Reader Redesign: Makeover Magic

When Bonnie sent us her charming kitchen before and after pictures we just had to share the goods. Here’s her letter:

I’ve been enjoying YHL for the last year. My husband and I bought my grandparents home this past November and have had so much fun renovating it! We turned the place upside down and within about five weeks we got this outcome. We were on a really tight budget, so most everything is from Ikea, thrifted or made by us. We drew tons of inspiration from Young House Love and referred to your ‘how to’s’ quite often! My readers really enjoyed our kitchen before & afters, so I thought you might like to see them too! And you can find more info on my blog (and see more photos too). We live in Franklin, NC, somewhat close to Virginia! We love the south and we love all the inspiration you provide, so thank you! -Bonnie

Here’s Bonnie’s dated kitchen before:

And here it is after her totally affordable DIY transformation:

Isn’t that lovely? We adore how light and airy it feels (even with the same appliances and cabinets). And that eating nook is fantastic- along with that heartstoppingly beautiful turquoise stove nearby. Plus all the charming touches like the art and accessories really make it feel even more inviting and airy in there. Oh and here’s a handy source list from Bonnie:

Didn’t Bonnie do a great job? We love her work-with-what-you’ve-got spirit. She certainly saved a pretty penny by keeping those cabinets and appliances while opting to switch out the counters (for affordable Ikea options). Plus all of her thoughtful accessorizing really took the entire space to the next level. Gotta love major makeovers like these that don’t require tons of gutting and spending. What do you guys think? Any favorite items like that great round pendant above the table or those sweet homemade curtains above the sink? Do tell.


  1. says

    SO light and airy!! I love the sunny window over the sink with those yellow cafe curtains. And that “HOT” over the fireplace is perfect.

  2. pj says

    beautiful…love the yellow curtains and rug. and I adore that they left the beautiful white appliances. Looks so fresh and sunny.

  3. Kymberly says

    Oh I love with counter tops. I actually have the same ones sitting in my garage waiting to be installed.

  4. says

    I love that eating nook! So beautiful! And I just now noticed after looking at it more carefully-is that a stenciling on the wall? It’s subtle but adds such great detail!

  5. Ann Marie says

    It looks so nice and airy!

    I just have one question – Is there a design painted on the far wall (pantry/dining wall)? I see a light-colored design on that wall — Just curious!

  6. says

    Very nice! It’s hard to resist a white kitchen, especially when paired with the light colored wood. very cottage-living (and that’s a high compliment!)

    those big-eyed owls on the shelves are adorable! I wonder, are they vintage?

  7. says

    hi lovelies! oh, you are all so sweet!

    a quick note, if you’re interested, you can see the full house redesign here!

    @kate: i found our stove in that color! what a steal, right? we got it here:

    @lauren & kristen: yes! i made some stamps and used them to create the ever so faint mural on the wall! our walls are knockdown texture, so i couldn’t use wallpaper. so i went crafty!

  8. sara says

    Seeing this makeover has got me super excited about finishing my house! I think I might steal a couple ideas from this one :) I also went to Bonnie’s wesbite to see the rest of her house and WOWWWWWW, I found so many inspiring ideas there too. Thanks YHL for bringing all these great ideas into my life!

  9. says

    Bonnie’s Going Home to Roost and YHL are two of my all time favorite blogs! What a surprise to see this- love seeing you all together today! ;)

    Your home photos never get old Bonnie, I love them even more each time I see them!

  10. says

    OMG I love the “HOT” above the stove. I grew up with a wood stove in my living room, and my parents used to always say “HOT” when we got too close to it as toddlers. Ahh memories!

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