Upgrading An Old Brass Candlestick With Spray Paint

I’m back with an easy thrift store upgrade. John and I snagged this seen-better-days brass candlestick at Goodwill for $1.99 after I convinced him that a bright and modern color would complement the traditional shape for a clean and current result in about five minutes flat.

So I spray painted that sucker with some glossy yellow paint (Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Gloss spray paint in Sun Yellow)…

… and ended up with a nice new (and super cheap) accessory in a fun and happy color. Here he is accompanied by his three candle friends. Anyone humming Beauty & The Beast yet? Totally reminds us of Lumiere.

Simple? Check. Cheap? Check? Anyone can do it? Check. Plus we’re planning to do a little seasonal decorating and we think this guy will come in handy for all sorts of occasions (Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall in general, etc). So stay tuned to see a few fun arrangements with our new yellow candlestick.

And speaking of quick thrift store makeovers, what have you guys been transforming on the cheap? Any other candlestick projects going on?


  1. angel p says

    How funny…..we just bought a very similar looking brass candelabra at the Goodwill for $.99. I’ve left it looking aged since we are using it for a Halloween decoration with dripping blood candles. Perhaps after Halloween we will paint ours a fun color as well.

  2. Christina says

    what a great post! just bought an ugly brass lamp at a yard sale on saturday for $2. I’m still deciding what to do with it: polish it to make it look like silver? spray paint it? seeing your yellow candlestick makes me wanna grab that spraypaint! Can’t stand the ugly brass much longer!

  3. Marti says

    Looks great! Could you please share the spray paint brand and color? I picked up a headboard this weekend that I plan to paint a happy yellow.

  4. Clare says

    We just upgraded our front hall light fixture – for free! We had this stained glass ball that can hang from the ceiling and has a hole in the bottom so we just secured it over the lightbulb to make a really cool mood lighting when you first walk in the house! So easy!

    I love the candlestick!! It is beauty and the beast!! You make me want to decorate for fall and Holidays!

  5. says

    Totally! I snagged 3 candlesticks from my local A.C.Moore that were on super clearance (1.50 a piece!) that were originally an icky glossy grey with scuffs and what have you. I spray painted them matte black and it perked them right up. Because I saved on those, I splurged on white candlesticks from Yankee Candle that drip “blood”, and I’m ready for Halloween! :)

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