Reader Redesign: Gussied Up Guest Room

Shannon reminds us a bit of ourselves (well, mostly Sherry) since she completed an inexpensive room update while very much pregnant (I’ve yet to accomplish that feat). Check out the simple but awesome makeover she sent our way:

I thought I’d share our recent guest room makeover that got done with zero paint, $300 bucks, and an 8-1/2 month pregnant belly. I’m sure you can relate ;)  It is a large open space over our garage with slanted walls that make the room awkward and angular. I wanted it desperately to be a warm, inviting guest room, especially for our post-baby visitors.

Here are the deets:

  • I used a lot of the existing pieces and went “shopping” in my garage and basement for furniture and accessories.
  • The size of the room, plus the short time span, plus my bloodhound pregnancy nose made painting the walls a no-go.  Same thing for replacing the builder’s berber carpet and contractor-pack light fixtures. They were all staying.
  • I’m a cheapskate… everything came from Craigslist, Ikea, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx and Target.
  • I finally made my own headboard! And I also managed some no-sew throw pillow covers. Add some free artwork from the interwebs and I was DIY’ing all over the place!

It took me about 3 – 4 weeks to pull it together and with six weeks left before baby, I was feeling much more prepared! There’s more info and pics on my blog Shannanigans too. Thanks! -Shannon

Shall we all give Shannon a round of applause for this $300, paint-free room refresher? It looks totally warm and ready for guests. It’s also a great reminder that room projects don’t have to be backbreaking (especially if you’ve got a baby on board and your back hurts enough already). Here’s an early congrats on Blinky’s any-day-now arrival! And we’d love to know what you guys deem your favorite part of the makeover. We’re especially loving those sculptural bedside lamps.

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    • says

      Hey Amy,

      It’s just a case of the after pics being taken in different lighting (due to the new lamps and the time of day). If you check out the before pics you can see that the walls are slightly creamier than the ceiling in those shots as well.


  1. says

    What a great makeover. Balancing the neutrals with coordinating dark accents (dresser, chair legs, mirror frame, lamp bases, bed spread, blinds, and even the waste basket) really brings the room together without it feeling too macthy-matchy. Simple and understated, yet very elegant. Love it.

  2. Megan says

    It looks great! And it looks very similar to what we’re doing with our guest room that I was planning to send in! Might be some de ja vu in a month or so! ;)

  3. Alondra says

    I am in awe at how gorgeous it turned out! Way to go Shannon! It really is warm and inviting. Now I feel like a bum with my still-bare-living-room. Time to get crackin’!

  4. Melly says

    Bravo! When you said you did not paint, I thought there was no way that room could look much better than it did in the before photos. Boy was I wrong.

  5. says

    My favorite part is the sitting area. The dark brown throw on the chair really ties in the dark wooden dresser. It’s a very inviting space compared to the storage area it once was.

  6. says

    This is a beautiful room and what a place to be a guest! Our guest room is in need of some love and attention and I am slowly working my way there so it is fun to see some one else working on their guest room.

    I love the lamps but I will also say that the “office” for the guests is great!

  7. hyzen says

    Love this–the transformation for $300 is really pretty stunning! Definitely a comfortable and inviting place for guests to stay! My only “complaint”–what happened to that adorable little nightstand from the before picture? I hope it will find a good use somewhere else around the house–I thought it had some nice lines and character. I might be inclined to move that tall white shelf into the corner behind the chair (or, honestly I don’t love the shelf that much–I could see ditching it entirely and putting art on that wall instead), and put the old nightstand next to the chair with some pretty coasters and a little bouquet or some such–a reading nook isn’t quite perfect without someplace to set your drink! Anywho, I’m just nitpicking, because, again, your space really looks excellent!

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