Reader Redesign: What’s Cookin’ Good Looking?

When Bethany sent her fantastically creative low cost kitchen makeover our way we had to share the eye candy. Here’s her letter:

This spring my hubby and I got busy refreshing our tired kitchen. Our goal was to make changes that improved the look of the space without spending a million bucks. With a little paint, some new cabinet hardware, a new rug, and a light fixture and window treatment, our kitchen now has a whole new look! The best part was standing back at the end of the project and realizing that these small changes really made a big visual impact. I love my “new” kitchen, and the fact that we only spent around $400 is the icing on the cake. I detailed the entire process–from inspiration to completion–on my blog, for those who want the full story.

Here are the before shots of Bethany’s ho-hum kitchen:

And here are the amazingly crisp and updated after photos:

Here’s the budget breakdown:

  • Cabinet glass: (clear, double-thick) from local hardware store, $130
  • Bamboo shade: from Menard’s, $22
  • Grasscloth wallpaper: from Menard’s, $18
  • Cabinet paint: (Behr Ultra, custom matched color) from Home Depot, $15
  • Trim paint: (Behr Ultra, Ultra White) from Home Depot, $15
  • Wall paint: (Behr Ultra, matched to M.Stewart ‘Flagstone’) from Home Depot, $33
  • Cabinet hardware: (by Amerock) from Home Depot, $116
  • Pendant lamp: from Home Depot, $35
  • Miscellaneous: screws, sand paper, paintbrushes, etc, $30
  • TOTAL: $414

And since the “after” pictures were taken, we replaced all of our beige switches and outlets with white ones, which really finishes off the room nicely, and only cost us an additional $15. So worth it. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it! -Bethany

Didn’t Bethany do a great job working with what she has? We love the creative uses of the grasscloth wallpaper in those cabinets and the gorgeous paint colors that she chose. Even the hardware, the window treatment and the pendant lamp polish things off without breaking the budget, and it’s amazing how the same space feels like an entirely new room after so many small and affordable changes. It all adds up.

So what do you guys think? Didn’t Bethany stretch the heck out of her 400 beans to create a space that’s both serene and functional? What’s your favorite part? We’re torn between the use of the texture-rich grasscloth behind those gleaming glass cabinet doors and the perfectly serene color scheme that Bethany landed on (which really makes the space feel a lot less closed in). Delicious.


  1. says

    Very sophisticated! Great job, Bethany and hubby! I especially love that you left some of the glass cabinets open so we can sneak a peak at your cute display of cookbooks and dishes.

  2. Barbara says

    I like it!

    Your sidebars are gone from my screen…no burger, no sponsors…am I nuts or is something wrong??

    • says

      Hey Barbara,

      We actually just heard the same thing from one other reader in the comments of the last post (the desk one). Feel free to scroll back through those to see what we suggested and how she fixed it. It ended up being something on her end. Hope it helps!


  3. stacy says

    makes me want to paint my cabinets white even more now…now I need to get over my anxiety and DO IT!! =)

  4. Lili says

    IMHO, I loved the upper cabinets look in the before. The lower cabinets and counters certainly needed some love though. I love the architecture of this kitchen, too… it has a nice character to it.

  5. says

    I love this kind od makeover best. Realistic and affodable. Small changes make a HUGE difference. We have many similar projects in the works.

  6. says

    Fantastic! Job well done!

    I’m still researching on how to paint my not-wood cabinets.. One day! But until that day this will be bookmarked under inspiration :)

  7. Lisa says

    Love it! Glass cabinets often freak me out, because everything! on display! I love what she’s done to help hide what is in the cabinets and spruce them up a bit!

  8. Krysta says

    Just lovely. Did they paint the trim on the counter tops? I’m having a hard time telling from the pictures.

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