Reader Redesign: Headboard Happiness

When Jennae sent over her bedroom before and after photos we had to share her DIY headboard project. Here’s her letter:

My husband and I live in a rental, we’re on a budget, and we love all things green (as indicated by my blog) – so decorating the bedroom wasn’t the easiest task. Our biggest challenge was what to do for a headboard. We searched the web for headboard ideas & tutorials (including yours) and then I finally remembered a product I’d featured on my blog a while back: Wall Flats from Inhabit Living. Wall flats are essentially paintable 3-dimensional wallpaper, although it feels more like stiff lightweight cardboard. They’re made of bamboo pulp and completely biodegradable at the end of their life cycle, so they met our green criteria. And a box of 10 tiles typically costs $86, but ever on a budget, we bought their “second-quality” wall flats (think irregular clothing) at $4.50 apiece. A miscalculation on my part meant we bought 12 tiles, but we only wound up needing 9. Still, even though we bought too many, our headboard still only cost us $55, plus $10 worth of foam tape, and we’re thrilled with the way it turned out. You can see how the whole room came together in this post. You’ll see we changed quite a few things in the “after” photo, but the headboard and the bedding were the biggest changes. – Jennae

Here’s her room before the big headboard undertaking (ignore her husband, he was warned he’d be published if he didn’t move):

And here’s the same room after a little DIY headboard magic:

Didn’t Jennae do a great job? We love that she used discounted wall flats to get a great textured look on a budget- and since she’s a renter they’re completely removable (so they can go with her when she moves on). And considering that most headboards are hundreds of dollars (and she used eco materials- which are usually a lot more pricey!) we think she scored one heckova deal. Plus we love how modern and textured it all looks- especially when paired with such a lovely duvet with those great printed pillows and lamp shades. What do you guys think? Anyone itching to take on a project like this? It makes us wish we had another bedroom to tackle.


  1. Tia says

    I love all of the color for a rental place! I’m wondering if they can lean up against their headboard? It sounds like it would get crushed if you sat against it to read. It looks neat though!

  2. Tiffini S says

    While I LOVE some of the “on the wall” headboard styles I’ve seen here and other places, I just want to know, does it bother anyone else to not have it attached to the bed? We had just a frame for a while, and between pillows falling into the crevice, the occasional neck pain from a head cranked over the edge of the mattress, and our son who seemed to be on a mission to get himself wedged between the bed and wall, it was NOT for us. We saved our ducats and just recently bought a whole sleigh bed. Not an expensive one, but just have the head and foot boards attached, along with side rails seems to make our mattress sturdier and definitely gives me a ‘bumper stop’ from sliding up (or down) too far in bed. Maybe we should just stop sleep-running, but it’s WAY better for us. I really do like how pretty and unique (and definitely cheap) you can make a wall only headboard, it just didn’t work for us. Are we alone in that?

  3. staceys says

    LOVE it! That turned out so bada**!!
    I second the question Tia has- can you lean up against it- is it sturdy enough to prop yourself up and read a book?

  4. says

    Wow, she did a really great job! I love the textured look and the addition of the new bedding–it’s really seamless. I also love the yellow/black combination, that can look so good. Well done!

    I definitely want to try making a headboard one of these days :)

  5. Jill Stigs says

    Very cool! It reminds me of a powder room from Rate my Space that had wallpaper tiles in it. I think if anyone is struggling with a huge wall and no art, to use these and some molding around it (like a frame) would look good.

  6. says

    very nice! the lamps in both before and after look like the same–did they just take some silver spray paint and masking tape to the lamp and shade? if so, even better! it’s quite a classy look. =)

    • says

      Here’s hoping Jennae stops in to answer your questions soon. So glad you’re all loving her affordable headboard project as much as we are!


  7. says

    She did a fabulous job! I especially love what she did with the lamps (even though it wasn’t the focus of her renovation)! Thanks for sharing!

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