Fab Freebie: Easily Turned On

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So you saw me install this puppy earlier today, and just as we promised we’re back to give you a shot at winning one of your own. The Delta Pilar kitchen faucet with Touch 2O Technology is pretty much any DIY-lover or enthusiastic chef’s best friend because, just as the commercial below demonstrates, you can wash paint, dirt, eggs, chicken goo or any other home-improvement or cooking related mess off of your hands without ever getting it on your purdy fixture.

We’ve actually had ours installed for a week now and I’ve found it extremely helpful even when doing simple tasks like the dishes (yes, I’m usually in charge of the dishes, but Sherry vacuums so it’s pretty fair around here). Rather than having to reach over to turn the handle on and off, I can interrupt the water by just quickly tapping the spout anywhere, and the technology’s even smart enough to know when you’re gripping the faucet to move it (as we do from basin to basin in our double sink) so it doesn’t interpret that maneuver as an on/off trigger. Consider us impressed.

For more info about how this baby works and how we got it installed, check out this morning’s post (and don’t forget to read through the comments where we address pretty much every detail that you can think of). And if you’re dying to get your grubby mitts on one of them, here’s how:

Find more freebie info on our Giveaway FAQs page. Pics courtesy of Delta Faucet.






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