Reader Redesign: Another Insane Overhaul

You guys have to remember Krystol thanks to the amazing porch makeover that she sent our way a while back. Well, she’s done it again. And her kitchen is nothing short of fantastic (not to mention budget friendly). Here’s her letter:

Thank you so much for posting our porch reno on your blog. I was so amazed at the response and wanted to share our latest project: the kitchen reno. We ripped out everything right down to the studs and started over with new Ikea cabinets, new appliances, a new laminate counter and my favorite: a zinc topped work island which we made by “wrapping” the top half of an MDF sheet with zinc that we ordered from rotometals. I felt kind of bad because the previous owner had just “redone” the kitchen with new tile, countertops, sink, DW and range but we did end up keeping the tile and the dishwasher so all wasn’t lost. The kitchen reno cost about $8,000 total, which includes all cabinets ($3000), appliances ($2500), lighting ($400, a splurge), paint, plumbing and electrical work as well as drywall and tile work. We did everything ourselves (with the help of my dad the carpenter) except for a few minor plumbing and electrical items. Oh and we got the tile on “closeout” at Home Depot but ended up having to drive two hours away in order to get more matching tile! Oh the adventures of DIY. Hope you enjoy!- Krystol

Here’s her lackluster kitchen before the big makeover:

And here’s the very same space completely transformed:

Isn’t that amazing? It looks like a super spendy farmhouse remodel to us- right out of House Beautiful or the dearly departed Cottage Living (sniffle). And we love that stunning details like the mosaic backsplash and range hood came from affordable sources like Home Depot. Plus the total cost of this remodel is pretty unbelievable considering that it includes everything from drywall to all appliances and lighting- not to mention a custom made zinc topped island, new countertops and new cabinets. Inspiring! Oh and here’s a handy source list from Krystol:

  • Wall color: Horsetails by Martha Stewart (from Sherwin Williams)
  • Window sash color: Squirrel by Behr
  • Cabinets: IKEA
  • Cabinet hardware: eBay for $1 a knob (they’re vintage lucite handles and I love them)
  • Mini mosaic tile: Home Depot (it was a cinch to install since the area isn’t a wet area- we just stuck them to the drywall with mastic and grouted)
  • Lighting: a splurge from here, but I’ve since seen similar fixtures at Lowe’s/Home Depot
  • Zinc sheet for island counter:
  • Curtains: I made them

Didn’t Krystol do a fantastic job totally reinventing her kitchen? We love that she and her family DIYed nearly everything themselves (from the drywall to the tiling and even the curtains). And the fact that they relied on places like Home Depot, Ikea and eBay to get ‘er done without breaking the bank should give everyone hope that you don’t have to drop a million dollars for a high-end effect. Now let’s play a little game we like to call what’s-your-favorite-part? We’re torn between that gorgeous mosaic-backed range hood and the homemade zinc-topped island. And those dramatic blue curtains are pretty sweet too. What do you guys think?


  1. Ericka says

    Lovely! I love their design aesthetic! I still can’t get over their porch redo!

    (Sherry, just thought you should know that the link you have for the lighting doesn’t seem to be working.)

    Stellar job, Krystol!

  2. Ursula says

    I love the color! The soft green wall color with the warm mosaic and counter tops really brighten the space a lot. The mosaic is my favorite part of the remodel. I’d love to see more photos to get a closer look at the island.

  3. says

    Krystol! It looks so awesome. I love the paint color as well. Really calming and clean. I want to see more of your house!! I see a peek of a wooden door in one of the images that is very intriguing to me :-)

  4. Jenn says

    Beautiful! I would love to see more photos…my kitchen has a similar “before” set up. Where is the fridge?

  5. KimB says

    Love the colors they chose. I also like the little floral square on the window, and the art prints/frames. They also have the kitchen bottles/stuff on that tray, and the soap tray too. Inspired by tips from YHL, I just love to put things on a tray or in a simple container. And am I jealous of all that island counter space!

  6. says

    very well done! elegant and stylish…I love that she paired the white stove with the modern light/vent…the mosaic tile softens the look, very dreamy.

    enjoy your new kitchen, it’s lovely!

  7. danielle says

    Wow! Beautiful! Good for you guys! It looks so clean, airy and organized – which leads me to my next question – do folks really live without appliances on their counters? I keep trying to pare down the clutter in my kitchen to look like yours and the YHLers, but it seems that the toaster, coffee maker, and knife block (ok, and the blender) have to stay out 24-7! Do you really keep these things hidden away, or is the super sleek counter just for fancy photos? Please say yes… ha! :)

    • says

      Hey Danielle,

      In our house we always have the toaster and the blender on the counter along with a nice hardwood cutting board. The thing that helps is that both the blender and the toaster are stainless steel so they look great, even out in full sight. You can see them all the time in our kitchen photos, so we definitely don’t hide them for pics!


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