Reader Redesign: One Seriously Swanky Kitchen

When Totty and Dave sent us their latest room makeover we had to share the goods. After all, everyone loved their amazing bathroom overhaul so much that we knew their kitchen would be a hit too. Here’s their letter:

Dave and I have another Reader Redesign for ya. Our kitchen has been undergoing a facelift for the past six months. What started as a simple “let’s move the cabinets around a bit” turned into a full blown kitchen renovation. We relocated all of the upper cabinets, built floating shelves, got new cabinet doors and hardware, new appliances, tiled the backsplash, and discovered hardwood floors hiding under ugly orange tile! Shew- I think I covered it all! But the best part is that several of the key items we already had on hand and didn’t have to go out and buy! For example, the blacksplash was created with leftover tile and grout from our bathroom renovation (which you showcased back in November). We also reused all of the cabinet boxes and just got new doors and hardware! Plus we did all the work ourselves (minus sanding and refinishing the floors). That really helped to keep our little renovation under budget! I still can’t believe it is the same kitchen. For the entire scoop and photos check out – Totty and Dave

Here’s their kitchen before the redo:

And here’s their amazing kitchen masterpiece as it looks today:

Oh and here’s a quick source list from Totty and Dave:

  • Cabinet doors and hardware are from Ikea
  • New fridge & stove were bought from Sears “Scratch & Dent” at majorly reduced prices
  • Tile and grout for backsplash were leftover from our big bathroom reno
  • The hardwood floors were sanded & refinished by Mr. Sanders (thanks for the recommendation-  we loved him!)

Didn’t they do a fantastic job? We love that they reused, repurposed and salvaged as much as they could (like using leftover bathroom tile for the backsplash, refinishing their existing floors, reusing their cabinet boxes and just getting new doors and hardware for a totally new look). Gotta love a reno that’s easy on the wallet and good for the planet. Plus we can’t believe that they did so much work themselves (except for calling in the same guy who refinished our wood floors– love him). This reader redesign really shows that a little creativity, some smart repurposing, and a little elbow grease really can go a long way. But now let’s play the what’s-your-favorite-part game. We’re torn between the gorgeous and sleek horizontal door hardware to those awesome floating shelves below their high-hung “new” cabinets.


  1. Christin says

    GORGEOUS!!!! Love it! Especially the floating shelves, I have a thing for those in a kitchen and really want some in mine. :)

  2. Megan says

    Love it! Please keep the awesome, inexpensive, amazing kitchen re-dos coming!! I almost have my husband convinced to let me paint our lovely oak cabinets white. Now it’s me who has to get my father’s voice out of my head: “You’re doing WHAT to oak!?!”

    On another note, if the homeowner drops in–I’d love to know more details about the under-cabinet lighting–where from and how installed? Thanks!

    • says

      Hey everyone,

      So glad you’re digging our latest Reader Redesign. And here’s hoping Totty and Dave drop in with the answers to all of your questions soon. Stay tuned…


  3. Jennifer says

    I like the lighting!! And I love that new sleek hood over the range. Where do they have their microwave? I opted for one of those over-the stove microwaves instead of one of those hoods. Based on this pic, I am rethinking my choice! Lovely.

  4. says

    This is gorgeous. My favorite part has got to be the new cabinet doors — I had no idea you could buy just the doors from Ikea. Genius! Also, I love the idea of “Scratch & Dent” discount appliances.

    I think I have the same kettle as the one in the “after” photos. Sadly, that would be the only similarity between their kitchen and mine.

  5. amelia says

    beautiful! what a fantastic job! really love the floating shelves – can they reach their upper cabinets though? they look pretty high!

  6. Amber says

    The kitchen looks GREAT!

    Do you give out the contact info for the man who refinished your floors? I am also shopping around in Richmond to have mine redone.

    • says

      Hey Amber,

      Yup, just follow the link in the post above that we included when we referenced our floor refinishing project (his info is in that post). Hope it helps!


  7. Thani says

    I love the color on the wall. What is the name of the color? I want to paint my friends kitchen and this is the perfect color. The kitchen is so cool..

  8. says

    SO MUCH!!! i love that they found wood floors under their tile! i love the ikea cabinets!! and definitely the floating shelves! awesome!!!

    and i too will give love to the sears “scratch and dent” stores!! we got our refrigerator that looks almost identical to this one priced at $1200 down from $3000 just because it had a golf ball sized dent in the front right door which is easily covered with a magnet for now or by purchasing a new door if it drove us that crazy (which it doesn’t)! so if anyone is looking for affordable quality appliances in their area i highly recommend checking your local one out!!

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