says “top notch” anymore, besides spam?). And “This is the best I’ve read on this subject” when it’s an update on our dining room project (I hope no one else is posting new photos of the inside of our home….). Of course, then there are the nasty ones too, but the positive, chirpy ones are kind of funny. I still don’t post them.

  2. says

    A-mazing. That’s the funniest I’ve ever seen! I get some awfully random spam comments and it makes me wonder, is it actually worth the spammer’s time? Who really approves comments about free loans and easy money?? And who clicks on them!

    • allie.duckienz says

      That is what I thought. Now imagine how bad they’re feeling now after reading this post :(

  3. Krystal says

    Hilarious! I like to read the subject lines in my spam e-mails before I delete them, just because you sometimes get the rare and random line like “Maintain Your Weight. Amputate!”

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